To Heart 2: True Ending

By bluemist on April 27th, 2004

I see her as a girl.

“Do you love Konomi?”

Finally, a proper answer… YES!

“If you realized it that way, I have nothing else to say.”

“Ok, hurry up and follow her.”

“The answer is already in you, do you still have worries?”

“If you worry too much, just say “I love you” before today ends.”



Thank you.

“Do your best, boy.”

I run through all streets, trying to find Konomi.

Back in the cafe:

Yuji “Is this okay that he left?”

Tamaki “It’s okay, they are really a troubled pair.”

Chie “Hmm..”

Michiru “Hah…”

Chie “It feels like we’ve seen something huge… hm.. hey wait! Where are you going?”

Michiru “Nowhere important.”

Chie “Don’t lie, you wanna peek at them?”

Michiru “Oof.”

Chie “You…”

Tamaki “You two…”

Chie “HAH!”

Tamaki “I feel like drinking tea and relieve myself. You girls wanna join?”

Both “Okay!”

I’m still running…

I ran to Konomi’s house to see if she’s there.

Konomi’s mother greeted me. She says that Konomi went away to walk Genjimaru.

I said thanks to her and ran again, trying to find Konomi anywhere…


Well I was about to give up when…

There she is.

“What will I do?”
“Nee, what do you think Genjimaru?”
“I got refused by Taka-kun again…”
“Konomi is just like a sister, he said…”
“Genjimaru, what can I do?”

Genjimaru “~~~” (a bit of a sad howl)

“Thank you.”
“You’re kind, Genjimaru.”
“But… it’s okay.”
“Being like a sister means we can still be together, that’s why, it’s okay.”
“I would not like it more if I couldn’t be with Taka-kun anymore.”

Genjimaru “~~~” (a bit of a hopeful howl)

“Taka-kun, did he eat the ice cream?”
“Me leaving just like that, is he angry?”
“But, since it’s Taka-kun, if I say sorry he’ll forgive me right?”
“What is not good?”
“Me being uncute is not good?”
“Is it me eating too much?”
“Is it wrong to be taller than before?”
“But, Taka-kun seems to like girls with bigger chests…”
“But, Konomi too, I have grown you know…”
“Just a little bit though.”
“Drinking milk, eating healthy food, so that I can’t lose with Tama-oneechan…”

Genjimaru “~~~” (a bit of an agreeing howl)

“If I would be like Tama-oneechan, would Taka-kun take notice of me?”

Genjimaru “~~~” (a bit of a questioning howl)

“eh.. hehe… I sound like an idiot isn’t it?”
“I knew I couldn’t be like Tama-oneechan at all.”
“Besides, even if I do, I still would not know what to do.”

Genjimaru “~~~” (a bit of a sad howl)

“No… I knew I couldn’t.”
“I couldn’t think of not having Taka-kun with me.”
“Is being cute not enough for Taka-kun?”
“Always being cute is not good?”
“I love Taka-kun.”
“I’m helplessly in love with him.”

Yuji “Well, believing on me or not depends on you. Just don’t regret later.”

“Why did I feel like this…”
“It wasn’t like this before.”
“I know I like Taka-kun a lot back then…”
“But, this troubling feeling in my heart wasn’t there before.”
“It hurts, my heart hurts…”

Genjimaru “~~~” (a bit of a sad howl)

“It’s okay…”
“It’s okay, it can still go on like before.”
“Like before, I can still be Taka-kun’s childhood friend…”

Genjimaru “?”

Genjimaru seems to notice me listening to Konomi!

“T… Taka-kun?”
“You… heard?”
“That was, that was wrong…”
“That was all a lie!”
“It’s a joke!”

I try to explain…

“I don’t want to hear!”
“I don’t want to hear!”
“Konomi is Konomi”
“I’m the Konomi who’s always together with Taka-kun.”
“That’s why… from now on, we’ll still be together right?”
“It’s okay to be together right?”

She makes a run for it, so I chase her. Genjimaru runs along.

I remember a scene where a child Konomi is trying to keep up with me…

I think she ran so fast, I am unable to keep up. I slipped and fell.

“Taka-kun, are you okay?”
“Are you hurt anywhere?”

Flash back.

“Wait… waaaaaiiiitt!!!!”

Why are you crying?

“Taka-kun runs so fast…”

I’m gonna leave you now…

“Nooo! Don’t leave me!!!” Crying.

After a while, I came back and held her hand.


“Are you alright?”

By this point…

CONFESSION! (Honestly, I don’t know how this goes, just assume that Takaki already said “I love you Konomi” ok?)

Why are you surprised?
“Eh… but… it’s not like that.”
“But… why?”
“That… but Taka-kun. You said I’m just a childhood friend…”
That was back then.
“Back then?”
But now it’s different.
“B-B-B-but! I have small chest…” (!)
I don’t care about that. (is Takaki lolicon?)
“I was really happy, that you came for me…”
“Back then, when we were kids, when I was about to cry, you were always there holding my hand.”
“That’s why I thought you will come for me again.”

“Taka-kun, from now on, can I be by your side always?”
Of course.
“As a childhood friend?”
Not anymore.

Konomi seems very, very happy!

“What will I do? I’m so happy, I don’t know what I am doing anymore!”

(By this point, Konomi and Takaki should be officially boyfriend-girlfriend)

“Genjimaru, let’s go home.”
“Thank you, Genjimaru.”

Genjimaru “~~~” (a bit of a happy howl)

Why were you thanking Genjimaru?

“Genjimaru was quite worried about me.”

Genjimaru huffs…

“After this, I should meet everyone again…”

“Taka-kun… I… I always have been…”



“Good morning Taka-kun!”

I think she’s cooking for me again. You shouldn’t be doing this for me too much.

“I’m fine, we’re lovers already anyway…”

“I’m almost done with this, so just wait ok?”

Apparently Konomi is noticing and doing a lot of service to me.

You really shouldn’t do this.

“It’s okay, as I said we’re lovers already.”

For this, I should give you a prize.

“A prize?”

“So if I do my best I get a prize?”

Well, this is the prize…

This is getting too long, we’re gonna get late.

“Nope, it’s still okay.”

“Besides, I want to feel your energy charging me…”

I wanna stop this…

“Hmph~ Just around 5%. I need 120%…”

Maybe let’s take a nap a bit this way…

“Ok, let’s do. Konomi’s energy comes from liking you so much!”

After a nap… apparently… some trouble… we’re gonna get late!

“Uh… un?”

She’s still groggy…

“Captain… I still need energy? Is there any more?”

“Sorry everyone… Konomi will be leaving with Taka-kun…”

What the heck is she day-dreaming about?


To Heart 2: April 27

By bluemist on April 27th, 2004


(After class)
After a long while, I see Tamaki again.

Yuji “Hot~~~~”
We have our polo unbuttoned a bit because of the hot weather.

Tamaki says to button it up for a decent look and just survive the heat.

Konomi suggests to eat ice cream.

Konomi “With this hot weather ice cream’s the best.”

Yuji “Ooh, Konomi said something nice!”

Tamaki “Right, my mouth seems to be dry too…”

Konomi “Decided?”

Konomi “Then, let’s hurry!”

Tamaki says that she will buy and the rest of us wait at the bench. Tamaki asks what ice cream to buy for us.

Tamaki suggests something that Yuji seems to like.

Yuji “How did you know I like that?”

Tamaki “Am I not your elder sister to not know that?”

Yuji seems to have a bad feeling about that, so he tries to pick another flavor instead.

Tamaki “Konomi, what do you like?”

Konomi “I’ll go with you, it will be hard to carry all of it. Anyway, I also have a point card” (for discounts perhaps)

Tamaki “Thanks, that helps, Yuji, decided?”

Yuji seems undecided, so he’ll join to buy too.

Before buying, Tamaki talks to me.

Tamaki “Taka-bou… you and Konomi…”

Chie “Huh? Isn’t that sempai and the others?”

Chie and Michiru are back.

Chie “Anyway, is Konomi not with you?”

She is, she’s just inside buying.

Chie “Hey, are you already very close to Konomi?”

It’s not like that.

Chie “That again, you have been sharing a bed lately, saying that again is not very encouraging.”

She is talking about the sleepover events.

This may have been some conversation to force me to say how I feel about Konomi. Thinking that Konomi is still inside, I think I answer them along the lines of. “She is no more than a childhood friend to me, or just like a sister.” It is just a half-hearted reaction because I am talking to her friends, and I’m still trying to hide my true feelings towards Konomi.

“She is no more than just a sister to me!”

Unknown to me… Konomi overhears everything.

Konomi “Um… er… I bought it… here…. Taka-kun”

She’s feeling really nervous now.

She may have dropped my ice cream while giving it to me.

“Sorry Taka-kun…”

“If you want, you can take mine…”

“It’s okay, just eat it Taka-kun…”

“Ah! Charu, Yochie, you came!”

Chie “Eh… hi! Been a while…”

They are also nervous too.

Konomi is slowly breaking down.

Michiru “Konomi…”

Konomi “Um… sorry… I’ll go home ahead!”

I try to follow her, but Tamaki stops me.

Tamaki “What will you do when you follow her?”

“Because you said something like that, Konomi is hurt.”

I tell her that I’m afraid to break our current relationship as childhood friends.

“Are you that afraid?”

“Are you afraid to break what you are to each other right now?”

“But the truth is you already know, that girl, what you are to her.”

How would you know Konomi’s feelings?

“How many years do you think I’ve already treated Konomi like a sister?”

“Surely, Konomi is the same.”

“Even if she realizes her true feelings, she is scared to break the current relationship… and hides it.”


Konomi “I was really troubled whether you hate me or not…”
“I haven’t changed ok?”
“I, will stay as me (Konomi), I will not change anything…”

Tamaki “That’s why, Taka-bou, for her sake, answer her feelings.”

“This is my order… no… my request.”

“I will still be her sister. Whenever my sister is troubled, I will never let it past.”

“Let me hear properly. To you, who is Konomi?”

“Just a childhood friend?”


“Don’t think too much. It is after all obvious that you really care for Konomi.”

“The important thing is, Konomi, as a girl, will have all her questions answered.”


I see her as a girl.

I see her as just a childhood friend.

(So then, which will Takaki choose? This final choice now leads to different endings, and so click on one of them to see the result of each choice.)

To Heart 2: April 26

By bluemist on April 26th, 2004

Konomi picks me up again.

(After class)
We walk home together.

She seems to be troubled with some kind of practice. (I’m not sure what it is about, possibly some studies, or a cultural festival performance, or something for Golden Week.)

I agree to help her practice.

“So, when are you free? Today? Tomorrow? Anytime is ok.”

“Taka-kun, you’re great!”

“Taka-kun… you know…”
“It’s nothing…” (confession trial #2)

To Heart 2: April 25

By bluemist on April 25th, 2004

This entire Sunday has passed, with Konomi still in the house.

Konomi leaves at night. I walk her home.



“Ah… um…”
“It’s nothing…” (confession trial #1)

“So then, goodnight.”

To Heart 2 Review (Part 6)

By bluemist on April 24th, 2004

Review Coverage: April 18 to 24

Finally, some plot! Yuji at last became a role player by being second conscience to Takaki. And because of his hard-hitting words, Takaki is slowly realizing that Konomi isn’t quite the girl she used to know. Slowly, their relationship is gonna change. Will it finally be romance? Or just plain childhood friends? This is not yet the final week, but we can see the Takaki and Konomi relationship step up a notch higher. The second sleepover by Konomi isn’t the same as before anymore because of this. Things are going to get finally exciting… read on!

April 18
Takaki all by himself again.

April 19
Konomi says that she has just made some close friends in class. Her two new friends seem to like drawing, and so they also invite Konomi for a manga festival this coming Golden Week.

During a break, Takaki and Yuji step outside, and they see Konomi along with her two new friends. Yuji finally played matchmaker, and aims to let Takaki realize his feelings for Konomi. Yuji asks if Takaki likes Konomi, not as a childhood friend, but as a girl and a potential romantic partner. Yuji believes that Konomi likes Takaki, and it seems that both are afraid to say it to each other because it may break their childhood friend relationship. Yuji says that sure they are indeed childhood friends, but having Konomi cook bento meals for Takaki, walk with him everyday, and even sleep over in the house, it doesn’t seem like Konomi wants to be just childhood friends with Takaki. Takaki remains stubborn throughout the whole conversation, and so Yuji gives up, and says “Well, believing on me or not depends on you. Just don’t regret later.”

After the heavy conversation, Konomi approaches Takaki. Konomi asked what is wrong with him, while he is feeling embarrassed the conversation was about Konomi. Konomi leaves and goes to her new friends, who is apparently gossiping with each other about Konomi and Takaki.

April 20
Tamaki tries to quiz the boys about where she went. Konomi says that Tamaki is blooming these days, and looks particularly beautiful. The boys remain clueless about it.

Konomi seems to have a problem with her studies, so Takaki agreed to help her a bit. This made her happy, so much that she would treat Takaki to a special dish. So they go to Konomi’s house and eat. While at Konomi’s house, Takaki remembers his conversation with Yuji. By this time Takaki should have been slowly realizing that he has feelings for Konomi. He is starting to be careful about her.

April 21
Konomi and Takaki play a word game called shiritori in the morning. After class, Takaki meets Konomi. Konomi expected them to go home together, but Takaki says he still has business to attend to, so Konomi goes on ahead. Takaki seems to start to avoid going home with Konomi.

April 22
Takaki goes to Konomi’s house too early. Her mother says that she’s still asleep, and so Takaki goes on ahead. Along the way, Konomi catches up to him, and is quite upset. After class, Manaka announces that they are supposed to talk about the upcoming exposure trip. Takaki uses this as an excuse to avoid going home with Konomi again, and so he informs her. Konomi looks upset. That night, when Takaki is about to go home, Konomi appears. Apparently she didn’t go home early too, so they went home together.

April 23
After class, Takaki is set to go home alone, but Konomi appears. She is upset now, and asks is Takaki is avoiding her lately. Takaki defends with an incomplete answer.

April 24
Konomi appears in Takaki’s house to pick him up, maybe because she thinks that she will not be picked up at her home. Outside, they actually meet her mother, who is in a hurry to go on a business trip with her father. They will be out for this day, and so Konomi’s mother asks Takaki to let Konomi sleep on his home again. Takaki agrees, but after Konomi’s mother left, he is showing apprehension. With all his avoiding Konomi lately, this is a most troubling event.

At Takaki’s home, Konomi cooks their dinner, and prepares their baths. After that, Takaki wants to sleep ahead, and so he goes into his room. Again this upsets Konomi, so after a while, Konomi goes to his room and asks directly, “Taka-kun, are you angry with me?” Konomi says that lately Takaki has changed, seems distant to her, and she wonders if there is something that she did that he is angry about. She’s visibly worried about it. But Takaki finally answers that it is not like that. Konomi is relieved a bit. Konomi says that she will not change, she will stay as herself, the childhood friend of Takaki.

There we go! Some heavy events finally happen! You can notice that Tamaki isn’t appearing too much lately, and so Yuji can do his role as Takaki’s second conscience. Yuji’s goal is to make Takaki realize his feelings for Konomi, and I think he succeeded a bit. Takaki started to be shy around Konomi, trying to avoid her. In effect Konomi gets upset, and worries if she did something wrong towards him. In the end, Takaki remains kind to Konomi, and she is relieved a bit.

Konomi may have said that she will never change, but that’s probably because she doesn’t want Takaki to desert her. But in fact she is striving for more. As Yuji said, she makes meals for Takaki, walking to and from school with him, even sleeping over for the second time. By this time it has been made clear that Konomi really likes Takaki a lot. But, as Yuji had said, both parties may be afraid to go to the next level in their relationship, partly because they don’t know what they really mean to each other.

I think this will be the main thread of Konomi’s scenario in To Heart 2. We will see in the final week what kind of events would happen that will lead to Konomi and Takaki finally realizing their feelings for each other, and finally showing that feeling to each other. Stay tuned! We’re almost there!

To Heart 2: April 24

By bluemist on April 24th, 2004

Now Konomi picked me up in my home.


Konomi’s mother also arrives.

Mom “Your father called up you know…”

Apparently Konomi’s mother will go with her husband for some business I’m not sure of.

Mom “This time it’s Okinawa.”

Konomi “Eeehhh? Iina…” (envious)

Her mom promised to buy some souvenirs or food.

Mom “Taka-kun, could you take care of Konomi for me just like always?”

Konomi’s mother is in a hurry to leave, so more last-minute reminders to Konomi, then she goes.

Konomi “Taka-kun? What’s wrong?”

“Could it be… it’s troubling you?”

(Unlike the last stay-over in Takaki’s house, Takaki is now showing apprehension.)

(After class)
I seem to be acting annoyed again. My eyes wander about whenever I’m with Konomi. (It’s really troubling to be in love)

Looks like Konomi’s gonna cook for me again.

Konomi asked me to sit for a while she cooks.

Here she is again in some cooking trouble.

“I’m alright over here.”

“How about it?”



“Ehee~~ I practiced by helping my mom on the cooking you know.”

She asked me to just watch TV while she cleans up the utensils.

This time, the bath.

“Taka-kun, the bath is ready. You go first.”


“How’s the water?”

Okay I guess.

“I see, thank goodness.”

“Okay, I’ll go take a bath.”

“HEH!” She screams inside the toilet.

I seem to tell her that I’ll go ahead and sleep now.

“Oh, okay, goodnight.” (avoiding her again)

After shutting my eye for a while… Konomi enters my room.

“Taka-kun? Already asleep?”
“Hey, Taka-kun?”

She shrugs me awake.

“I bought new pajamas… Tama-oneechan was the one who picked though, ehee~~ does it look good?”
“I guess, it doesn’t look good after all?”

Well she’s asking me, but I seem to be annoyed and want to sleep.

“Taka-kun, are you angry with me?”

“Did I do something to hurt you?”


“But, but Taka-kun, you act weird lately…”
“You don’t seem to talk to me often, and you ignore me.”
“Even today, your eyes wander around…”
“Even right now…”
“Taka-kun, do you hate me?”

It’s not like that.

“But… then why?”
“What can I do?”
“What can I do to bring back the usual you?”
“I don’t know.”
“I don’t know what to do.”

I seem to give a heartfelt explanation. (well, not yet the love part)

“Thank goodness, I was really troubled whether you hate me or not…”
“I haven’t changed ok?”
“I, will stay as me (Konomi), I will not change anything…”
“I haven’t gotten too tall, I’m still not as strong, I haven’t changed.”
“From now, I will stay as me. The me who’s always with Taka-kun…”

Okay, so she says she will sleep now.

But first…

“EEYA!!” Konomi shrugs me big time.

An embrace? Or maybe in same bed… (not sure…)

“Taka-kun, you’re warm…”

“Very warm…”