Da Capo II: Episode 1

By bluemist on October 4th, 2007


– Why only 13 episodes?
– Gah, more Engrish from yozuca*
– Anzu didn’t get any OP lovin.
– Why is Minatsu a prominent figure in the OP? She was in the last scene.
– Yui Horie should have played Nanaka, the new eternal goddess of Da Capo II.
– They are not following the game from the get-go.
– Hooray for Koko fans!
– Another good song by CooRie.

I’m looking at the voice cast, and it seems like a strange mix-up. Only Sakura (yay Yukarin!) and Suginami reprised their role, and Yui Horie as Yume is a miscast for me.

And Yume looks like Nemu in this anime. This can’t be! Yume in-game is much cuter!

The worst part of it all this is that I “feel” DCSS vibes. That’s not a good thing. Its deviation from the original game though is quite interesting, it will keep me guessing. Maybe we would have a reverse-play or mix of Koko and Nanaka’s stories? How would they handle the other girls now that they’ve made a surprising Yoshiyuki-Koko connection? The 13-episode limit still worries me, and Minatsu’s prominence seems out of place. Da Capo II lives up to its name, a “da capo”, back to the start again folks.

We deserve to know the true stories in the game, and so I will “try” to play the game once again to finish Minatsu, Otome, Yume, and Da Capo (Sakura) scenarios. I hope Da Capo II doesn’t turn crappy because when it does I will lose interest. In any case, if you haven’t already, please do read up on three of those characters on this project page:


All-in-all, this is a somewhat average start. I’ll be keeping eye on this still though.


This is a Summer of Bishoujo 3 feature

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Posted By: FlameStrike On: October 08, 2007 At: 3:15 pm

Hm personally I was pretty disapointing because I’m a huge Nanaka fan. Are you going to posts a summary for the D.C II girl’s routes you play through? If so I can’t wait to see Otome’s.