This the bluemist anime blog, a blog about anime, manga, games, internet, and other things related to the “visual culture” that’s currently taking over my time… but not really.

As you can see, it’s a bit quiet around here. Not to worry though, because there’s tons of stuff you may not have read yet. I still have the To Heart 2 and Da Capo II game coverage, so if you’re interested in those two bishoujo games, or maybe something else. Or maybe lose some time around MAD’s and parodies perhaps?

I’m still hanging around on Twitter too:

I have to go underground a bit on the anime blogging because of some RL issues (and you know it’s sometimes a bother ain’t it). Hopefully I can do catchup later. For now, the quick snippets style on Twitter suits me somewhat, so I leave you with those for now.

Wish I could share some full-on animu fun someday. Thank you for all the support so far, I really appreciate it.