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By bluemist on October 22nd, 2007


Another one of those leechers. And another one.

So many copycats these days.

I am annoyed but I usually leave them be. Usually those are mere web scripts. And they link back to me anyway, which is good. Good enough to help me gain more readership. Unfortunately some readers they invite are those —-tards, you know, the people who hardcore-ly defend their anime as if it were the second coming.

I think it’s about time that I speak against this rapidly annoying form of anime fandom, and hope to find the main problem of which it stems from.

Kindly look at these posts’ comments:

If I may so classify, people can be insane sometimes. As it is, 90% of the comments on those posts are… well… let’s just say I shake my head out of frustration that some people are like this. I know, nobody’s perfect, but there has to be some limit to this craziness.

I think these international anime nerds are even worse than the Japanese otakus that they emanate from and try to emulate.

I can’t express my hatred without hurting other people, namely, the same kind of people who does these hate comments. I apologize in advance for the kind of mind-bending reality-check I want you to realize. But whether it be you like Sasuke, hate him, of think of him as gay or whatever, if you are really, really serious about your posts… GET A FREAKING LIFE!

I bet some of you still live in “your mother’s basement”. Such a cliche line. It basically means that in some way you still depend on your parents for your daily sustenance. Hmm… what if your mom suddenly grounds you and cuts you off of your computers, video games and internets? I bet it’s the end of the world for you. You’ll DIE. But thankfully, many moms would not do it to their children, as they may be irresponsible OR helpless enough to do so. It’s a vicious cycle. If your parents raised you to be a spoiled brat, they can’t help but spoil you for the rest of your life. Because if they don’t, you rebel. They hate rebellion because they love you. And so, despite you watching TV, playing games, or doing worthless stuff all day, locked up in your room, probably not studying well or having a decent job, your parents may still take it. They’ll just leave you be.

I bet some of you don’t even “have a girlfriend/boyfriend”. Another super-cliche, but sadly true. If you just lock yourself up all day I don’t even think you have real friends ‘outside of your genre of fandom interests’. The poketards befriend fellow poketards etc. Sure sometimes it’s a good thing to gain friends through your hobbies… but the real test is whether you can maintain our friendships “once the hobbies fade away”. Or if the issue at hand is not your hobbies anymore, could you still rely on your pokefriend through highs and lows? Let’s go deeper, are your friends just faceless avatars over the internet? If you can’t build real friendships, what more with the idea of “love”? So, are all those eroge and harem anime excuses to release your erotic tension because you realize there is no such thing for you in real life? What do you know about relationships? Did you just watch them from TV?

And yet you still have the nerve to proclaim your lifelessness all over the internet. It is these kinds of comments and commenters that turn a once useful source of information into one of over-saturated garbage. Why do you shout out your helplessness without doing something about it? Do you expect sympathy from us? Well you just made matters worse, because instead of inviting sympathizers, you just invited more of your same kind, and together you form a whining chorus of people who just can’t get better at life.
– Outside? What’s that? A MMORPG?
– I don’t get enough sunlight.
– Diggers don’t have girlfriends. Inaccurate, buried.

Now you go on blabbering around your self-created useless war on which anime is better, which video game is better, which e-p*nis is larger, etc. Pointless, baseless flame wars. Comments which have no substance. It certainly smells just like your lives have no substance either. Let me tell you, in your virtual world of the internet, you are a mere speck of data. I don’t freaking care if you hate me, or hate gay Sasuke, or hate whatever you hate in this world. Also, don’t think that I am really affected by your crap. In fact I’m trying to help you, to make you feel like a loser, in a hope you will do something about yourself being a loser.


In this materialistic world, I may envy you. Because you can do that. Because you are living… and “able” to do that. To each on his own. You live in your couches and rooms all day without fear of future. You guys are rich, aren’t you? Your parents may be wealthy enough to provide you enough even after they die. You may be better at life because you are happy in your own way. Look at me now.

Even if I look down on you, I myself am NOT a perfect example of a decent society. My job is quite stressful, and low-paying. I don’t see any career path in me for now. And yes I don’t have a girlfriend either. Also, my hobbies are no different from yours. How different am I? But look again at me. Even with this multitude of problems, I am striving. Trying to do better everyday. I seek better opportunities for me to get higher pay. I go ‘outside’ to socialize and make new friends. Do you do that? Aren’t you sad of your mundane everydays? Maybe I don’t have the right to judge the way people live. Anyway, again this is the internet. My views in this writing may not even necessarily be true to my views in real life. I can be sarcastic and even pose this as a serious writing… when I’m just joking around. It’s hard to see sarcasm on the internet. I don’t even know if your hate comments are sarcasm in itself. I pray that they are, because there’s something wrong with you if you are seriously affected by a mere fictional thing such as anime.

Let me ask one thing… are you happy with who you are? It really depends on your viewpoint as well as the viewpoint of others around you. If people can accept who you are, well no problems I guess. Live the way you want to live. Just don’t regret it. There may come a time that someone will definitely oppress you. Not oppress you the way I do, because these are mere words over the internet. You know the drill, bullying, racism, discrimination. I hope you are not affected by any of it. You definitely hear other stories… people crazy enough to perform mass-killings at school. Hitting parents with an axe. Youth stabbings. I’m not blaming or accusing anyone, but when bad things happen in society, the usual suspects are those who don’t conform to society. Tell me about it, I do have anti-social tendencies myself. I think society sucks too. But I’m doing my job to not be shown as a worse-case scenario. This is not pretention, this is merely my way to survive and be with harmony with others that don’t see the world my way.

Anyway, thank you for participating in my social experiment. I’ve certainly learned a lot about how mankind is going haywire. I guess Darwinism takes hold here. I hope this writing has inspired some to go move out of their basements to breathe fresh air. I hope too that this would conspire more hate towards me and my opinions, because more constructive criticisms are needed. I could write so much more but if I make this longer it may make you feel even more lonelier. That was not my purpose. You people have been put down enough, I’m not pulling you down further. This is just my wake up call to you. If there is a slightest chance that you wanted to change your life… do it now. Thank you.


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Posted By: TokiDoki On: October 22, 2007 At: 3:53 pm

lol my posts are on direct anime as well nfi how it got there, but ye it links back to me so i don’t really mind. Nice new layout btw and oh look at your spam count I’m a lil envious of the amount of spam you get hehe.

Posted By: Ronin On: October 22, 2007 At: 5:46 pm

This conversation has certainly devolved into a rant. 😛

Posted By: TehShien On: October 22, 2007 At: 9:35 pm

My epic lulz resulted into a facepalm the more I read of the comments from the example posts.

Usually, most blogs I read seems to have a rather hm…”proper” (may not be word I’m looking for) fanbase. What I meant with that is people that are frequently visiting and comments, and trying to post in a more or less accurate grammatic manner.
THAT, however, looked like a bad anime-forum :

Posted By: TehShien On: October 22, 2007 At: 9:37 pm

*sigh* when will I learn that those smileys make the comment yummy and edible…? : /
Well…what followed was not really important anyway ^^;

Posted By: westbluef On: October 22, 2007 At: 9:38 pm

Yes well, you have some outstanding points were pretty much alike excepet that your already working and i’m still a student but still,

“In our country I guess I’d rather choose anime for my entertainment, rather than ZAIDO any day.”

Posted By: westbluef On: October 22, 2007 At: 9:52 pm

forgot to say that the other difference is that most of the time i let my anti social urges to takeover but, I take responsibility in the consequences of my actions.>_

Posted By: Zeroblade On: October 23, 2007 At: 7:03 pm

Well, good luck with getting a raise >_>

Posted By: CyberSpector On: November 02, 2007 At: 11:27 am

Listen dude, I work in retail. I also see a lot of human stupidity – just from adults instead. In fact, half of the conversation that goes on between coworkers is about how customer X was annoying or customer Y was clueless. You make a lot of good points here, but the writing will have the most impact on someone who understands and agrees with you. All the ranting in the world will do next to nothing to change these people. It’s a problem of individual responsibility and it’s mostly beyond our reach.. It’s okay to highlight the problem, but you should compliment your ‘good’ visitors too, no?

Still, I must say it’s an entertaining read. =)

Posted By: 0rion On: November 04, 2007 At: 4:31 pm

I tried to read some of the comments on those posts. I really did.

I think this is one of those situations in which ignorance really is bliss. n_n’