Da Capo II: Nanaka Shirakawa

By bluemist on June 25th, 2006

Let’s admit… er… Nanaka will be one of the more popular Da Capo II girls, mainly because of her lineage. Nanaka Shirakawa has a striking resemblance to Da Capo Generation One’s Kotori Shirakawa. She is also the “perfect girl”. Sweet, kind, smart, loves to sing, and is a popular school idol. Actually, them two girls are almost exactly the same, Nanaka is only a little bit more energetic. Even their powers are the same.

That said, wouldn’t it be boring to see the same Shirakawa, only slightly different? This kind of similarity is comparable to a old song that has been remade. The remake may be good, but you still like the old song better. Such a pity, because Nanaka’s story is arguably tighter and more interesting than Kotori’s.

Nanaka’s scenario would seem to intertwine steadily with Koko’s, and so I guess a run-through of Koko should be in order. Hopefully I will have time to play more Da Capo II (oh no, is that Summer Days I see in the computer table?) and show Koko’s scenario next time. For now, please spend some time and enjoy Nanaka Shirakawa’s story!

Disclaimer: Lacking Japanese will mean lack of story details. I expect that there will be a LOT of errors in the way I understood some events, because I rely only on the spoken dialogue. To the Japanese-literate game players who may have found this page, please do help me in case I have mistaken in understanding some parts of the story. Please do post a comment or contact me.

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July Anime Season (Summer 2006)

By bluemist on June 17th, 2006

That time once again?

I’m keeping my new anime watching at a minimum again. It’s quite a hectic time for me these days. I’m still catching up to many-a-spring anime. Add my current penchant for anything Da Capo, I’m sure to give lots more time for gaming than anime.

Speaking of anime though, I wonder if anyone of you noticed this too. It was some anime I anticipated in spring, but all of the sudden it was out of the limelight, and it never aired. My very first case of missing anime:

Where in the world is Finalist?

As for the upcoming summer season, thankfully there are only a few anime that spurred my interest this time, very unlike the massively awesome lineup of spring. And so behold my huge lineup:

Binbou Shimai Monogatari – Anime about poor people = win (remember NieA_7?), because I = poor people.

Tsuyokiss – Tsundere you say? Instant buy! Cool and sweet!

NHK ni Youkoso! – Yet another approach to otakuism just like Genshiken and Comic Party before it. This time, with the topic I like most: bishoujo games.

Chokotto Sister – Something about this intrigues me, so I’ll put it on watch.

I still don’t blog anime episodes, so for more information on these and other anime, please visit our friendly neighborhood anime bloggers and aggregators. That’s it for now.

Da Capo: Kotori Shirakawa

By bluemist on June 15th, 2006

Let’s admit, Kotori is the #1 girl of the Da Capo series. It’s almost always tradition that most female leads of bishoujo games only settle for second place in the hearts of many-a-bishoujo gamers (legions of Tamaki fans come into mind), so Nemu takes a back seat. In the case of Da Capo, Kotori Shirakawa is what you can say as the “perfect girl”. She’s sweet, kind, smart, loves to sing, and is the most popular school idol.

This is the reason why so many of us were disappointed with the second season of the Da Capo anime. We all thought Kotori will be the main girl, but then Aisia almost always steals her spotlight. The first season did her justice, however, as apparently Kotori’s original scenario in the game was more or less executed well.

But of course we wouldn’t know the entire story about Kotori without playing the game, right? Unfortunately no Da Capo game is available in English. Thankfully though, some kind folks have been strutting their stuff in translating them. Maybe you know already, but not so long ago there was a partial translation patch for D.C.P.C. (Da Capo Plus Communication) that included the entire Kotori scenario. I thank those guys very very much. If you are a Kotori fan even in miniscule scale, go grab the game somewhere and install the patch. If it’s not a possibility though, maybe you would settle for my summary? So finally, here she is, Kotori Shirakawa!

Disclaimer: I played Da Capo Plus Communication, and so some additional scenes and characters may have been added which were not present in the very first version of the game scenario. Also, even though it is available in English, my memory might fail me, so please do comment or contact me in case I have mistakes in describing each girl’s scenario.
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Promises: Summer of Bishoujo 2 Project

By bluemist on June 10th, 2006


It’s almost summer in Japan… I think (but then again, I wouldn’t know), and while I’m still scampering for info about the next anime season’s premiere offerings, I should also prepare for the new iteration of my Summer of Bishoujo project.

Don’t know what it is? Well, it’s just my collective that I started a year ago when I realized that I’ve been reviewing too many bishoujo game based anime, and playing nothing but To Heart 2. I’ve had fun with it while it lasted, but it wasn’t all good actually. Back then I promised lots more features, like reviewing more anime, or another game to play, but alas many of those never came into fruition. I never had the time and dedication to focus on them. You could say those were just “empty promises”.

And so I’m gonna go “sarcastic” all over myself again, and make more empty promises for Summer of Bishoujo 2! So with the theme of “promises”, I’m gonna challenge myself in writing more articles for the project. I promise I will. Promise.

(I, the devil’s advocate of this blogger, doubts it. Because look, this blog itself isn’t too active over the past weeks. How could he muster more effort into the project? For the record, he’s so backlogged with Fate/stay Night, and hasn’t watched Canvas 2 yet… surprised? See his dedication? Hahaha! I love to see him fail.)

The URL for the project is still the same, please visit:

You will see my empty promises there…

I hope to see you soon. Promise.

Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 9: Now in blue

By bluemist on June 5th, 2006

June 5, 2006

Trying to please me?

As you can see, Animax-Asia has just done a reformat of both their website and the channel’s presentation graphics. The once green/blue logo has now become all-blue, and the website now sports anime mascots unique to Animax-Asia (Battle Girl and Spiky Kid). The channel now has a new, cooler presentation style for their advertisements and stuff. Does this signify anything? Not exactly, because nothing much has changed. Excellent anime lineup, but in English dubbing. Oh, and there is supposed to be a forum available, but it’s still the good old AXN-Asia forum back when AXN still showed tons of anime.

Ah, I can faintly remember those good old days of AXN anime. Japanese dubs, English subtitles, and a whole lot of fun. I can say that AXN anime played a big role in my fandom, plus it was technically the ‘only’ available channel brave enough to cater to a very small audience (sub lovers like us). But hey, it was monumentally successful I guess, with a handful of AXN anime conventions jampacked with people, and rousing support from anime fans from all across Asia and even the web. AXN anime used to be dubbed in English too, but the reformat to Japanese dubs gave them higher ratings not only from the anime side, but also the rest of the channel lineup.

Unfortunately, that golden age of cable TV anime was over, and with Animax-Asia’s English dubbing, there’s nowhere else to go but down. Even they (the channel) themselves seem to be admitting their defeat, through the advertisements of Fullmetal Alchemist. In the FMA advertisements, they were highlighting the fact that they’ll be showing the original English dub from the U.S. of A. It is as if they’re promoting that this time, they’ll have decent dubs ‘just because’ they have a US dub. This is a showing of desparation. I don’t know if ratings are going up or down, but in terms of mindshare, they’re getting burned. Such a shame, Fullmetal Alchemist is such an influential anime after all. While it seems that it really has good English dubbing (don’t coin me on that, I only saw a few episodes), but heck, where has the support for the sub-lovers gone?

On the local front, support for our very own Hero TV is only getting better… weirdly enough. Maybe it’s a bias thing of course, since Hero TV has anime dubbed in Filipino, our national language. It has a decent lineup too, and has its own share of bad and good dubbing. Still no Japanese dubs though.

Oh, and by the way, the Animax-Asia website seems to have some kind of Anime News section, where some news irrelevant to even Animax-Asia is being published. Some examples include something about Keroro Gunsou, the just-announced Death Note anime, etc. Trying to cater to the audience you abandoned? Sorry.

Your blue theme won’t convince me either.

Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 1: The end of Animax-Asia? Too sudden!?
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 2: Cardcaptured.
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 3: Trying to Adjust
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 4: Towards the 1st Anniversary
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 5: I gave up on Animax-Asia
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 6: One year since
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 7: Dubbed in Filipino?!?
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 7.5: Initial D Filipino Stage
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 8: More Pain
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 9: Now in blue
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 10: Fake Revival
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 11: Something New
Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 12: Red with anger