Counter-Strike NEO -White Memories-

By bluemist on June 19th, 2005

Counter-Strike NEO -White Memories-


In what seems to be a most unlikely hybrid in gaming, this project by Namco is a free flash visual novel with parts of first-person-shooter gameplay!

The story seems to pit you into the helm of a counter-terrorist soldier, along with a team trying to infiltrate this certain evil facility, as you battle against the remaining NEO soldiers. But you see the facility full of dead people. Along the way, you find this bloody mysterious girl who doesn’t seem to remember anything. And so you continually protect her from harm as you go on solving some mysteries and fighting some more NEO soldiers.

Basically, this is a one-path visual novel with annoying counter-strike fps gaming parts. Really, the fps parts are relatively easy, and doesn’t seem to be important at all. You’re just firing away at baddies. The visual novel parts, as usual, are fully in Japanese text, with only a few voice overs to boot, so I could only understand a bit of the story.

I know some group is editing the flash files so that they can translate this in English, I just don’t know where it is anymore. in any case, all flash files are free and are readily downloadable in the official site.

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature

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Posted By: bateau On: June 19, 2005 At: 6:55 pm

You didn’t mention it had Noto Mamiko as a Seiyuu! That’s required information.

Posted By: bluemist On: June 21, 2005 At: 8:18 pm

Whoa! That slipped out of my system! Shame on me (hehe), thanks for noting that.

Posted By: Andra On: September 08, 2005 At: 10:22 pm

Whats the name of the song thats playing during the ending credits and whose singing it?

Posted By: Pikachu_Fragger On: November 19, 2005 At: 4:30 pm

Omg, thank you bateau! You’ve confirmed what I thought to be true the minute I thought I heard Nodoka Miyazaki speak in White Memories. It’s been driving me nuts because her voice inflection changes a bit throughout the novel, and I wasn’t sure if it was her.

Posted By: Rikstah On: July 31, 2006 At: 10:39 pm

This flash is a promotional/side story for CS neo, an anime-ish version of counterstrike which was created in line with LEDzone, a more arcade-like PC cafe that Japanese associate with better. Apparently because PC gaming isn’t as big as console arcade gaming Namco created PC machines that look and feel more like Arcade machines. The annoying CS bits in this is just ‘replicating’ the gameplay of CS:NEO the real game.

Namco is creating a PC bang culture in Japan where it isn’t as popular thanks to anime style touches and futuristic themes replacing the traditional game premise in Counterstrike.