Da Capo II: Maya Sawai

By bluemist on December 29th, 2008

She’s not my favorite character in this game, but I like Maya because she actually reminds me of one of my ____ in real life. Unnecessary tidbit aside though, let me just say that Maya is almost the same as many other iinchos (class representatives) in the anime or bishoujo world. She is a tsundere meganekko. Well she’s not exactly as snobbish or strict as an iincho usually is, but she still has the spunk and the strong character. Like any strong character though, there are some vulnerabilities inside, so let me show you what she has in store for us.
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How to make a good story anime/bishoujo style

By bluemist on September 19th, 2008


Miya Maruyama

This April Fools post was indeed my personal sample venture into fanfiction writing. For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to write my own story, favorably in the style of Japanese anime and bishoujo games. Of course, there are expected challenges in this one. First and foremost, I’m not Japanese, so any culture references are just the usual (unusual) ones already found in existing Japanese anime, manga or games. Secondly, I have to write in English, which means I’m just emulating Japanese similar to the sometimes-wrong translation style in fansubbing projects. Lastly, I don’t consider myself a good writer in the first place.

Despite this though, I still want to have the drive to do it. Whenever I see other people succeed, I always say to myself that I can do it too. I may not be as good, but at the very least, “get it done darnit”, lol.

In this article I focus specifically on the characters, settings, and plot I envisioned on my own Miya Maruyama story.
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Hinano’s RenAi Blogger

By bluemist on August 2nd, 2008

RenAi Blogger

I’m not usually into doujin visual novel games but this one’s different. I mean, female anibloggers as bishoujo game charas? Where do I sign up?
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Da Capo: Kanae Kudou

By bluemist on August 1st, 2008

It’s… a… TRAP!

Kudou-kun, Da Capo’s resident crossdresser. I have a weird enough penchant for characters of this type (no I’m not going Brokeback on myself), mostly because you can really only do this in fiction. In real life, I have not seen any convincing crossdresser that would fool me into thinking that he/she is actually of the opposite sex.

And with Kudou having given basically NO love in Da Capo Second Season at all, I decided to give his… I mean her scenario a quick run.

Disclaimer: I’ll be addressing Kudou as a guy at first, and then a girl afterwards accordingly when Junichi finds out about it.

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Tragedy, Hope

By bluemist on June 11th, 2008


Knowing about the true story of Sakura in anime form was unprecedented for me. Even if I had already skimmed the surface, I guess the tale can still be told effectively in another way. The most important part of the experience though, is that I can relate somewhat to the character. Yes, Yoshino Sakura’s trials, tribulations and tragedies reflect my own set of current real-life problems. As a result, my heart breaks yet again for this fictional character, and in part, this fictional character gave me a source of reference, reflection and inspiration of myself.
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Da Capo II: Da Capo

By bluemist on May 4th, 2008