Animax-Asia… Dubbed in English – Episode 7: Dubbed in Filipino?!?

By bluemist on September 1st, 2005

September 1, 2005

The unthinkable may happen.

Come October 2005, Animax-Asia is introducing Filipino dubs! Yep, you heard it right.

Filipino is the national language of our country. Anime on local television is normally shown with Filipino dubs, obviously, removing the original Japanese voices and replacing them such that the program can be accessible to the masses. You can say that our reaction to this kind of activity is very similar to how U.S. handles anime. Some anime get good dubs, others get poor dubs. Generally, Filipino dubs are rather well accepted.

Anime is getting more and more popular in this side of the world, to the point that Animax-Asia was launched in 2004 as the first 24-hour cable anime channel in Asia. Well, we all know the story afterwards. Subtitled anime become dubs, some non-anime programs surface, and a lot more programming quirks left the fans complaining all the time. And now, their new trick up their sleeve to garner bigger audience (or rather, prevent losing audience because of Hero TV, more on that later) is introducing Filipino dubs to their ever growing multi-language anime lineup!

Again, Animax-Asia has a separate Philippine feed exclusively for Philippine viewers, and that’s how Animax just loves us. I tend to think that we are their biggest audience (read: source of income) in Southeast Asia because of the immense popularity of anime in our country. This move by Animax seems to cater to the masses, getting more audience classes (as per their ‘anime for everyone’ slogan) and cultural divides. At the same time, this seems to be an pre-emptive move to compete with Hero TV, the all-Filipino cable animation channel that will be fully launched this October. This upcoming channel is reportedly gaining ground, maybe because Naruto is in the lineup. More importantly though, anime fans will have even more choices. We already have Cartoon Network and Animax-Asia, now with Hero, anime has just become so widespread, you can’t deny it anymore.

You’ve been waiting for the catch, so here it is. I’ve been complaining for almost seven episodes about Animax-Asia’s English dubbing, right? Animax-Asia’s Filipino dubbing now opens a new debate and divide. Purists who want their subs have another reason to complain, because Filipino dubs will eat airtime further, having fears of having less subtitled anime yet again. Evidence of this seems to surface even nowadays because the 6:00PM Saiyuki Reload timeslot is now in English dub (it used to be subbed before). Here’s a bigger news. The first anime premiere that will feature the Filipino dubbing is… be surprised, Initial D Fourth Stage! Nope, they did not show any Initial D prior to this. That alone is an outrage, isn’t it?

Recently news about some of the local voice cast of Initial D Fourth Stage have been introduced. Takumi Fujiwara will be voiced by Matteo Guidicelli, a young and popular kart driver over here. Kyoko Iwase will be voiced by Angel Locsin, a beautiful and very popular actress, widely known for the Darna live action series (Darna is our equivalent of Wonder Woman). She says that she likes the PS2 Gran Turismo games, and so she’s kinda hyped up to voice Kyoko I guess… Let me tell you that it’s kinda rare that news like this surface over TV and newspapers, let alone anime news. I guess Animax-Asia is heavily hyping their one-of-a-kind move.

As I said, this becomes a new dynamic in this ever-ongoing anime debate. Even now, fans may be just oh so furious that Animax-Asia has just become trilingual (Japanese, English, Filipino). As debates go on, I’m just here monitoring in the sidelines. I don’t watch Animax-Asia anymore, for various reasons, but once in a while I tune in for a random anime episode treat or two. Whether a dubbed or subbed episode, I don’t care anymore, as long as it doesn’t annoy me too much. Come October, which will premiere Initial D Fourth Stage, I’ll definitely watch and find out how good is their first Filipino dub offering.

I’ll be waiting for Angel Locsin’s voice too. She’s beautiful isn’t it? I’m not too sure about her voice though, and I don’t even watch Darna…

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Posted By: sNooZe On: September 04, 2005 At: 11:43 pm

I though Angel Locsin is doing english dub.. (rumors say she’s really bad in english) well.. animax in Filipino… oh no…

Posted By: Mookamori On: September 05, 2005 At: 9:39 pm

I will say one thing about this….


That is all!

Posted By: arc On: September 23, 2005 At: 8:45 am

sira ulo na talaga ang mga pilipino panget na nga ung english dub sasabayan pa ng PILININO duber mag-isip naman kayo

Posted By: Babba On: September 25, 2005 At: 8:31 am

sira ulo ka pala arc….. naturingan ka pa namang pilipino, nde mo ititinataguyod ang sarili mong wika… kung ikaw kaya ang mag dub… sino mas panget ung marunong mag dub o kagaya mong sira ulo walang binatbat….

Posted By: arc stantun On: October 06, 2005 At: 1:36 pm

hoy!!!! Babba cguro puro drama pnapanood mo kaya d mo alam ang sinasabi mo. Pag ORIGINAL JAPANESE ung gamit KUMPLETO ANG TRILL AT UNG HUMOR gets mo

Posted By: arc stantun On: October 06, 2005 At: 1:38 pm

BAYARAN MO AKO at magbibigay ako ng EXPERT NA DUBBER

Posted By: richard On: October 06, 2005 At: 1:42 pm

kurek ka dyan arc dbest parin ung japanese with english dub

Posted By: Wind_Disciple On: October 14, 2005 At: 9:50 pm

Grabe talaga to…. I tried my best to convince my parents to get me dream just so I can watch Animax. It used to be so cool then but now… I didn’t mind much about some english dubs, but they have finally crossed the line by introducing pilipino dubs! Is there any way we could start some kind of petition against Animax to bring back original japanese dubs?

Posted By: kyo On: October 15, 2005 At: 10:02 pm

I never really got into Animax, but I just stopped watching altogether when they started airing dubbed anime. I like my anime subbed, thank you very much. They should’ve stuck to their parent company’s anime formula (jap language+eng subs).

I was curious about the Initial D tagalog dub so I tuned in to last Sunday’s replay. Taglish is fine, it’s how we talk nowadays, right? The Taglish script they used on the dub simply sucked. Nobody talks like that in Real Life, not even people who study in/graduated from those “elite” schools. The scriptwriter should take writing classes again..

Now, if Animax really wants people to watch their version of Initial D, they should either: a) Follow AXN’s way of doing anime (jap language + english sub), or b) get a better scriptwriter..

Posted By: PROFESSIONAL VOICE TALENT On: October 17, 2005 At: 5:13 pm

I want to kill myself when I saw this Initial D dubbed in Mars language. My goodness, I could not even understand what they’re talking about. I don’t know if the writer or even the so called “DUMBERS” understand the script. I want everyone to make a petition to please stop the taglish conyo type of language. I want it to be in pure english and please get professional Voice Talents.


Posted By: Jyn On: October 18, 2005 At: 2:04 pm

ahaha… what the heck. so this is what the big hoolabaloo is all about. i’ve been constantly bugged by my fam and friends about angel locsin dubbing for animax. too bad i dun watch animax anymore. this is a good scoop. good thing i stumbled across your page! about animax showing fil-dubbed shows, all i can say is that they’re VERY brave…

Posted By: Petra Saskoi On: December 03, 2005 At: 6:27 pm

Way to go Animax-Asia!

Animax Bt.
Hungary, Europe

Posted By: Veronika Fehervari On: January 01, 2006 At: 9:05 am

Animax is great. It has a future. More future than our dying politicans and great thinkers.

Posted By: Boogiecat On: June 14, 2006 At: 9:21 pm

Animax ruined the whole series and they think that so called taglish dub could stop Hero TV,NEVER! Heck by the way one of the dubbers name,Joshua Yu(dubber of “im falling” guy!!) is the most stupid dubber ever!ANIMAX SUCKS!!! HERO TV RULES!!

Posted By: Nix On: July 25, 2006 At: 5:30 pm

>>haLa,,mAy nGaarGue pLa here. .
heLLo. .
= )

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