Da Capo II: Maya Sawai

By bluemist on December 29th, 2008

She’s not my favorite character in this game, but I like Maya because she actually reminds me of one of my ____ in real life. Unnecessary tidbit aside though, let me just say that Maya is almost the same as many other iinchos (class representatives) in the anime or bishoujo world. She is a tsundere meganekko. Well she’s not exactly as snobbish or strict as an iincho usually is, but she still has the spunk and the strong character. Like any strong character though, there are some vulnerabilities inside, so let me show you what she has in store for us.
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Tragedy, Hope

By bluemist on June 11th, 2008


Knowing about the true story of Sakura in anime form was unprecedented for me. Even if I had already skimmed the surface, I guess the tale can still be told effectively in another way. The most important part of the experience though, is that I can relate somewhat to the character. Yes, Yoshino Sakura’s trials, tribulations and tragedies reflect my own set of current real-life problems. As a result, my heart breaks yet again for this fictional character, and in part, this fictional character gave me a source of reference, reflection and inspiration of myself.
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Da Capo II: Da Capo

By bluemist on May 4th, 2008

Da Capo II: Yume Asakura

By bluemist on April 28th, 2008

Da Capo II: Otome Asakura

By bluemist on April 14th, 2008

Da Capo II: Episode 4

By bluemist on October 31st, 2007

This is some sidestory on some Da Capo II fandisk I didn’t play. In any case, Yoshiyuki X Koko is getting even more stronger, I may think they would pursue this all the way to the end. But no way, I shall never be swayed. I predict Koko is still getting the axe, although I hope not. Childhood friends don’t get any love in many other anime except this one, and I’m really happy to see their relationship blooming. Darn, the producers of this anime may be too cruel because at this point it’s total heartbreak if they cut off Koko in the next few episodes. I cross my fingers on what will happen next.

As a fanservice athletic meet episode though, this one FAILS. Again, the crazily inconsistent animation at fault, but yet again Koko is almost always well-animated. A little hurrah though goes to Anzu, she is a bit more prominent (and funny) here. The female Suginami starting to show her dark humor side. Awesome. Nanaka is too dere-dere for my tastes. This is NOT how a school idol acts. Minatsu gets relegated by the side, as well as Otome. Yume is not stepping up either, she’s just Dark Nemu all the way. Hmmm, but at least Sakura returns a bit, and she looks more kakkoi.

All in all this episode is zzz. Fanservice filler.