Anime Blog Awards

By bluemist on March 27th, 2008

Anime Blog Awards


To anyone who’s remotely an anime blogger, please do vote for your favorites at the Anime Blog Awards!

I’ve been on and off the scene for the longest time but I think you guys are awesome. Whenever I’m not busy I fire up my feed readers and collective blog aggregating sites and see what good stuff you have. Often I regret missing out on many things because I don’t skim your blogs often, but it’s kinda nice to back read and enjoy the fandom which already goes beyond the mere watching of anime. Some of the best entertainment I had didn’t even come from the episodes I watched, but the multiple summaries, editorials, insights, rants, comedic banter, etc. coming from the anime blogosphere.

On a technical side note though, my current dilemma in reading your anime blogs is because I can’t manage RSS feeds the way I want to. I wanted a system that searches within RSS feeds and updates the search as necessary. Say I like “kyonko” or “true tears”, so I write them as a keyword then the system should search the RSS feeds for those keywords. The search keywords should be saved so I can get the latest stuff related to Kyonko or True Tears as they run through the feeds. So far, the system that I found nearest to my needs was Opera’s own newsfeed reader. It does the exact thing I want, but unfortunately Opera must be running 24/7 just to catch the feeds. I don’t have a 24/7 server, and I hate losing articles because Opera is offline when I go away. Next was Google Reader. Google’s is nice because it’s online, it has archives of the feeds themselves so I don’t worry about losing articles, but it doesn’t allow for saving searches. I would need to type the search everytime, and because it’s AJAX-online it’s a bit slow in doing that. If only I can save searches on the side this would have been perfect too. Maybe you techies know what I should do. It’s either doing something about the feeds such that Opera don’t need to be online all the time, or maybe looking for some unknown website or service that caters for my exact need. Do you know of any solution?

I think that my feed problem and its solution can be beneficial to the sheer number of content out there today. Some of us anime bloggers are busy people, either at school or work, and may not be able to fire up their browsers and readers everyday. At the same time, like this Anime Blog Awards thingie, we want to show readers and fellow bloggers that their writings and musings are being read. If I can set it up properly, I think I can reach out to interesting articles from even new or obscure blogs based on my own interests. If you happen to mention, say, Kyonko or True Tears, indeed I will be able to catch your article, as opposed to mere simple feedreading where there are a lot of articles I’m not interested in (like mecha anime). Also, it’s not limited to my keywords too, I could catch your article in terms of Category so that I don’t miss out on generic editorials not necessarily related to my keywords. I think this is a good idea for my reading, and I hope you adopt this kind of idea too… if you’re a busy person.

Anyway, please support the community by voting for your favorite blogs, and it will be open for readers soon too. You can be assured that no matter how busy I am, I am at least lurking some of you guys. I’ll be trying to comment on your blogs too. Keep up the good (work) stuff!


Posted By: Hung On: March 27, 2008 At: 10:37 am

Hmmm, that’s an interesting request. I could hook it up so that a search would be available via RSS. The only thing is that it might end up sucking a ton of resources if lots of people subscribe to search RSS feeds and abuse them (like, refreshing every second). But I guess people could just refresh every second anyway.

Yeah, it sounds cool. I might have to add this functionality if many people think it would be useful. If so, make a topic in the forums since I probably won’t check back on this blog to see 🙂

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Posted By: Impz On: March 27, 2008 At: 12:30 pm

First of all, thank you so much for writing a beautiful entry for the Anime Blog Awards (among other things). You know it is getting a bit sad at times when you get rejections from other anime bloggers as they are not interested for various reasons (this is e-peen event, i won’t win, i hate arbitrary ranking) and so forth. They forget it is to promote good blogs and eventually just to have fun.

I hope more people will be thinking like you. We already have around 90 anime bloggers who have registered, and hopefully more will come in to nominate and vote later \o/

Posted By: smile On: March 29, 2008 At: 1:39 am

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Posted By: Ryan A On: April 01, 2008 At: 6:44 am

I’ve been subscribed to your feed for a while. I used to use SharpReader in WinXP, which was very lite and stored the aggregations. Aside from SR, I was much more interested in RSSOwl, which continues to be awesome, and is my replacement on Ubuntu. My only haet on RSSOwl is that is does not “retain” articles, unread or read. If I don’t read an entry when its there, I may not get to read it. RSSOwl only aggregates the current feed, 10, 20, 25 or however many items it may be.

For podcasts, it is great because they usually have complete entries (all podcasts).

I don’t want to say that this is necessarily a bad feature though, it does help with information overload. Out of all the blogs I was reading (not just AB), I had 500-1000 entries I wanted to read; my life is too short for that many!

I suggest it though (an it supports regular expression searches).


On another note, a little tool could be as easy as this:

1) Database stores your list of feeds to aggregate.

2) cron job runs php or similar script to check aggregation, and build a meta RSS feed (probably a big file, but… but STATIC).

3) With a static meta-RSS file, you can run filters easily using brief php code and a proper XSL transformation. (I’ve been on about this lately as php5 is using libxml2 and libxsl, which are lightning)

4) That’s basically it for displaying your custom filters. Very little database time, very little php time, just c/c++ binaries (libxml2+libxsl) and static files. Good and quick.

If you care to chat or run ideas by me, I am coding, and am on IRC in #melative on freenode. If you want an example of what I said, the search on melative testbed ( is similar (cache XMl of query, limit 500 results, and filters are using XSL on cache XML; no db access for sorting or w/e).

Cheers ^^

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