Kimikiss OP
Pocky DANCE2
Marisa Stole The Precious Thing
Nursery Rhyme OP
Oyome ni Shinasai!
Radio Yutaka-chan
Evangelion OP
Negima?! OP
Kero ⑨ Destiny
Paffendorf – Under My Skin

Welcome to bluemist animeme blog! Here we find a lot of spoofs, crossovers, memes, what have you… all in one package. Witness the power of doujin, people who have too much time, and animu mixups like never before! But wait, there’s more! When you comment and contribute links related to the meme, you get to be awesome in my eyes… absolutely free! So enjoy the animeme products, call now! Batteries not included… JUST AS PLANNED.

This project is a personally-filtered list of some of the best anime-related internet memes. Most of these are user-made AMVs, MADs, or other videos based on a specific or non-specific area of Japanese or non-Japanese subcultures and fandoms. Sound confusing? Simply put, these are some of the best viral stuff on the web.

As the most popular video site, I would feature most of the videos that are available in YouTube. For some rare instances though, I may include videos from Nico Nico Douga, the most popular Japanese video site. That site requires registration though to watch the videos, so please register at Nico Nico Douga. I fully recommend Nico Nico Douga because, in the first place, that’s where most of the memes and videos come from anyway.

Because an “animeme” is almost always prevalent and has a very long lifespan (read: the joke never gets old), there are newly-made videos appearing almost everyday related to it. Because of this, I have actually set up each animeme post as a YouTube playlist. Whenever I see a new interesting video, I just add it up to the playlist. What’s more, that video will also be added at the specified animeme post over here at my blog. Yes, that post is a bit dynamic and updates when necessary, so feel free to revisit each animeme you like. If you have an account at YouTube, you can also subscribe to my playlist:

Remember though that this is a “personally-filtered list” of “some of the best” anime-related internet memes. That means I won’t go all-link whoring thousands of videos all at once. There are a lot of video junk out there and we are all busy people here, and that’s why I will only include videos that are the best I’ve seen, and really deserve to be seen by me and you. That said though, if you have a particular animeme video that you liked, please share it to us as well by posting a comment.