By bluemist on March 31st, 2013


My hands are starting to deteriorate.

I’m going through a phase that is drastically endangering my usual way of life. I have a physical ailment in my arms or hands that I’m trying to heal by going through physical therapies. It’s been months, and multiple trips to the doctors, yet it remains. It’s affecting me personally and professionally. It’s hard, even trying to type this now. It’s exhausting, my hands feel different and they tire easily.

I still have a lot more ahead, yet I don’t realize the consequences of growing old until now. Maybe it’s too much video games. Maybe I’m too engaged in my work. In any case, it has lead to this, and I have no way to turn back time. There are now chains in my hands, and they are heavy. Everything I do with it – every word I type, every movement I make, seems now too important. I have to treasure every moment, because I don’t know when the next set of chains will come, and I wouldn’t know if I will have the strength to carry the burden.

I have to keep this short because I have to rest, but I hope, being the Easter season and all, that you would include me in your prayers. Rest assured though that I’ll never give up. I have to get through this. I have done, built, survived so much with these hands. I will get through this.

(But nope, this will not stop me from my April Fools post. Hopefully tomorrow.)


Posted By: Sabas On: March 31, 2013 At: 10:38 pm

Praying for you.

Posted By: Sasa On: April 01, 2013 At: 11:22 am

I am sorry to hear about your hands. You will get through this!

Posted By: bluemist On: April 01, 2013 At: 11:57 am

Thanks to both of you.