Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

By bluemist on March 30th, 2005

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Pi pi ru pi ru pi ru pi pi ru pi….

Meet Dokuro-chan. She’s an angel… who carries a bat with spikes called Excaliborg (something like that). Therefore, she is Beat-to-death Angel Dokuro-chan (translation of the title). The main point of this anime? Beat this one guy to death.

The poor guy is named Sakura. Yup even boys can be named C kura. Dokuro-chan is actually an angel sent on a mission to kil, Sakura, but she always would fail to really kill him because she likes him. Dokuro-chan always beats him to death, and yet brings him back to life afterwards with her “pi pi ru pi ru pi ru pi pi ru pi”. Well then that it basically…  The reason why Heaven wants Sakura killed is because it is forseen that in the future he will discover how to be young forever. Sakura, apparently, is a lolikon, so he wants a world of loli. So heaven don’t like that ok?

Bah, who cares about the plot? What we have here is over-the-top, fast, and crazy anime comedy. What if you mix something like Jungle Guu and Elfen Lied? Or maybe mahou shoujo with bloodbath? Yup your dreams come true with this anime. Plus you have all the sexy loli you’ve been looking for (I’ve been looking for? hehe). The animation is really good, varied, and crazy. Some anime producers really have some kind of imagination in pulling this off. Of course, the beat-to-death part gets old as fast as the guy that’s always dying in South Park, but still the other stuff are funny.

Anyway this is some anime. As if still not pushing the boundaries, there are still stuff left censored, like the extreme bloody beat-to-death parts, which are replaced by an on-screen advertisement to buy the DVD. So, people would buy the DVD and see the real uncensored score in those scenes. Despite some of those censorship, this is still bloddier as… well… any other anime out there. The seiyuu starring in this are surprisingly recognizable, and the OP is very very “pi pi ru pi ru pi ru pi pi ru pi”-catchy. So what are you waiting for? Anime like this is rare.

Episode 1-2:
So some setting ups in these first episodes. How Dokuro-chan is introduced to Sakura-kun’s class. The funny thing is, the class weirdly accepts all those crazy stuff as normal! We got a classmate who suddenly disappeared from her seat, and a class president who turns into a monkey!

On the second episode, Sabato-chan is introduced. She is out to kill Sakura-kun because Dokuro-chan can’t do it. We also learn about Sakura’s lolikon drive here.

Episode 3-4
Episode 3 is not too much about the main characters because it is about this meganekko Chiyuri-chan who likes a fellow male classmate, and so Sakura and Shizuki work together to try to bring them close in a study session. Well, Dokuro-chan is also there to fool around, but after knowing of their plans, she also agreed to help… somehow.

The fourth episode deals with Sakura and Shizuki’s movie date! Yea! Until… Dokuro-chan came and mess things up again. And what’s worse… Sabato appeared in the movie! All the violent chaos ensues while Shizuki eventually left the cinemas… Sakura-kun… baka!

Episode 5-6
These episodes are about a certain class field trip in the woods. First part is the one with the school mizugi! Shizuki-chan and Dokuro-chan mizugi… school swimsuits banzai! Hehe ok, then Sakura-kun gets more punishment not only by Dokuro-chan, but by his double-crossing classmates. He was forced to eat some poisonous curry. Poor lolicon guy.

The second part includes the much required kimodameshi (test of courage). Dokuro-chan wants to pair with Sakura so she turns another classmate into a dog (it’s dog vs. monkey now). During the game, a classmate says Shizuki-chan is lost, so Sakura is off to find her. He finds her, then some sounds scared them off a bit, but it’s just the wandering Sabato-chan.

Episode 7-8
Last episodes, but they’re kinda weak. It’s all about Dokuro-chan’s little sister, Zakuro, and she’s come to take her sister back to the future. Very typical farewell episode, and since it’s typical, you might guess right what happens at the end. You know, being a bit dramatic doesn’t fit too much in this anime, although the usual comedic and bloddy parts were there. I watched the TV version though so there were a hell lot of censorship. Maybe this would be more enjoyable when uncensored.

Anyway all-in-all, it’s been a bit of a fun ride, after all the anime is only four regular episodes long. Towards the end it got kinda boring, but the energy remains the same. Funny, fast, moe-cute, and heck of a bloddy anime this is. Weird combination, but well it worked.


Posted By: roonnyrocks On: February 11, 2006 At: 8:01 pm

Loving this series. Wild crazy and soooo funny

Posted By: Yoshikousei Kito On: June 08, 2006 At: 6:38 pm

Great anime. I watched it all. Dokuro is cute. ^_^

Posted By: BoyWithBlackWings On: January 24, 2007 At: 6:31 am

Love the anime but anyone know the translaetion of the song?

Posted By: knight4630 On: October 15, 2007 At: 9:57 am

dokuro is awsome but is it a movie or just a seris why isnt there a site where you can watch all the episodes please tell:)

Posted By: MadoX On: January 28, 2008 At: 7:56 am

If you want to see the episodes you can find them on youtube plus the second season, you may be a little pushy to find the uncensored chapters but they still there with all the beat-to-death action and the subtitles to english, but if you want to download the first season you can find all the four chapters on ares with the subtitles to spanish !even in the song! 😉 just look there!

No movie was relased, yet…

if someone finds the way to download the second season with spanish or at least english subtitles post it here please