Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 3: Trying to Adjust

By bluemist on March 30th, 2005

August 28, 2004

It’s been quite a while since the drastic change of Animax-Asia, and somehow I’m recollecting my angst bit by bit. I’ve never been so much of a fan of this channel anyway, so I would not care much. But because they showed Cardcaptor Sakura at the most ‘wrong’ time, that is why I was compelled to rant about it.

As always, the biggest problem with Animax-Asia’s move to English is not so much the dubbing quality, but rather the voices they pick in the dubbing. It looks as if they really have a small local dubbing staff, which does the dubs for almost all of the anime that is showing in Animax-Asia. Yea, I watched episodes of Ultra Maniac and Cardcaptor Sakura in succession, and I’m really annoyed by the same voice who does both Nina Sakura and Sakura Kinomoto. Not to mention NUMEROUS other anime characters with that same dubber. As I said back then, they dub good. But when they are the only ones dubbing, Animax-Asia sounds monotonous.

Apparently, Animax-Asia has acquired the American remastered version for the anime Mobile Suit Gundam. Also, the original Japanese version of Astroboy was suddenly replaced into the American version, complete with English dubbing and an entirely new set of source video and even background music. Animax-Asia is going American.

Also, a LOT of programming errors. I frequently see some episodes that are NOT DUBBED IN ENGLISH! They seem to have problems switching the dubs. For example, I watched episodes 1-2 of Captain Herlock in Japanese and no subtitles. I watched half of an .hack//SIGN episode in Japanese as well, and then suddenly after a commercial break they snuck in the English dubbing. The most complicated error I have seen so far though is an episode of Ultra Maniac, where they randomly switched from English to Japanese and vice versa, multiple times, while the episode is playing itself! Very very wrong, but the hell I care now.

I currently only watch a few anime in Animax-Asia. Princess Comet is just soooo nice an anime. I wanna find fansubs of that so I can see it in Japanese form. I regularly watch Cardcaptor Sakura. It’s still my favorite anime ever and so I can take it in whatever form (yup I ‘barely’ survived Nelvana’s Cardcaptors). Getbackers sparks my interest once in a while, and I occasionally Ultra Maniac for the fun of it.

This coming September though, I’ll be having a go at Gokusen. I’m just so lame because I don’t want to scan through my cd archives and watch my Gokusen fansubs. Or maybe a female GTO doesn’t spark my attention yet. Maybe I’ll try Dr. Dokkiri as well. Their advertisement for it is simply hilarious.

And it will be inveitable that I will watch Princess Tutu. Lauded as one of the most complex mahou shoujo series of recent time, I would have to watch its dubbing if it remains competitive. In any case, I really had a good time watching it a while back. It’s not your ordinary magical girl show. It’s surprisingly dark in theme, despite the extremely fairy-tale backdrop. The background music is simply astounding (of course because they are actual classical music pieces), and the animation is consistent.

So the next month could be quite exciting, even though Animax-Asia is still dubbed in English.

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Posted By: Picture Perfect Paranoia » Back in the Groove of the Japanimation Scene On: October 01, 2006 At: 3:56 pm

[…] So basically, contrary to my earlier assertions about the state of anime here, it looks like they’re trying to win over some of their lost audience since the change in dubbing language. I’ve kept tabs on bluemist’s Animax saga (found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, ),# and I was noticed the negative “impression” it has garnered. This coming from a fellow countrymen, but with a different taste than mine, I somehow believed him. But of course as with “impressions”, coming from someone else, I apply skepticism to everything I see, read, and hear. […]

Posted By: brenda On: March 16, 2007 At: 6:53 am

i love cardcaptor sakura it is my favorite show ever!! i am very dissapointed at the fact that the original version of the show changed. i am sure that all fans of this show demand the original version!!! Also candy candy and tsubasa chronicles , by the same creators, should be put on american tv. i would realy appreaciate it if they decided to put these shows on. support from other CLAMP fans would realy be useful.

Posted By: priscilla On: March 16, 2007 At: 6:58 am

Come on! do we need to beg! we dont want bad translations. we want the exact translation. and it would help if it would actualy stick to the feelings of the charactera. i looooooooove sakur and li! they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: priscilla On: March 16, 2007 At: 6:59 am

sakura we love you

Posted By: Joseph On: December 27, 2007 At: 3:49 am

I’ve been trying to find Dr. Dokkiri but come up with nothing.
Can anyone help?