Da Capo II: Episode 3

By bluemist on October 24th, 2007

This episode is supposed to be about Nanaka… but no, it’s still about Koko. Millions of Shirakawa fans scream in anguish unison.

This is a point where Yoshiyuki is admirable though. Rather than being an oh so generic male lead who can’t decide which girl to pick, Yoshiyuki “sticks to one girl” (for now). He isn’t easily swayed in romance, whether it be the annoying but cute robot or the legendary school idol of the century, or even his two cute sisters. I guess the “boyfriend failure” dialogue of Anzu did stick to him, and so he decided to know more about Koko by joining the band. If only this kind of situation persisted, we will really see Yoshiyuki X Koko all the way to the end of the series. Unfortunately, anime is not that forgiving to innocent lovers, especially with a dating-game based anime at that.

The animation quality is really annoying. They don’t animate the girls good enough. The worst victim is still Yume, my poor Yume. Minatsu is second-worst, and Otome and Nanaka’s isn’t as consistent either. Surprisingly, Koko is the best-drawn girl in the series so far, which is more of a solid hurrah for her growing fans. No really, I think her fandom is growing by this episode, because girl bass guitar players look cooler than stereotypical singing school idols. And yes I’m trying to instigate the Nanaka vs. Koko war. School idols are so 2003 (or 2002), girl band members are the wave of the future!

Seriously though, Da Capo II aside from the animation quality is getting better in terms of story. It sticks to the original game faithfully and at the same time gives me a cloud of uncertainty by establishing more of the Koko relationship. I’m betting 2 episodes MAX before she gets baked… and then there will be cake. Delicious and moist.


Posted By: meganeshounen On: October 24, 2007 At: 10:06 pm

Well, I guess thinking about the Nanaka-type storyline was just a dream. Or at least, from the looks of things?

Sadly… like you said, anime isn’t very forgiving to couples in the show. Well, here’s for Yume. :3

Posted By: Stripey On: October 25, 2007 At: 12:36 am

I guess in this sense, Yoshiyuki is very much like Junichi who stuck with Nemu in spite of Kotori’s powerful allure. 🙂

Posted By: Ronin On: October 25, 2007 At: 12:41 am

Hahaha, I see your point. Let’s just hope the drama kicks in when Koko bites the dust. 😉

Posted By: reekon On: October 25, 2007 At: 1:24 am

If Yoshi takes after his “father” with regards to “sticking in spite of”, then Koko wins.


Although to be realistic, every other girls’ chances keep on going down, the more episodes this Koko x Yoshi stays.

Oh well…I give up.

I’m okay with any girl now. So long as the story’s good. :-\

Posted By: Kefit On: October 25, 2007 At: 1:35 am

It seems that the DCII viewership is splitting into two camps now. The first are those who are wondering when Koko is going to be dumped so we can move on to the real story (which, presumably, involves Yoshiyuki getting with another girl). The second camp is thinking that maybe the writers actually do intend for Koko to go all the way, and will tell the other stories while keeping her relationship with Yoshiyuki intact.

I’m squarely in the second camp there. The osananajimis haven’t been getting enough love these past couple of years ;_;