To Heart 2: Sasara Kusugawa

By bluemist on December 28th, 2005

Generic disclaimer: Same basic rules apply as in my To Heart 2 project. Please do comment or contact me in case I have mistakes in describing each girl’s scenario.

Sasara Kusugawa is the new character scenario added in To Heart 2 XRATED. As such, it is possibly the longest, but for some reason, the most eventful. Despite its length, her story is one of record. I may go so far as to say that this is the best To Heart 2 scenario! Maybe it’s personal opinion, but then again, Sasara’s character isn’t exactly my favorite type, and yet her story captivated and hooked me up. Not to mention the introduction of the best supporting character in the game too!

It isn’t exactly all good. Through the middle, there seemed to be filler events featuring almost all the other girls of To Heart 2. Yup, they show up one after the other in seemingly cameo roles. Completely a service to their fans. Sasara’s fandom may be one in question, because her ending is unconventional in this type of game… which I like though. Also, be warned that this scenario contains more than enough fanservice to alienate you, and that is still aside from the obvious H scene. True to the XRATED brand, it seems. I’ll keep the fanservice pictures at a minimum level… hopefully. So without further delay:
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To Heart 2: Episode 12

By bluemist on December 27th, 2005

Note: There was actually another episode that aired between this one and episode 11. It was a special recap episode though, so I didn’t count it in the numbering, for continuity sake.

It’s Konomi’s turn to complicate things! They’re clearly emphasizing the love angle now, and between the two main To Heart 2 girls, Konomi’s took a whole episode to develop it, while Tamaki's was merely a shocker. This is the best animated To Heart 2 episode so far, and features a lot of cute close-ups of Konomi in all her emotions. She blushes, does her eheee~, stares, and even cries in this entire episode. I’m very impressed.

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To Heart 2: Episode 11

By bluemist on December 27th, 2005

This is supposed to be the main plot of the entire series, but I only have few things to write about, really.

Game – Tamaki events
This episode is an anomaly. It completely put To Heart 2 into a different direction. It should be as expected, but one may wish it wouldn’t go this way. The success of the original To Heart and failure of To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ is how they treat this… the game called “love”.

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By bluemist on December 13th, 2005

Since I saw some preview videos on MTV featuring Xbox 360, my mouth watered on how much graphics technology has improved in games. One particular game of note was this racing game which totally blew me away, it was the most realistic-looking racer I have ever seen! I thought, man, X360 is gonna rock.

While I absolutely won’t buy that console, I would be delighted to play it once in a while. Here we have shops which have console gaming rentals at cheap rates per hour, so it’s possible that I can see and play a X360 soon. Seems that Microsoft has the edge because it has an early lead with the other next-gen consoles PS3 and Revolution.

Not quite in Japan.

News sources seem to tell that the Xbox 360 launch isn’t as big… as expected? Or at all? Hmm… how many thousands did they sell so far? Quite incomparable to any recent console launch. I recall PS2 selling a million in Japan on just one day, if I’m not mistaken. That one is l33t.

Now check this out… X360 launches in Japan at almost the same time as To Heart 2: XRATED right? Wanna guess which sold better? Which lines are for X360 and which are for TH2X?


Ok fine, my current favorite game is absolutely no match for a giant game console in the long run, but isn’t it great to feel that somehow TH2X outsold X360 on launch day? a bishoujo game seemed more successful than an entire game console? Whahahaha! Microsoft just got a beating from some bishoujo girls! W00t!

Worship Ruu~!! Raise our hands to the sky! Ruu~!

Sorry for this mindless post, it really just seems funny (to me only). Not to mention both have X’s on their names… er but that was lame too.

Oh, and someone got a perfect idea to boost Xbox 360 sales!

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January Anime Season (Winter 2006)

By bluemist on December 9th, 2005

I like the fact that next year I’d be more open to new anime. All series I watch except for the two Hime animes (Futago and ä¹™ Hime) are ending by this year, so maybe I can watch a new one and/or catch up on an extreme backlog.

Update: But it turned out otherwise. I completely skipped the season. So much for being ‘open’.

You can still catch the new anime premiers on this site.

So far these titles interest me:

Binchou-tan – I remember this mascot. She had an interesting silent movie.

Fate/stay night – Impossible to miss! The game that I cannot touch, now I can watch!

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora – Looks nice, so I’ll give it a try.

Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl – I need to start reading manga again. Massive backlog on everything. This one sounds interesting… a guy transformed into a girl! Crossdressing to the extreme.

Lemon Angel Project – Hmm… an anime about song and dance idols. I’m sold.

REC – Now, an anime about a voice actress? Looks like a trend.

Shinigami no Ballad – If this is what I think it is (a pseudo-alternate of Jigoku Shoujo), count me in. Next year I’ll be adding Jigoku Shoujo to my watch list, and so I’ll have a contrast of black and white.

To Heart 2: Episode 10

By bluemist on December 6th, 2005

Tenth episode!

Game – Ilfa events on the Himeyuri scenario
Third consecutive episode on the Himeyuri scenario. I thought this was the most faithful conversion so far, but in the end it feels condensed yet again. But since it focuses on Ilfa rather than the twins, I felt more appreciative of her viewpoint, so her background story doesn’t feel as rushed compared to the game. The animation seemed to be better than last time, so I wasn’t too annoyed.

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