Kyou no Go no Ni

By bluemist on April 6th, 2006

Today in Class 5-2

Today in Class 5-2 is a 5-episode OVA about… this boring male lead Ryouta getting in a lot of “embarrassing situations” with the girls of Class 5-2.

The end.

Okay fine, it is based on a collection of one-shot chapters forming a volume of manga. Nothing particularly unique to note, except it may be the most direct-to-the-cliched-point anime in the harem genre. No flashy stories about the characters, no convoluted plot twists, just straight head-on “embarrasing situations” with the girls. Note the quotes, you know what I’m talking about here.


Not that it’s a bad thing though. If you like that sort of thing, you’ll definitely dig this. Animation is great and the girls are hawt. Not bad at all.

Coverage: Episode 1

1st Period: Wiggle Wiggle

2nd Period: Collarbones

3rd Period: Undefeated

4th Period: Memory (Scale)

5th Period: Sneak Attack


Posted By: tj han On: April 07, 2006 At: 12:06 am

C’mon it’s not just fan service! It’s some hilariously funny ecchi loli fanservice.

Posted By: Ronin On: April 07, 2006 At: 10:16 pm

For the lolicon in training, indeed!

Posted By: Cristian On: April 17, 2006 At: 11:22 am

I like this anime ,im waiting for the second.

Posted By: Jacky On: August 09, 2006 At: 11:26 pm

Please make more of this anime is kind of funny. Make more of this anime please.