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By bluemist on February 26th, 2008

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To Heart 2 OVA: Episode 2

By bluemist on June 30th, 2007

To Heart 2 OVA

The second episode is about the sisters Manaka and Ikuno Komaki. This marks Ikuno’s anime debut! The game featured a bit of her in Manaka’s scenario, and so I was looking forward to her stint in the OVA. The OVA finally arrived, and well… it is still typical To Heart 2, aside from more fanservice than the usual. Anyway, this is the ever-present beach episode, and Ikuno is quite bored.
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To Heart 2 OVA: Episode 1

By bluemist on February 28th, 2007

To Heart 2 OVA

At first I was not particularly anticipating the new To Heart 2 OVAs, seeing that the TV series failed my expectations a bit. Of course, having Ma-ryan and Sasara (and present-day Yuuki) animated is a nice bonus, but otherwise I stick to the original game for my fandom. I would only wonder in horror how they would dilute Sasara’s scenario (the longest scenario in the game) in a mere episode or two.
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To Heart 2: Last Review

By bluemist on March 30th, 2005


I’m finished!!! Finally, after almost a month, I finished the Konomi scenario in To Heart 2! I never thought I would.

Anyway, my big hurdle was really the language barrier. Not being able to read the Japanese text, I rely and listen closely at what the voice overs are saying in their dialogue. Technically so many details may be wrong in the entirety of the feature, but as a whole all the things that happened in the scenario gives Konomi her necessary character development.

We see her as a fun, klutzy girl who seems always positive but has her share of down times too. She definitely loves her onee-san Tamaki. She is also somewhat superstitious, and likes to buy and give Takaki some charms and stuff like that. She’s definitely a girl, and seeing her cry after her junior school graduation develops her characteristics of vulnerability as a girl. And of course, her “eheee~” habit makes her as cute-sounding as she is cute-looking.

Of course, the other characters which had their share of character development in this scenario are the siblings Yuji and Tamaki. They are very comic siblings. How they punch each other with words or rather physically ups the comic humor a bit in the game. And Yuji serves as the crossover king, citing references to many of the other Leaf games including no less than the first To Heart.

Which brings me to this subject, a possible major flaw in the structure of To Heart 2. How come that all those girls do not remotely know each other? I know that Yuma and Manaka are friends, but that’s just about it. Other than that, no rapport is seen between the other girls. Why is that? I would have wanted some kind of love triangle plot, or some petty fight issues between the girls. I haven’t played the original To Heart game, but why do the To Heart girls know each other in both anime series? In fact, they know each other too well you’d think they’re friends already. Is this an anime-only thing? Will we see rapport among the To Heart 2 characters when the anime arrives? I’ll have to see about that. In any case, it is sad that the To Heart 2 girls have little or no relation to each other in this game.

That said, it really seems to be a straight-forward game. Follow one girl, discard the rest. But if you stray away from her scenario, you get the generic bad ending. Seemingly as simple as that. I guess what really matters here is the story rather than the gameplay. You could see yourself idling away with not pushing any buttons for a period of time, since the choices and place directions are few and far between. It isn’t too hard to stray away from a girl’s scenario either. Just pick the choices that attune to the character, and also go to places where you can possibly meet her. To Heart 2 is an easy game.

On to the technical aspects. For a visual novel or bishoujo game, the event CG is rather good. Only in rare instances did I see the character drawings to be inconsistent. If I’m right, there are a total of 227 event CGs in the game. Character and background CGs blend along well. There are a few special graphical effects seen though, like zooming in the characters, but there are lots of screen fading styles employed (if anyone is ever interested in those). The music is great too. Just recently I realized that many tracks in To Heart 2 are actually revivals or remixes of To Heart PSE tracks! This recreates even more the original To Heart feel, but unfortunately I have a “heard first” tendency, so I rather like the To Heart 2 versions more.

By the way, I am playing the Playstation 2 version of To Heart 2. Actually, there will be a PC port of the game soon, possibly featuring new characters and scenarios to the game. I’m thinking that I may update some parts of this project to include some new events in the PC Konomi scenario in the game, if they will exist (and if I get the game of course).

My many thanks to the people who supported this project. To the people to posted a comment, and also to the game players I (annoyed) asked to help me on this project. Thank you very much!

Well, until the anime or the PC version comes, I officially declare this project… COMPLETE!

To Heart 2 Review (Part 7)

By bluemist on April 27th, 2004

Review Coverage: April 25 to 27, True and Alternate Ending

The end is here!

April 25
The entire Sunday has passed with Konomi still in the house. At night, she’s about to go home, but first she tries to confess to Takaki. Well not quite yet.

April 26
Konomi picks Takaki up again in his house in the morning. After class, they go home together again. She seems to have a problem with some sort of practice. Takaki volunteers to help her, so that made her happy. Along they way, she tries to confess again, but she fails again.

April 27
This is the final fateful day. After class, we see Takaki, Konomi, Tamaki and Yuji together. The boys react on how how the weather is. Konomi suggests that they eat ice cream. Everyone agrees and so they go to the cafe. While Tamaki and Konomi gets to buy everyone the ice cream, Konomi’s two friends arrive! It seems that they know about the sleepover events, and so they tease Takaki again about Konomi. On Konomi’s back, Takaki reacts rather badly, saying that she’s really just no more than a childhood friend, or a little sister. Actually, Konomi hears the conversation. She starts getting nervous, and was about to cry, and so she fled and went home. Takaki tries to follow her, but she first gets stopped by Tamaki. Tamaki now becomes his second conscience. So she tries to let Takaki realize his true feelings for Konomi. Is she just a childhood friend to him? Or a potential lover? Tamaki gave Takaki two choices:

I see her as a girl.

I see her as just a childhood friend.

The To Heart 2 game player now has a choice that leads to two different endings.

It’s better for you to go to the page instead of me summarizing the two endings, so anyway go to each ending to find out!

To Heart 2: True Ending

To Heart 2: Alternate Ending

To Heart 2: Alternate Ending

By bluemist on April 27th, 2004

I see her as a childhood friend.

Tamaki “How about it?”

After explaining that she’s really just a childhood friend…

Tamaki “I see…”

Tamaki “If that’s that, just sit back here. I said a while ago. Because of your kindness, Konomi was just hurt a bit.”

Tamaki “Don’t worry, I will go to where Konomi is, just leave it to me.”

I tried to reason out that it may be better that I’ll go instead.

I think she agreed.

So we ran everywhere, until we found Konomi in front of her house, tending Genjimaru.

Konomi “Hey, what’s wrong Genjimaru?”

Konomi “Hey stand up. Let’s go for a walk.”

Konomi sees me.


We go for a walk instead.

Konomi “Sorry about earlier, when I went home suddenly.”

Konomi “Anyway, Genjimaru is cruel, even though I said to have a walk, he doesn’t want.”

Whatever I said made her a bit happy this time. Maybe I was explaining about the event at the cafe.

Konomi “Is what you said true?”

Konomi “Taka-kun, do you know…”

I may be telling her that I don’t like her as a girl right now. But I like her as a childhood friend and that’s a given.

Konomi “Maybe not now… it’s okay. But, someday I’ll be more beautiful, and I’ll make you like me.”

Konomi “I like you Taka-kun. More than anyone, I like you.”

Konomi “This feeling, I won’t lose to anyone.”

Konomi “But Taka-kun, you may see Tama-oneechan as more special.”


Tamaki “Ara, I won’t intend to lose either…”

Konomi “Sorry, Tama-oneechan, we got lost a little bit.”

Tamaki “Well then, Konomi. Whomever Taka-kun picks, whether we win or lose, no regrets… ok?

Konomi “Ok. Even if you’re my opponent Tama-oneechan, I won’t lose.”

Tamaki “Yup, as I wanted.”

(Something tells me that Takaki is gathering his harem)

What the heck are you guys talking about?

Tamaki “You haven’t noticed?”

Tamaki “I like you too. I knew you won’t notice. Hah, that’s that.”

Anyway they put their arms around me, and we’re side-by-side close together.

Chie “Whoaaaaaah… Something’s big happening over here…”

Michiru “FBI vs. KGB… Aliens coming over in summer. Next Comipa theme is SF.”

Yuji “Ahh futile. I told you not to regret.”

Yuji “Huh? This is not supposed to be?”

Tamaki “This Golden Week, maybe we can go play somewhere… Taka-bou’s treat.”

Why me?

Konomi “Really? Then… is the amusement park ok?”

Tamaki “Ok, it’s fine. First, the amusement park, then maybe onsen is ok too.”

Konomi “Maybe Tama-oneechan wants to join my sleep over at your house too.”

Tamaki “Ara, it’s ok with you?”

Konomi “Yup… I wanna learn some cooking from you…”

I wanna get out of this mess.

Both “Refused.”

(It’s a nightmare! This is a harem To Heart 2 ending!!!)