Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 10: Fake Revival

By bluemist on August 29th, 2007

August 29, 2007

I actually haven’t scanned my cable TV lately, so I wasn’t checking out how Animax-Asia is doing nowadays. I figure I would be like a broken record saying “they have an excellent anime selection… but the dubs…” again. One day though I decided to stomach the pain and watch some Animax-Asia anime, but I immediately turned off the TV. I just can’t do it.

But then I found this rather interesting program in their lineup… Music Station? I mean… THE Music Station? This program is one of the popular mainstream jpop shows that I saw in Japan, hosted by Mariko Do and Tamori. Girl host aside, Tamo-chan is awesome. He hosts numerous TV programs and never fails to give a laugh to everyone. Back to the show though, I was rather astounded to discover that this show… gasp… is in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.


I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing. On one hand, this is a great service to all visual culture fans in that not all good stuff in Japan are in two-dimensions. It’s a very great introduction to jpop. In fact this is not just introduction, this is modern jpop in itself, because I notice that they get the latest episodes with only a few months gap from the latest music out there. On the other hand, the sub-loving anime fans who ran away from the channel because of its all-dub move feel like this is a disservice to them. If they can do it to Music Station, why not to every anime they show as well?

Of course, Music Station won’t even be possible in dub. The point is that why they acquired the actual show itself, subbing everything (conversations and song lyrics) instead of the old format of Animax Musix (just jpop MTVs without subs). So jpop getting more attention is all good and well, but I was hoping for something more now that I’ve seen this… well… like a subtitle format revival?

May I ask, where in the world do this channel show Japanese with English subtitles anyway? Over there in Singapore? Malaysia? Indonesia? Thailand? Brunei? Vietnam? I’m thinking other countries already have dual-audio cable TV setups by now, maybe Animax-Asia is being broadcast both in dub and in sub already… I’m really not sure, I hope someone out there can shed light on this. As far as poor ol Philippines is concerned, our crappy cable companies don’t even have dual-audio feature. In any case, what I see here are all English dubs, no matter what timeslot. Please say if I’m barking at the wrong tree here… I think Singapore has the dual setup though.

Gimme more subs plz. I know that this channel is really bringing anime to the mainstream, but at the very least they should give their old audience the respect they deserved. Remember the AXN Anime days? Those were glorious. The golden age of Asian anime popularity IMO. Without AXN Anime and its satisfied audience, Animax Asia wouldn’t have even existed nowadays. I really, really sound like a broken record, but someone’s gotta hear my thoughts, after all…


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Dear Kagami

By bluemist on August 28th, 2007


Dear Kagami,

I know you’re probably there, reading my whole alternate life. I know you can be so smart sometimes. That was one of the things I liked about you.

I’m not sure either why I’m writing this, you are probably not reading this anyway after the initial shock of realizing my alter-ego. Yes, this may be a weird hobby, especially to you, a well-bred, well-educated person mindful of things that really matter in life. But this is how I deal with the circumstances. My self-preservation. My fallback. When I met you, I was almost about to quit this, because I have found new inspiration. Of course, the odds were close to none and I knew that all along. It was all me, this one-sided, unrequited feeling.

You may not know but I was happy, even if I was rejected. But I should ask, why did you change after that? Why did I suddenly feel like I lost a friend? You promised, you ‘swore’ to be normal. You were not. I was trying my best here, to the point I closed my heart completely just to keep hush on the situations, leaving it like it never happened. You saw me smile, laugh, and talk to you just like before. But I saw your eyes never wander towards me anymore. You wouldn’t even talk to me unless situations demand. Tell me who was wrong. Was it me who just wanted to say how I felt… and nothing more? I wasn’t wrong, or I don’t know where I was wrong.

But I can’t blame you, I can’t say you were wrong, I can’t be angry at you, I can’t even know your real side. In fact, I shouldn’t care anymore. By the end of this writing, any feelings I have left for you would have gone. I think that should leave you satisfied right? We go our separate ways, as it may have always been. My sails have been cast in a different direction. People might say I am a weakling, a wuss, a loser for expressing this indirectly through this writing, but if they only knew how hard I tried to make things normal. If you only knew how hard I tried to make things normal. I should consider that my shining moment.

Whatever things I can be sorry about… I apologize for that. But I won’t apologize for my feelings. Those were real. Nothing moe~ can ever replace it.

loli crystal display

By bluemist on August 26th, 2007

I just got myself a LCD monitor, and it’s sooooooo sweet.

Granted this is just a 19-incher 1440×900 and not as l33t as Full HD 24-30 inch babies, at least it does 720p like I want it to. It’s widescreen too, for obvious anime enjoyment whenever it is a widescreener. And larger screen means bigger bishoujos to see. But actually, I’m not watching many anime lately, instead enjoying harvesting or saving little sisters. I wish they could scream “onii-chan” too, but on second thought… I still like 2D imoutos better.

How much galge is there anyway?

By bluemist on August 21st, 2007


I think it’s hard to imagine that an industry with a very limited number of target markets can sustain itself. I’m talking about this whole otaku industry. Maybe let’s make it a little more specific… the bishoujo/galge/eroge industry. How, I mean… HOW in the world do the people who work in this industry ‘survive’?
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Sink Japan Sink!

By bluemist on August 20th, 2007


Hmm, so I watched this year-old movie called Sinking of Japan, and this is one of the times I was disappointed with a Japanese movie. It feels like some second-rate disaster movie, some scenes were not really needed, the pace is quite slow, and this main guy (one of the SMAP) seems to pop up at random places without explanation. It’s quite disfunctional, this one. On the other hand, I was treated by some awesome scenes of destruction. I’m rather sadistic in the sense that I like blown-up stuff in the movies like Independence Day (aliens!), Day After Tomorrow (climate shift), Transformers (robots) etc.

The physics of this thing are one for the crazy movie nitpickers but maybe with global warming melting the ice and more frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions just maybe not only Japan but everyone is in danger of sinking or something. Just now we endured some heavy heavy rain out of a strong storm, too.

Then I wondered, what if Japan really sunk? Save the lolis first! Bring it all here for evacuation!

5 Centimeters Per Second

By bluemist on August 19th, 2007

Byousoku 5 Centimeter
“a chain of short stories about their distance.”

Again, Makoto Shinkai blew me away. He is really the master of “wide open spaces” in animation. It is not so much the attention to detail as it’s really the cinematic scope of what he draws. The backgrounds have this sort-of emotion that conveys the beauty of this world, whether it may be a rural or a city setting. And so as you enjoy the sights and sounds of his new OVA offering, we also see very simple but heartfelt stories about three characters and their distance between each other.

5CM is a three-episode tale of three people, a guy and two girls, and how distances can make or break love and friendships. We start with two childhood friends, Takaki and Akari. They were very close to each other, but then after elementary school, they have to part ways. Akari moved to some town in Tochigi, while Takaki went to Tokyo. They still contact each other by letters, but then Takaki’s family will move much further away to Kagoshima. So Takaki agreed to meet her before that happens. It’s quite a long multiple train ride between Tochigi and Tokyo, and harsh snowy conditions delayed Takaki’s travel. Eventually they meet up, albeit late, and a very heartful reunion for the two. Takaki promised to still keep in touch, but eventually the letters dried out.

The second part is about Takaki, now in Kagoshima, and Kanae, a classmate who feels for him. They became close friends but Takaki still feels distant sometimes, as if he looks on to the horizons often. Kanae was trying to build up her courage to confess to him, but Takaki still thinks about Akari who is very far away. Takaki plans to go back to Tokyo to work after graduation, leaving Kanae behind.

The final part is about Takaki and Akari, now grown up. Akari is actually engaged to another man by now. Takaki has a girlfriend and have been exchanging text messages, but then she finally told him that their lives are so apart that their love for each other can’t work anymore. The anime ends with a music video-style piece, with the song “One more time, one more chance” by Masayoshi Yamazaki.

Can I say HD FTW? This is a prime example of why DVD can’t satisfy me anymore. This would have been so beautiful in high-definition, and it really shows in the preview. The downloadable teaser in the website is actually 720p, but then the original release is of course 480p in DVD. There seem to be no plans (yet) to bring this to either Bluray of HD DVD, and so my I’m quite sad to not see the whole thing yet in it’s real cinematic glory. Oh well, as if I already have an HDTV…

Seemingly this is also the only anime from Makoto Shinkai without a fantasy setting. It is very down-to-earth, but then again so were Beyond the Clouds and Voices of a Distant Star aside from the science. And… do you notice that all his works are about “distance”? Distance relationship stories really strike a tone on me for some odd reason, maybe because the longing for each other is so strong when people are far apart. This is a very effective and affective anime especially for someone who might miss a loved one from far away.

A pretty somber but emotional piece this is. I feel bad for Takaki and Kanae, they were pretty much broken by the end of the anime but I think it is implied that they should be able to move on after this. The whole anime is just within a span of an hour, and yet it has created very fleshed-out characters that you can somewhat relate to. Plus the animation and sound really livens up the emotional level, and so this is mighty fine viewing. Definitely a must-see.