To Heart 2: April 23

By bluemist on April 23rd, 2004

Meet with Yuji. Some miscellaneous talk again.

(Note that for the past few days, Takaki is deliberately avoiding Konomi)

“You didn’t wait for me…”

“Taka-kun, are you avoiding me lately…”

Anyway I try to explain it’s not like that. Konomi feels a bit of relief in that.

To Heart 2: April 22

By bluemist on April 22nd, 2004

(Konomi’s house)
Konomi’s mother reacts on how early I am in picking Konomi up.

“Well she’s still asleep, I’ll wake her up.”

I told Konomi’s mom not to.

Konomi caught up.

She’s quite upset.

I seem to tickle her hair or something.

“It tickles…” (hmm… slowly showing physical affection?)

(After class)
Manaka announces that the class will have to discuss about the exposure trip, so after clubs we must go back to the classroom.

Mixed reactions from the class. Yuji says he has a part-time job to do.

I tell Konomi that I’m gonna be late again because of the exposure trip meeting.

“Okay, I’ll go home already…”

She seems upset…

On the way out of school… Konomi is there! Why?

She also seemed to do something in school, and it got late.

“It’s already dark, and it seems scary to go home alone…”

Okay, let’s go home together…

To Heart 2: April 21

By bluemist on April 21st, 2004

We seem to be playing shiritori, a Japanese word game in which the players take turns continuing a pattern of saying a word which begins with the last syllable of the previous word.

“Wa… watarigani”

Apparently I always say words that end with wa, so she is always required to say a word which begins with wa.

“Wa? Wa… wahabi”

“Waraji… waitashi… wai -janakute” (having a hard time)

“You always end with wa… unfair…”

(After class)
Meet with Konomi.

I seem to still have some business to attend to, so Konomi leaves alone.

This business… seems to be about the exposure trip. (But something tells me that Takaki is slowly trying to avoid going home with Konomi)

To Heart 2: April 20

By bluemist on April 20th, 2004

Konomi reacts on how Tamaki looks beautiful today.

We boys don’t understand.

Tamaki “Then, a question to Taka-bou. I went somewhere yesterday. Where did you think I went?”

I don’t get it. (Probably an onsen)

“It’ll be over soon ok?”

I agreed to wait for Konomi again.

“Sorry, I was thinking about my studies…”

She seems to be in a slump.

“Taka-kun, please help me.”



“Yatta! Arigatou!”


“As thanks, I’m gonna treat you to a totomiya no casterra… (that unknown food again)”

“It’s really delicious.”

(Konomi’s house)
“Wait for me ok?”

“Wait 10 minutes… um no… 30 minutes”

Why so long? And so I agreed to go home first.

Afterwards, I go back to Konomi’s house…

We sit at the table, she offers me the totomiya no casterra.

She forgot something, so she left me alone for a while.

Suddenly I remember the conversation with Yuji yesterday. (I guess this is it, Takaki will start to realize how close Konomi is to him.)

After eating the food…

I remember Yuji again.

Yuji “Well, believing on me or not depends on you. Just don’t regret later.”

To Heart 2: April 19

By bluemist on April 19th, 2004

Konomi seems to have made some new friends in her class.

Some mention of Golden Week. (Golden Week is from April 29 to May 5)

She seems to be invited by the friends as part of… manga matsuri? (Manga Festival?)

Yuji and I look at Konomi and her new friends.

“That chibi-suke, seems to have changed a lot lately…”

I seem to not agree, Konomi is the same.

“You’re so slow.”

“She’s more a girl now than before. A lot cuter too. I could never even have dreamed it.”

“What do you think of Konomi?”

I answer bullishly again, saying I’m not interested.

“You might be saying that now, but what if Konomi gets a boyfriend already?”

“Isn’t it about time you up your relationship to be more than just childhood friends?”

Are you serious?

“I’m always serious.”

“Actually, it seems that someone in her class may have taken a liking of her.”

I seem to be a bit disturbed, but still not interested.

“Well, the guy doesn’t seem to be serious in saying that.”

“But, if you continue to be like that, if you realize that you are serious about her later than expected, she will turn you down.”

We’re just childhood friends, and I think Konomi thinks that way too.

“Are you serious? I thought you are just slow, but this is a turn for the worse.”

“Sure you are just childhood friends, but having your so-called childhood friend walk with you every morning, cook you bento meals… And she’s in this school too, but that seems normal enough.”

“I’ll say this to you, I could say that I’m also childhood friends with Konomi. Even so, I don’t remember walking with her alone in the mornings, nor cook me bento meals.”

“And I can’t even imagine having her coming to my house, or even her sleeping over with matching pajamas in our futon whenever her mother is going away…”

“Do you understand?”

“But if, Konomi herself doesn’t realize her own feelings, you must be a really good match.” (in not realizing one’s own feelings part)

“Well, believing on me or not depends on you. Just don’t regret later.”

Konomi sees me.

Konomi tells me about her friends.

“What were you talking with Yuu-kun anyway?”

I seem to be blushing, because it’s about Konomi after all. I try to escape the conversation.

“You’re face is red, anything wrong?”

This is nothing.

“But look…”

“You seem hot…”

I think she’s either touching my forehead with her hands… or with her own forehead. (the usual bishoujo way)

Konomi’s friends call her out.

Yuji seems to be surprised with what happened.

Konomi comes back to her friends.

I overhear:

Friend 1 “Hey hey, that person…”

Friend 1 “Maybe…”

Friend 2 “Ehh? That means…”

To Heart 2: April 18

By bluemist on April 18th, 2004

(Only Takaki talking to himself again. Sundays are boring.)