Merry Christmas!

By bluemist on December 25th, 2006

Just dropped by to greet you Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

Kinda cold out here in Japan. They don’t seem to treasure this holiday much. I miss home.

Time to go back to sleep.

Gaming 2006: Episode 3

By bluemist on December 4th, 2006

Today I talk about the not-so-recent Tokyo Game Show 2006 and the recent Nintendo World 2006 conventions I visited.
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Gaming 2006: Episode 2

By bluemist on November 11th, 2006

The war begins.
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Impulse Buying

By bluemist on October 8th, 2006

As you probably know, I’m in Japan. So when I’m in Japan, I want to buy something… anything. But I’m poor. But still, I just can’t resist. So I save some money by not eating sometimes. I lost a lot of weight actually. Don’t worry, I’m joking on the not eating part… I’m not that hardcore…

I have this rather impossible sickness called “impulse buying”, where I buy something I probably won’t even need or treasure later on, but still buy just for the heck of it. If there were a way to resell these stuff to you, my readers, I would gladly, but shipping charges are not cheap. So basically, I’m stuck with these items myself, and someday, it will be JUNK. Yes, TRASH.

Most impulse buys I have ain’t related to anime at all, so I won’t mention some. And of course, I won’t tend to buy too much anime stuff, because I don’t have a hikkomori or otaku room.

This post is a collective of all the “impulse buys” I made during the entirety of my stay here in Japan. Of course, this will update as time progresses, so check it out sometime.

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Gaming 2006: Episode 1

By bluemist on September 21st, 2006

Before I became an anime fan, I was first and foremost a gamer.
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bluemist in japan

By bluemist on September 1st, 2006

Surprise surprise… an update!

I think that since my last update the community of bloggers and viewers got bigger, so first I would like to say hello to all of you. I’m currently in Japan, and I would say that I’m slowly getting the hang of it… not. I really want to learn the language but real conversation is sometimes hard to understand. Indeed shows/movies/games is oversimplified in terms of dialogue. I’d better strut my stuff to up my 5% understanding.

Anyway, I’m a bit out of touch over here. As expected, Japanese life is a busy one. I only watch four series (NHK, School Rumble, Nana, Ouran), and I catch most of them on live TV. Makes me drowsy on mornings because they’re all late-night. Plus, despite semi-popular belief, anime stuff is really not that mainstream. The Densha Otoko fad seems to be over, and all I see here is those freaking annoying boybands. However, Akihabara (the popular electronics district) seems to remain the otaku mecca, with blatant bishoujo posters all around, maid cosplays, and crazy foreigners admiring them. Everywhere else… seemed to look like my hometown, except cleaner, less English, and with more unreadable Kanji. Expensive too.

So next week expect a post about ganguro in Shibuya, the Futako-tamagawa picnic spot, and how KAT-TUN is threatening SMAP in terms of TV popularity.

Seriously though, skimming the surface of various aspects of this culture is becoming quite interesting, that too much anime seems like a waste of time. I can get all the stuff I wanted back home anyway, and so I should make the best out of the remaining time I have over here by doing something else.

Oh no, will this mean that this blog is in limbo? Will you really start seeing some j-pop and gravure idols instead of bishoujo? Or will I just post once a month? Still dunno, time may tell.

First and foremost though, I should have a stable connection next week, so I’ll be able to stalk the internets again, and hopefully participate in some nice dorama. Kudos to all sides of that issue btw for peaceful resolution. And, yes… Da Capo II scenarios will return! I just finished Anzu, you’ll see her soon. Doremi? I think I’ll need a format change in that project, it was taking too much time. The CCS project would probably be dead, sorry.

Secondly, the site is horribly out of date. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with my outdated Blogroll, apologies to all not in there, but rest assured I see your site through our anime aggregators. Thanks for linking me even if I don’t link you. Layout seems to be ever the same bleh, I should change the banner someday.

Finally, if there’s anything interesting about Japan ((inexpensive) places, events, stuff) that you would like to share, please give me a ring, and I hope to check it out. Right now I’m gearing up for the Tokyo Game Show. Wish me luck on the LONG LINES.

Well, that should be it for now. See you sometime.