By bluemist on October 10th, 2006


I wished I could share with you this happiness, but the best I could do is direct to you to search for “monomane” on the usual video streaming sites. Do it. Now. Then go back here.

I love spoofs. When there is something that ‘mimics’ some other popular thing, I really squeal like a pig in laughter. That’s why when I saw a couple of monomane (mimicry of something) TV specials… I JUST CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!

Basically, these are TV specials where some people or group does a comedic act using various kinds of mimicry of some artist/singer/fictional character. There would be a couple of acts going head to head against each other, and some audience would vote on who they like, in which the person/group will win whatever.

But enough about that, what I saw in those TV specials would be something I’ll never forget. They basically spoofed everything I knew about Japanese artists/singers/characters I can’t take it anymore (dying of laughter). Of course, there were some acts I didn’t get because I didn’t know about the spoof, but I still laugh with their weird acts. But wait, there’s more! Not even international artists/celebrities/singers/characters can escape. They spoof popular world stuff too!

From SMAP to KAT-TUN (boybands) to Tamori (famous TV host) to Hard Gay (comedian) to DJ OZMA (singer) to Utada Hikaru (singer) to even some girl from an early Gundam anime series. Jack Sparrow to Bruce Willis to Michael Jackson to even some soccer player who headbutts. They basically make fun of virtually anything… I wish there were more, much more. I don’t know if there are other shows like that besides the specials, which might just be once a year. Sad… so sad that it’s probably the last I’ll ever see of those monomane.

If, by any chance, you see some internet video or know of any programming schedules about monomane, please do comment or contact me. Please. I need all the laughter I can get. It was such a nice laugh… haaaaah… I need some sleep now.

Impulse Buying

By bluemist on October 8th, 2006

As you probably know, I’m in Japan. So when I’m in Japan, I want to buy something… anything. But I’m poor. But still, I just can’t resist. So I save some money by not eating sometimes. I lost a lot of weight actually. Don’t worry, I’m joking on the not eating part… I’m not that hardcore…

I have this rather impossible sickness called “impulse buying”, where I buy something I probably won’t even need or treasure later on, but still buy just for the heck of it. If there were a way to resell these stuff to you, my readers, I would gladly, but shipping charges are not cheap. So basically, I’m stuck with these items myself, and someday, it will be JUNK. Yes, TRASH.

Most impulse buys I have ain’t related to anime at all, so I won’t mention some. And of course, I won’t tend to buy too much anime stuff, because I don’t have a hikkomori or otaku room.

This post is a collective of all the “impulse buys” I made during the entirety of my stay here in Japan. Of course, this will update as time progresses, so check it out sometime.

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The blogger whose name is written in this note shall…

By bluemist on October 5th, 2006

Burned out. Has a big project at work, so has no time to blog. Said blogger will not die soon, but is currently killing himself in symbolic sort of way. He apologizes for not updating frequently, as life in Japan seems so harsh.

By the way, He’s currently watching NANA now, still wondering if his viewership is being counted in the amazing 4-6% TV ratings of this otherwise late-night anime. He also wonders if the NANA2 movie would even be a success without the old actors around. He watched Miyazaki Aoi’s TV drama and cried a lot at the bittersweet ending. Still crying that she can’t be Hachi again for the sequel.

“Hirano Aya is awesome”, he said. Aside from Reira, she also voices in Death Note and Galaxy Angel II. It’s kinda like her year. Her birthday is October 8 BTW. This blogger will rejoice.

He also watched the first episode of Death Note a while back, and was very pleased. He considers this one of the best shounen series, and is a very definite, definite watch. He now will proceed to read the manga… that is… if he still can, because it’s really going to be tight at work.

He promises to be back again for another post within the week, although it is still highly doubtful. This just proves that there is no such thing as destiny in this world, so some kind of Magical Note can’t exist. He just wishes that there’s some kind of Life Note that would get him out of this mess. Why not the Death Note? He doesn’t want to die soon, of course. In any case, he wishes everyone to enjoy the new anime season.

In about 10 minutes, this blogger will sleep.