One Year Anniversary!

By bluemist on April 30th, 2006

Today, bluemist anime blog @ is celebrating its 1st year anniversary!!!

So I would like to take the opportunity to thank… EVERYONE!

Thanks to all my fellow anime bloggers because you’ve been a vital part in keeping my interest going.

Thanks to all the visitors/anime fans coming from all parts of the world.

Thanks also for the 500000+ hits this site garnered for the entire year!

I probably have lots more to thank about, but I’ll leave it for next year. I hope to continue this for as long as I can, for me and everyone’s enjoyment.

More to come!

Kanon Prelude

By bluemist on April 27th, 2006

How does Kyoto Animation make what can possibly be the greatest bishoujo game based anime series of all time?

Find out.
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Haruhiism Tracker

By bluemist on April 25th, 2006

This was probably an inevitability on this time plane, but it seems like I am not as hyped with this anime, as compared to all the other new recruits of the SOS-dan… or should I say, the new religious converts of Haruhiism. Granted, really, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is a freaking good show, no doubt. But I think we (or some of us) may be getting too overboard with all this.

I ate my words.

I was initially going to be a bit skeptic about it (the original title was Haruhiism Atheist), but by episode 4 (or episode 7, or whatever), I immediately became a convert. On the other hand, saying stuff like “Haruhiism rocks!” or “Haruhi rulz!” or something like that would make me a mere fanboy. Doing long posts of episode-by-episode summaries and analysis would also be better left to the anime blogging experts. So I decided to just observe from the sidelines.

This post is about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as seen from an observer like me. In this page, you may see lots of links, lots of useless chat from me, and other points of interest in and around the Suzumiya Haruhi phenomenon. This post may be updated as time goes by, so please do come back for more. Newer updates are posted on top.

Well, if you live in a cave (or only know about ninjas and shinigamis), let me tell you that Suzumiya Haruhi is a “phenomenon in progress”. Time to change your religion.
(that was a half-meant joke, haha)
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By bluemist on April 19th, 2006

Nana (movie)
Nana 2 (movie)
Nana (anime)
Nana (manga)

No matter how many bishoujos you see in this blog, this fact remains. Shoujo is my all-time favorite genre in anime, manga, and everything else. Shoujo characters, despite some not being as beautifully drawn as their counterparts in other genres of Japanese fiction, are the most colorful when it comes to attitudes and characterization. More importantly though, their stories are some of the very best in mirroring the entire array of human life and emotion. With this, I introduce Nana, one of the biggest hit series in Japan today. It is a #1 manga, a #1 movie, and now an anime series as well. The author must be very happy right now.
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Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

By bluemist on April 13th, 2006

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora


6 episodes, 24 minutes, impossibly short. Packs a lot of punch though.

Translated as “looking up at the half-moon”, Hantsuki the animation came from a series of written novels, detailing a love story between two patients in a hospital. The guy, Yuuichi, is hospitalized because of hepatitis, which I think isn’t too serious. The girl, Rika, has a certain heart problem that seems oh too serious, something that she may not be able to survive from. Classic setup just like the multitude of hospital dramas we see on every other medium of entertainment. Somehow having characters in life or death situations in the hospital strikes so hard on us viewers (blame ER?), much more when added this innocent and endearing love story.

I do admit that the short length of the anime might not hook you up in terms of character development, but somehow Hantsuki pulls it off quite nicely. The episodes were very well paced, umm, except for that seriously weird masked man friend of Yuuichi. The humor seems out of place sometimes, and there were some subplots that I think should have not been included or focused on too much. Plus there’s the issue of the ED sequence, a picture of Yuuichi and Rika getting married, which gives either false hope or an unhealthy teaser for the ending.

And finally I have an issue about the ending that left me disappointed. Nope, it’s not about how it ended, but how it was ‘built up’ during the first minutes of the last episode. I was so thrilled, already overly emotional because they kept hiding what went on with Rika, so it must be a big shocker. But then the reveal came, and I wasn’t shocked at all. Maybe I think like a girl in that situation (watch the anime and see the explanation of Nurse Akiko). It was as if I was hoping for something else but the real ending was a very expected thing. Anti-climactic. I hope you got my drift.

The character designs get quite wobbly all throughout the anime, but no one can deny the cuteness of Rika. OP/ED are fine, and the background music soothes a lot. I also can imagine a much better pace if the anime were twice the length. Those 6 episodes summarized a 5-volume novel long series of light novels. Surely lots of details are missed. The story’s not over too, there is yet another volume of Hantsuki. I really hope there is an OVA or something.

All in all… umm… since this is a very short anime, try using up a bit of your time to watch Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora. It’s not a waste of time if I may say so. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this one, so don’t expect much. But it’s quite nice also, so please do give it a try.

Okay, I’m going half-moon on that one.


By bluemist on April 9th, 2006



9 episodes, 12 minutes, impossibly short. Packs a lot of punch though.

Based on a manga of the same name, REC is a story about a guy and a girl who gets to live in one roof because of some circumstances. Fumihiko, 26, is a worker at a local sweets company, brainstorming ideas for promotion of goods. Aka, 20, is a newbie seiyuu (voice actress), loves Audrey Hepburn movies and likes to quote movie dialogue all the time. They get to live in one roof, but still confused as to what is exactly their relationship, they aren’t a couple after all. They get to work together for a snacks promotion in need of a seiyuu. Eventually they get closer, but reality kicks in, as their own respective careers either sway up or down. How will they handle the ups and downs of work, and the ups and downs of their own romance?

An anime about a budding seiyuu! I’ve seen anime about j-idols, singers and stuff like that, but never about a seiyuu until now. REC totally landed my interest, and the red-haired cutie Aka is a plus! While I can’t relate to her obsession for the late great Audrey Hepburn’s works, the way she modulates her voice when making a movie quote gets a 10 out of 10 in originality. We also see a bit of focus on the seiyuu scene, which is somewhat the same thing we see in the j-idol or music scene. Of course, voice acting is not just about anime, it’s as comprehensive as dubbing gets. From movies to commercials to even bishoujo games, seiyuu are there to lend their voices and spice things up. Er… I was rather surprised that they’d even deal with the bishoujo game seiyuu topic, quite boldly I must say (heck, a mosaic of a p****! and a sample dialogue of an H anime even!!).

Anyway, not even inconsistent animation can cover-up the cuteness of Aka. Must be due to her seiyuu… I mean, the real-life seiyuu who voices Aka. She is Kanako Sakai, and I must say, she’s rather cute herself too. She seems to be a budding seiyuu and actress too, having only REC and Magikano in her anime belt, along with made-for-DVD dramas, TV and radio programs, and a PS2 game. I wish her luck.

All in all, short but totally sweet. It’s an interesting story about careers and relationships. While short, REC delivers at a steady pace, no dull moment at all. I really wished it could be longer though. Oh well, a new OVA episode would be underway quite soon. Need more anime like this. Anime about seiyuu, that is.