D.C. Onsen

By bluemist on July 12th, 2005


Do you miss Nemu and Sakura already?

D.C. Onsen is a separate fandisk bishoujo game, where the story seems to be about Suginami inviting Junichi and some girls for some onsen “fun”. This is really a rather short game, and no save/load are possible.

I think you could insert this sidestory around the early stages of the first season. In this game, Nemu doesn’t know about Moe yet. Moe is Mako’s elder sister. Also, the Nemu vs. Sakura fights are still comic and petty, unlike the dramatic stuff of the later episodes.

Well, what else can I say? All the stuff here are typical “onsen” stuff. You know, the baths, the eating, etc. Nemu and Sakura vying for Junichi’s attention especially at dinner time. Some rowdy stuff happen like the rock-paper-scissors strip game between Junichi and Nemu. Ooh…

What I like most (of course) is the Mako part. She gets surprised when she’s been seen window-shopping over those souvenirs. Junichi bought her one, which made her blush a bit. YAY!

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature

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Posted By: LIGHTDX On: February 03, 2011 At: 4:09 pm

Oh, You like Mako. I liker her too. In Da capo, After Nemu she was my favorite, even when i feel her like short her part. D.C Onsen seems really interesting i would like to see it myselft but i won’t understand anything if it is in japanes xD. Thank you very much for bring this to us.^^