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By bluemist on April 22nd, 2008


I figured that because lately I’ve been fascinated by the power of doujin works, mostly by watching random videos in idle time, I’d share to you some of them.

As I said before, some of the best forms of entertainment may not necessarily come from the mainstream anymore. In this new age of freeform communication, one is able to convey a message, an idea, or a concept that may be passed on from one person to another. In time, if people remember it by, it becomes part of history. To me that’s how a meme is formed, specifically one on the internet.

Remember back in the day, when we were kids, we love to make crossovers? I actually let my GI Joe toys fight with my Batman toys. We also loved to imitate the characters. I wanted to be like Superman too. Similarly, anime and related visual culture stuff is one very wide and potent area in which to play your concepts on. Almost anything can be mixed with almost anything, and you get a unique combination.

So I am planning to continue my search for more fun memes and hopefully these will be entertaining to you as well. Unfortunately, YouTube is kinda strict on copyright, so many of the videos I link from there may be dead a few days later. Since I have particular interest on MADs and other parodies from Japan, I think Nico Nico Douga is a much better place. Please try to register for an account over there so that you can see the videos I link to. Don’t worry if you lack Japanese, just log in and it’s a breeze afterwards. That’s the whole point of my animeme project: to let you see the best and most entertaining animemes in the planet without much hassle.

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Posted By: Zeroblade On: April 23, 2008 At: 12:08 am

Nico Nico Doug is probably the best, easily accessible video streaming service to date. High quality h.264 videos with good sound quality, unlike Youtube.