To Heart 2 OVA: Episode 2

By bluemist on June 30th, 2007

To Heart 2 OVA

The second episode is about the sisters Manaka and Ikuno Komaki. This marks Ikuno’s anime debut! The game featured a bit of her in Manaka's scenario, and so I was looking forward to her stint in the OVA. The OVA finally arrived, and well… it is still typical To Heart 2, aside from more fanservice than the usual. Anyway, this is the ever-present beach episode, and Ikuno is quite bored.
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Revivals: Summer of Bishoujo 3 Project

By bluemist on June 10th, 2007


Re-opening this project is like reminiscing a old lost love.

Welcome to the revival!

Since I was away, I bet that all of you readers more or less know so much about bishoujo games already. I feel like I don’t need to introduce the genre anymore. The bishoujo/eroge/galge theme is exploding like wildfire right now, and most of that is attributed to game-to-anime conversions.

On the other hand, I saw a personal decrease in my fandom of the genre, mostly because I’m quite busy. So my this time around Bishoujo 3 will a be a bit more attuned to reviving my interest towards, er… beautifully drawn CG girls trapped in CG backgrounds with a text box and voice dialogue. And hopefully my sparse blogging would be improved by it as well.

The URL for the project is still the same, please visit:

See you!
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