By bluemist on May 30th, 2005

Shuffle Preview


Be whatever this July!

Before you say this is just another bishoujo game based anime… well… nothing… say it now, it’s really just another bishoujo game based anime. In this one, there seem to be three races, humans, gods and demons. These three races live somewhat in harmony for now. So when two new neighbors arrive, one god family and one demon family, and they have a respective cute bishoujo girl each with matching elf ears, a boring male’s life will never be the same again. Not only that, you still have your childhood friend, a spunky girl next door, and a mysterious quiet girl too. Better love those cliches…

Anyway, looking forward to this, but from the prologue video I’ve seen, the designs look… inconsistent. There were shots of greatness and other shots of mess. The animation seems to flow smoothly though, due to a lot of in-between frames, which make it look OVA-style. What’s better is that it’s in WOWOW, so not only will we get high-quality raws, I could even have a chance to watch it myself direct from WOWOW! (some cable TVs here have WOWOW)

Here are some shots of the girls, along with their respective CG from the original game.






This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature

School Rumble Live!

By bluemist on May 28th, 2005

I watched on video a certain School Rumble Live Concert, and it was quite good! Seiyuus, singers and some bands sang numerous songs featured in the anime series and also the drama cds as well. Too bad no sign of Yuko Ogura was found, maybe she’s too mainstream to be in such an otaku-filled event. Instead, we get all the girls singing her Otoko no Ko Onna no Ko ending theme.

One performance in particular, School Rumble 4 Ever, was so great! Four of the girls danced and sang that incredibly catchy female rap song.

I enjoyed this one better than the Love Hina live concerts, probably because there are more cute and young seiyuu here. The songs are great too. Yui Horie may have stuttered a bit during her Scramble performance, but the live rendition of that School Rumble OP is as catchy as ever. Maybe my only complaint is that there is too much unicorn table, while too less Mamiko Noto.

Anyway sorry that I can’t bring you the songs nor the concert video itself, so I have boring screenshots. Spicing it up a bit is the seiyuu’s respective character that they voiced in School Rumble, and a bit of other anime info.

Ami joined Yui also as the Ichijou twins in both Futakoi series.

Yui Horie, she’s appearing in so many series these days.

She currently plays Kanade-kaichou in Gokujou Seitokai.

You would probably know her as the legendary “Lain.”

Mamiko, another seiyuu with an unmistakable cliched voice working in many series these days.

Nao in My Hime. Different style, eh?

You guys would probably know her as Nono in Top wo Nerae 2 but I didn’t watch that.

I dunno how she belongs to School Rumble, maybe a minor seiyuu, featured in a drama cd/ost, or maybe a guest. Anyway she is also one of the singers in the Mahoraba OP.


They have a lot of songs scattered around the drama cds of School Rumble. Because of this, they had the most songs performed in the concert.

SEED Mode!

By bluemist on May 26th, 2005

Taken from Comic Party Revolution 8:

Fumoffu also had one, but this really took the cake!


Fear the SEED Mode! A direct Gundam SEED parody! Comic Party Revolution rules!!!

Playing a Bishoujo Game is Futility Project: To Heart 2 edition

By bluemist on May 25th, 2005

bluemist’s Ultimate “Playing a Bishoujo Game is Futility” Project

To Heart 2


Let’s just end this once and for all!

What are you trying to do here?
I will attempt the impossible by playing through a bishoujo game… in Japanese.

Are you suicidal?
This is just because of the extreme urge to somehow play a popular bishoujo game.

You won’t understand it at all!
Yes I know. For one, To Heart 2 is a Visual Novel. It has TONS of text which I won’t understand whe way I am now.

But because this is an attempt at futility, I have some tricks up my sleeve:
– I have a walkthrough.
– I have 5% knowledge of conversational Japanese.

Using the walkthrough, I’ll be able to get a proper ending with a specific girl… if I follow directions right.

And using my 5% Japanese words, vocabulary and sentence understanding, I may be able to understand the story.

This is ridiculous. You won’t understand the story without the text. Besides, the player is YOU. You are supposed to be talking, but the talk is only through the text. The girls and other people may be talking to you through voice-overs, but that means you are getting half the conversation only.
Yes I will get half the story that way.

Enough self-talk. Let’s see where this goes.

You will find my introduction and updates through the URL:

Anime On Location

By bluemist on May 23rd, 2005

Of course, not all places in anime worlds are virtual. Some of them are artistic renditions of real places in Japan, others are completely based upon the place.

This post is a collective of links and images which feature some locations in Japan which have been rendered in animation through various anime productions.

This is gonna be an ongoing collective so if anyone wants to contribute other material related to this, just comment in this post. Please do also contact me if some of the links are already down.


Locations of NANA
Nana Navigator Nana (arrgh ok, the Nana anime navigator who happens to be named Nana too) reports about Jackson Hole, the cafe that some characters of the Nana series hang out in. This is actually a real cafe in Japan, with the same design. I capped some shots of it.

Locations of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Nice comparison shots from the Suzumiya Haruhi anime and the real deal.

Locations of Ichigo Mashimaro
Interesting stuff. The manga settings were derived from these places, so hopefully they would be rendered in the new anime as well.

Locations of Kamichu!
Pretty nice, a couple of comparison shots of the town of Kamichu.

Locations of Mahou Sensei Negima
Maestro4k has some interesting shots over at the forums, real places where Negima’s Mahora Gakuen locations are seemingly inspired from. Look at the Library Island, it looks very similar.

Locations of Futakoi Alternative
This town seems to be called Nikotama. Looks… desolated. How did the guy take pictures of the streets without any people in sight? Probably early morning.

Locations of Uta~Kata
It is said that Uta~Kata takes place in Kamakura. Matthew has some pictures up, while the Japanese link shows more pictures of Kamakura, with matching Ichika and Manatsu figures showing up sometimes.

Locations of Initial D
The tracks on Initial D are amazingly based on real-life mountain passes in Japan. If you do get to Japan and drive these mountains, don’t even dare to try driving like Takumi. Just enjoy the view.

Locations of Onegai Teacher/Onegai Twins
These two sites compare real-life counterparts with the corresponding animated backgrounds. The resemblance is absolutely impressive.

Locations of Love Hina
This is a nice page about real-life locations used in Love Hina, including an actual Hinata Sou.

Locations of Air
I found this interesting site which features the real-life locations for the bishoujo game and anime Air. Those Misuzu and Minagi dolls will guide you through the places, with the corresponding screenshots for the animes. The site also seems to feature other locations for bishoujo games like Fate/Stay Night, so check them out as well. The second link goes to the same location, this time… a real-life Misuzu acts out scenes from Air?? Find out how they did it…

Shibuya is a popular shopping and entertainment district. It is where lots of gals hang out and shop around. It’s the perfect setting for the anime Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran.

Shibuya 109
A popular building for those fashionistas…

Hachiko Park
A park with a dog statue named Hachiko. Hachiko was regarded as Japan’s most faithful dog because it patiently waited outside Shibuya station for its owner every day, even years after its owner died.

Tokyo Big Sight
The Tokyo International Exhibition Center, more known as Tokyo Big Sight, is Japan’s largest exhibition and convention center. For otakus, this means a haven of comic and anime-related conventions being held there, the most popular being Comic Market.
Comic Party
Comic Party Revolution

Kyoto, being one of the most popular tourist destinations, would obviously be used by countless other anime series. Whenever there is a field trip in an anime, Kyoto is a preferred tourist spot.

Kiyomizu temple
Kiyomizu is a popular temple in Kyoto because of its great height and view.
Love Hina
Mahou Sensei Negima
Sensei no Ojikan

Sasuke = Anakin

By bluemist on May 22nd, 2005

Well, this season is supposed to be Star Wars season, and I’m supposed to stop watching anime for a while because of all the hype (ex. rewatching the rest of the old and new trilogy), but oh well…


What made Sasuke and Anakin similar?
– They’re sorta chosen ones.
– They’re cool-looking, in that fangirls may react the same way once he appears on-screen. (kyaa Sasuke! kyaa Hayden!)
– They’re powerful in the worlds of their own respective franchises.
– They took the path to darkness.

However, the circumstances to which they took the dark path are somewhat different.
– Sasuke wants more power to avenge the death of his family and the rest of Uchiha, by killing his own brother.
– Anakin wants more power to somehow save his wife Padme from his nightmares of her dying at child birth.

Sasuke wants revenge but Anakin simply wants her loved ones to live. So, does that give Anakin enough reason to turn over to the dark side of the Force? Does that make Sasuke only purely evil? Not quite.
– While Sasuke’s intentions seem unjustifiable, he still tries to make good on the rest, like not killing Naruto, or not sacrificing the lives of other people in achieving his goals.
– Over the course of Anakin becoming Darth Vader, he grows from being merely protective of Padme to being extremely delusional of his newfound power, to the point that the dark side has consumed him. He even forgot his original intention of saving Padme’s life at one point, and many lives were sacrificed in achieving his goals.

So, what hope is left of these two dark heroes?
– Well, we haven’t seen too much Sasuke lately, but we still know there is good in him. Hopefully Naruto will bring him back and snap him out of his avenger mode.
– Well, if you have seen the old trilogy of Star Wars, you would know the answer to this. Let’s just say that good is still in Anakin/Darth Vader.