The only animu April Fools roundup you’ll ever need

By bluemist on April 1st, 2013

Hello there.

It seems like I don’t have a great idea for an April Fools post this year, and I have health and typing issues, so might as well make a roundup. As we all know, the internets will be blowing up with massive trollings and stuff like that, so at least for the animu-related side, let me just highlight some of the good stuff that’s happening today.

Remember: Be safe, be sound, be secure. Don’t be fooled today.

Love Love Live! Announced
YES SEQUEL! Sadly it’s a joke.

Oreimo monorail
This is one fake that you wished were real, and actually feasible considering all the itadenshas that I’ve seen over the years.

Irrational Games announces they’re making a bishoujo game

Reminds me I haven’t played Bioshock Infinite yet.

Da Capo III Announced!
Oh man this is the massive trolling if I ever saw one. If I know better, and I do know because I know a Japanese person who worked at Circus for a while with Princess Party, this DCIII joke is so massive that they’ve made an actual demo of the game and an anime PV short, and if ever the clamor of the fans would go into fever pitch, they have a so-called “emergency budget” to actually build and ship the darned things. The only reason why they’re just making this as a joke is because some fans don’t like the idea of a grown-up Sakura.

Railgun Sequel to be actually renamed to A Certain Scientific Datacenter
Fake because there will never be a sequel to Railgun.

Apple iMat announced
Snuck this in because imagine the apps.

Microsoft XBOX 720 Infinity Announced

Key/Visual Arts filed bankruptcy
I blame J.C. Staff. This is the end of bishoujo gaming as we know it, as one of the great pillars is about to close shop. Thanks for all the memories and lots of crying girls in snow, spring, summer and fall.

ghostlightning says he’s returning to blogging

Welcome back WRLOLOLOL! This is awesome if only it were true. Thanks for the chuckle. But seriously man.

Where is shinn87?
Not sure, but he apparently texted me and said that I died in another dimension. This is obviously fake, because I know the real shinn can troll better than this.

Random Curiosity’s Fake Spring 2013 Anime List
Don’t believe any of the new anime in the list. It will never happen. I am disappoint with that blog. This is the real chart down below.

Update: on shinn87

Apparently he already saved the me in the other dimension. Riiiiight.

Seven-Year Anniversary!

By bluemist on April 30th, 2012


Seven years. It feels like eternity.

Once again, I’d like to thank you all for yet another successful year. Though comparably dead as opposed to many others, rest assured that this blog will stay the course. I actually blogged more comparably over the year compared to years before. PROGRESS.

Again, thank you to all readers, commenters and fellow bloggers. As usual you can catch me on the social networks. Also, please support the community and go vote in the Aniblog Tourney. Feel free to vote for me/this blog and also all others.

Until next time!

Introducing: Animeme Originals

By bluemist on April 27th, 2012

I used to have something called the Animeme project, which didn’t actually take off because of my lack of time. The point of it was to highlight the memes that I ran into and liked, but because it was manual labor and hard to maintain, I stopped updating those post series after a while. Meanwhile, I kinda like doing picture memes of my own, and I have shared some of those on my aniblog social networks.

So I’m introducing the Animeme Originals page here, which contains a picture gallery of all the meme pics I had done on my own. Some of it might be familiar to you (the Windows 8 Kyubey BSOD was I think the most popular… and funny), others just went past your speedy timelines, and so I had collected a few of them for your viewing pleasure. It’s not that many, and some maybe not that amusing, but hopefully it would tickle your fancy for a bit. Whenever I do those meme stuff again, I’ll post them on the social networks first then upload it here.

So without further introduction, here is my Animeme Originals page. Enjoy your stay.

The secret of bluemist anime blog

By bluemist on April 1st, 2012

Hello there.

tsundere meganekko
There is something I’d like you to know. I am bluemist’s ex-boyfriend… at least, I’d like to think so.
Wait… before you confuse yourself, bluemist is not gay. bluemist was actually a girl. She was the original. I’m terribly sorry for hiding this all along, although I’d expect the current readers of this blog wouldn’t have caught her from years ago. She did this anime blog for two years (May 2005-Aug 2007) This site was actually a team blog for a bit. We were sharing this space. She was the “tsundere meganekko”.
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Six-Year Anniversary!

By bluemist on April 30th, 2011

Fun fun fun fun fun looking forward to the next year!

I just refuse to kill this blog eh?

I would like to thank you readers for still coming in no matter how rare the updates may come in this place. The stats still bump a couple of hundred hits each time something gets posted. I’m still in busy-land, although I’m still active in the microblogging and GRSI segments, and sometimes by blog comments. I can still share the fandom somehow. I think maybe for a forced project of mine I should finally change the blog layout. Some stuff is completely broken here last time I checked (categories don’t work, etc.)

In any case, as long as they keep making anime, games, vocaloid, memes, or whatever quality stuff this visual culture might bring, I would still be here. May this never end.

Thank you.

Five-Year Anniversary!

By bluemist on April 30th, 2010

LOL… I am still blogging?

(Assuming anyone is still wondering) In any case, I would like to congratulate myself for the fifth anniversary of this idle, inactive, but still-alive anime blog. I am typing this right now at the office at night just when my bosses are not around. Seriously, real life is a busy. And so about whether I could still blog moar or not, I would leave it up to time to decide. I’m still (barely) alive at Twitter and GRSI, so please do give me a holler if you (think I) feel lonely.

(Assuming anyone is still interested) Beyond my non-existence so far this year, I guess I still somehow have anime as a staple of my hobby diet. This season I have my K-ON, Maid-sama, and Angel Beats, along with FMA which will awesomely end very soon. Also as usual I have my current Vocaloid obsession sickness, in which I frequent the Vocaloid Weekly Rankings in search for any new good Hatsune Miku music, or Gumi, or others. No eroge or any visual novels being played, because MW2 is currently eating up almost all of my game time, and heck all other free time. Oh gawd, with the upcoming DLC I’m probably gonna fall further off the face of the internets.

(Assuming anyone still cares) Thank you for the support so far. I know so many of you don’t read me anymore, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. Nope, I’m STILL not quitting, despite the relative inactivity of my blogging. I should never lose to myself, no matter how demanding real life can be. Besides, the distinction of real life and… fandom/animu/otaku life or (whatever you call it) should not be a distinction at all. It is all a part of me.

Someday, I shall return in true form and with a greater passion…

I hope.

Thank you.