Da Capo II: Maya Sawai

By bluemist on December 29th, 2008

She’s not my favorite character in this game, but I like Maya because she actually reminds me of one of my ____ in real life. Unnecessary tidbit aside though, let me just say that Maya is almost the same as many other iinchos (class representatives) in the anime or bishoujo world. She is a tsundere meganekko. Well she’s not exactly as snobbish or strict as an iincho usually is, but she still has the spunk and the strong character. Like any strong character though, there are some vulnerabilities inside, so let me show you what she has in store for us.

Disclaimer: Lacking Japanese will mean lack of story details. I expect that there will be a LOT of errors in the way I understood some events, because I rely only on the spoken dialogue. To the Japanese-literate game players who may have found this page, please do help me in case I have mistaken in understanding some parts of the story. Please do post a comment or contact me.

Da Capo II
Merry Christmas (December 16 – December 24) – events at the Christmas Party
The Winter Holidays (December 29 – January 2) – events during the New Year
Powdery Snow and Cherry Petal Fall (January 11 – onwards) – events during a new school term

Relevant Characters:
Yoshiyuki – Main guy.
Minatsu – The robot student. Quite close to Anzu.
Yuuto – Maya’s younger brother.
Ayako – Maya’s mother.
Maika – The school doctor.
Otome – Elder sister. Seems to harbor Nemu’s responsible side. Student Council President.
Yume – Younger sister. Classmate of Minatsu.
Suginami – Is he the same guy? Also part of the student council.
Wataru – Yoshiyuki’s friend. Yoshiyuki, Suginami and Wataru form an infamous weird trio at school.
Koko – Yoshiyuki’s childhood friend.
Nanaka – Koko’s best friend.
Akane – Koko’s friend. Has a very mild voice, and a big… heart.
Anzu – Koko’s friend. Loli know-it-all type. Koko, Akane and Anzu form a trio.
Sakura – School principal. Lives with Yoshiyuki.
Mayuki – Student Council vice president.
Erika – Transfer student and a student council official.
Myu – Name of a kind of robot.


Class Representative
Maya Sawai, resident class representative. She’s quite in control of her class, even with the three troublemakers around (namely, Yoshiyuki, Wataru and Suginami). Though she abides by school rules and stuff like that, she also has a semi-evil side that just wants to have fun. That is why she was easily persuaded to agree to a certain class event. The school is actually having a Christmas Party that is set up similar to a school festival, so each class will have a theme. They had been trying to vote between a puppet show and a haunted house, but one discussion turned to another… and so guess what? They will be having a Sexy Sushi Party (SSP)! Maya is enticed just because of the sushi of course. She seems to like sushi and knows how to prepare them.

One day, Yoshiyuki and Suginami were loitering around a hidden cave to find what seems to be a female robot. It was Minatsu sleeping in some sort of tube. Somehow she awakens by accident because of Yoshiyuki, and he got found out by Maika Mizukoshi, a doctor at school. One day, Yoshiyuki was summoned by Mizukoshi-sensei, and she asked for a favor to take care of Minatsu, and gave him some sort of instruction manual. Minatsu will enter the school as a transfer student. She’s quite antagonistic towards Yoshiyuki, but it can’t be helped. He’s one of the few people who knows Minatsu is a robot after all. Minatsu needs some sort of regular banana appetite to keep herself alive (or else her ‘bananamin’ alarm goes off), and Yoshiyuki seems to be up to the task.

Sexy Sushi Party Preparations
The SSP is actually a spinoff of a certain “Sexy Pajama Party” they already did before in a previous school festival, but some guys (Wataru) tried to suggest more costumes like lingerie, school swimsuits, etc. Of course, Maya is opposed to all those, and is already getting stressed out of the preparations. Yoshiyuki, being the kind person he is, often helps Maya in some instances. He was the one who delivered the party paperwork to Mayuki because “SSP is embarassing”. She really seems to be doing it for the sushi. He also carried some heavy stuff during their shopping. Yoshiyuki made a number of suggestions about the party. Maya even went to the Yoshino residence (where Yoshiyuki lives) to ask about SSP stuff. Mayuki and Erika were also there though, and so Yoshiyuki cooked his specialty curry. The three girls were surprised… Yoshiyuki was an awesome cook! Maya said that he’d make a great husband.

Christmas Party
The class discovered that Maya and her family actually have sushi for Christmas every year, and it’s rather unusual. That said, they praised how she prepares them. And so their Sexy Sushi Party was quite successful, with all the girls wearing their pajamas while catering to the customers. In the afternoon, Akane suggested to Yoshiyuki to take Maya around the Christmas Party. She’s really had the bulk of the work after all, and she deserves a little break. Hmm… it’s kinda like a date, but the two were still quite oblivious, but Maya wonders why she hangs around Yoshiyuki lately, and is not annoyed or anything.

The next day, surprise! Maya went to Yoshiyuki’s home and woke him up! She explained that it is just a time-shifting thing about the SSP and she can’t talk about it at school bla bla bla (deredere excuses). During the day, Anzu was scheming some stuff of her own, maybe to attract more customers to the SSP. Well, they actually made a secret VIP room… and… Swimsuit Sushi Party! Maya, being either semi-evil or very gullible… wore a school swimsuit! Nosebleed! Maya and Yoshiyuki were having a nice (“do you like it?”) conversation but then was cut short by Anzu. Umm… then cut even shorter when Otome arrived! In shock but still having a straight face, Otome banned the SSP from further operation during the party. Also, there will be a certain punishment for the entire class!

It was almost evening, and so Yoshiyuki waited for Maya after her scolding. He actually walked her home this time. Maya joked that Yoshiyuki being too kind towards her gives her an icky feeling. Suddenly, snow started to fall, and they enjoy the sights of the white Christmas.


Volunteer Work
Anzu and company met at a local restaurant. They were actually planning for a Ski Trip, but I guess it’s now cancelled. As punishment for the entire class because of their “sexy” party antics, they are set to do volunteer work instead! After that meeting, Yoshiyuki and Wataru bumped into Maya, and got introduced to her younger brother, Yuuto. They were shopping for food to cook because their mother is quite sick lately, and also Maya would be gone for about four days because of the volunteer thing. Yoshiyuki praised Maya for being very responsible. Maya likewise praised Yoshiyuki, saying that he sometimes cooks for Sakura and the Asakura sisters as well.

Day 1
The entire class will first take some morning lessons with Sakura as the teacher, and in the afternoon do volunteer work. In the evening, they will camp inside the school premises and sleep there. Sounds more like an excursion trip than punishment right? So for the first day, Sakura taught some difficult history stuff. After lunch, they were ordered to go around town for trash collecting. As usual, Maya and Yoshiyuki were together. Maya wonders why she’s with Yoshiyuki doing these stuff.

During the evening, the boys would clean the school premises, while the girls will cook the food for everyone. Yoshiyuki is a special case… he will cook as well! Again, Maya wonders why she’s with Yoshiyuki preparing the food. There’s nothing special about that statement though, she’s really just wondering… Anyway, again, she praised Yoshiyuki’s special curry. Koko really recommended his curry, having eaten it numerous times, while Maya boasted that anyone can make curry delicious anyway.

It’s sleeping time, and so Maya needs to wonder more, because Yoshiyuki’s sleeping mat is beside hers! Maya proceeded to sleep while the other girls played cards with Yoshiyuki and Suginami. She wasn’t able to sleep much that night.

Day 2
The next morning, Sakura went to teach Math, although it’s arguable that she don’t know much about that either. During lunch, Minatsu visited them and gave some snacks. Anzu and Minatsu are quite close to each other. Anzu even persuaded Minatsu to help around a bit in their volunteer work as well. For the afternoon, the class would try to clean up fallen sakura petals at the park! This one will be quite tiring. Minatsu joins Yoshiyuki and Maya in cleaning up. Maya exclaims that Minatsu is a good girl, doing this even if she’s not part of the class. Minatsu even treated both of them with some choco banana (well to avoid her bananamin alarm too).

For dinner, Yoshiyuki takes his cooking more seriously, somewhat being challenged by Maya’s previous statement “anyone can make curry delicious anyway”. Dubbed the “Yoshiyuki special” (feat. Akane), it was awesomely delicious. Minatsu even praised the cooking (not the person though). Maya wanted another serving, but during all the fuss Wataru ate all the extra food. Minatsu beats him crazy before going home herself.

Anzu and Suginami organized a special event for the evening, a test of courage (kimodameshi) thingie. A boy and girl pair will hold hands and walk throughout the school’s dark alleys and rooms. As usual, here we have Yoshiyuki and Maya as a pair. Maya was quite a scaredy cat here, constantly nagging Yoshiyuki to hurry up! After the event, Anzu teased how they’re holding on to each other all throughout. Maya (dere) insisted that it’s just the rules.

Day 3
It’s New Year’s Day! There will be no lessons this time, because for the whole day, the class will be helping out the local temple for its New Year festival. Otome was actually one of the priestess volunteers, so she assigned various tasks to each one in the class. Yoshiyuki was some kind of patrol roaming around the premises probably helping out. He went to Maya, who helps in the souvenir shop. She was quite busy though. After the volunteer work, the class went back to school and ate dinner prepared by Mayuki and Erika.

That night, Yoshiyuki was awakened by Maya talking to her brother Yuuto over the phone. Maya apologizes, but went on to talk with him about their families. With Maya’s father dead, her mother works hard for the family, but she’s quite sick lately. Maya is quite stressed about the situation. But then Yoshiyuki told about how he has no parents at all, and has to make do all by himself because Sakura isn’t at home often as well. Maya told him that he’s a bit different from the others, and she now understands why he’s quite popular.

Day 4
After a few miscellaneous stuff, Sakura bid the class farewell. The volunteer work is now over, and to celebrate, Anzu and company went to karaoke. He said he has plans with Otome and Yume back at home so he’ll not join in. Yoshiyuki met and talked with Maya and Sakura for a while, and then Maya’s brother Yuuto appeared… and wounded himself. Yoshiyuki accompanied Yuuto to the school clinic, and offers to walk the two of them home. Maya apologizes to Yoshiyuki because he’ll be late for his party back at home. Yuuto asked if they are lovers. Flag! Rapid denial from the two!


Yoshiyuki again helps Maya in a lot of errands. One day, he walked Maya home again, with Maya wondering why they’re always together recently. One day, Maya forgot her lunch, and by coincidence, Yoshiyuki has some extra because Sakura didn’t take it. Yoshiyuki offered the extra to Maya, but then Yuuto went to Maya’s school to bring the lunch, and so it turned into a mini-picnic. Akane and Anzu start to tease the couple, but they’re still avoiding the conversation. At another day, Maya went to school quite sick. She was advised to go home afterwards, but then she left an important document at school. Yoshiyuki then went to Maya’s house and delivered it. Yuuto was there and played with Yoshiyuki for a while. Yuuto, at a young age of five, understands the hardships that his mother and sister are having, with father gone.

Amusement Park
Yoshiyuki suggested that he take Yuuto and Maya to the amusement park to relax. It was snowing during the day they were supposed to go though, so Yoshiyuki just went to Maya’s house. There he was introduced to Maya’s mother, Ayako. The rest of the day was spent with Yuuto playing around.

The next day was fine though, so they set off to the Amusement Park. It seems that Yuuto had lots of fun, although he can’t go to many of the rides because he’s not tall enough yet. There was also supposed to be a parade that Maya really wanted to see, but then she worries about Yuuto so they didn’t go. Before they leave, Yoshiyuki suggested that next time she’ll take Maya alone to the park again to see the parade. Aha! Maya’s embarassed!

It is still far off, but Maya already wants to organize what they should do for the upcoming Graduation Party for the seniors. As usual, Yoshiyuki is there to be her official partner in organizing. And so they go out in sort-of “dates” together discussing and stuff. At some point, they touched on the issue of robots. Maya was seen slightly disgusted, saying that she doesn’t like robots. She immediately avoided that topic.

Maika asked Yoshiyuki for a big favor… she will be leaving town for a while so he should take care of Minatsu while she’s gone. This means that Minatsu will live with Yoshiyuki for a while (because he’s one of the few who knows Minatsu is a robot). And here we go, the first clear sign of affection from Maya… she opposed it! She doesn’t like the idea Minatsu alone with Yoshiyuki, and so she joins in and sleeps over! Sakura welcomes the two at their home. While the two are away, Yoshiyuki “winds up” Minatsu as stated in her user manual.

That night, Yoshiyuki sees Maya still awake. Maya wonders if Yoshiyuki thinks of her as a bad person, forcing herself to sleep over. She also asked if he likes Minatsu. Yoshiyuki was taken aback, but explained that there are reasons that he can’t, er… explain. Maya is clearly jealous about Minatsu, and so she finally confessed her feelings. She thinks about him all the time, and all the coincidences (wondering why she’s always with Yoshiyuki) makes her feel this way. Yoshiyuki assured that the one he likes isn’t Minatsu, but Maya. Maya asks if he’s just lying or forcing himself, and can’t believe it. She also mentioned an entire harem of girl friends around him (Anzu etc.), and said that his world is different from hers. Yoshiyuki says that she is part of his world now, and proves his love with a kiss.

“If Sakurai said so, isn’t it so?”
Well at first they were just teasing around, but then Akane and Anzu finally confronted Yoshiyuki and Maya about their relationship. The couple were forced to go to the rooftop with them. There, Akane and Anzu asked the magic question: are they already dating? This scene is very cute, with Maya telling the two to “ask Sakurai”. “Whatever Sakurai answers, it is the answer.” Yoshiyuki did answer yes, and lots of Maya-blushes ensue. So Akane made it clear… Maya is now Yoshiyuki’s girlfriend, and Yoshiyuki is now Maya’s boyfriend! Anzu says that as thanks for the confirmation, they will silently inform the class about it, so as to not make so much of a fuss about it. It’s embarassing to say that themselves to the whole class after all. Actually, the two did this for Koko’s sake, (Koko seems to be in love with Yoshiyuki for all the scenarios) although Yoshiyuki doesn’t realize that.

Cupid Minatsu
During dinner with Sakura, Minatsu and Maya, they touched on a topic about the three girls bathing together! Trying to get Minatsu out of the equation (the two shouldn’t discover that she’s a robot), Yoshiyuki may have said something weird, and the conversation led to Sakura and Minatsu finally knowing about the relationship. They noticed though that Yoshiyuki still calls Maya as “iincho”, and Maya calls Yoshiyuki as “Sakurai”. Yup, they are still not in a first-name basis. So they tried to make the two practice calling each other by first names!

Minatsu was particularly really happy for them, and so she proclaims herself as their “cupid”! The next night, with Sakura gone for long trip, Minatsu left the couple alone and went to Yume’s to sleep over! Yoshiyuki and Maya spend quality time together by talking about their lives. Yoshiyuki doesn’t have much to say, having no parents, but Maya suggested that Sakura may know some things about him. Maya remembers his father, it was really fun during those times. Also, before Yuuto was born, there was a sort-of helper in their home. Maya loved that person very much, and she used to call her “oneechan”.

Yoshiyuki wonders about that person, because lately he has been having dreams about it. In his dreams, he sees that indeed Maya loved her “sister”, and that the person promised that she won’t leave Maya’s side.

Maika finally came back to town. Yoshiyuki went to the clinic and talked with Maika and Minatsu about the situation. Yoshiyuki was quite relieved that Minatsu’s secret hasn’t been revealed, even with Maya staying home with him. But then, to their surprise, Maya was actually overhearing their conversation. She went inside, agitated and angry, asking to confirm what has been said. She ran away. Yoshiyuki realized that her hatred for robots is real. Yoshiyuki went to Maya’s home, but then she doesn’t want to talk to him right now.

The next day, Minatsu went back to Yoshiyuki’s home and talked about it. She knows that there are people who oppose to robots, and she doesn’t mind that reality. But Maya is a different issue, because she is a “friend”. Minatsu is learning the value of friendship. At some point, Maya knocked on the door, and so Minatsu hid.

“I thought that Yoshiyuki would understand…”
Maya wanted to report Minatsu to the school staff. She believes that it is unfair for a robot to be attending school. Yoshiyuki doesn’t agree to her though, so Maya explained her side. I hope I had interpreted this story right so please bear with me. Robots (the myu series) were getting a lot of flak in public. It seems to have the function of being capable of “love” and “loving people” in particular. You’d expect that there would be a lot of discussions about this, particularly oppositions. This put a lot of pressure to its inventors, and one of them is Takuma Sawai, Professor Amakase’s pupil. Yup, Maya’s father. Takuma seems to be taking criticism, possibly even death threats, from various groups of society. At some point, he can’t take it anymore… and he committed suicide. Maya says that his father got what he deserved. What she doesn’t accept is how the rest of the family is left behind. Yuuto is still young, and despite the shock her mother works hard for them, slowly weakening her own body. To make things worse, two years later, the myu robots were being sold to the public like nothing ever happened. The issues remain, but it’s like her father’s death was for nothing. And so she blames it all on robots. She can’t accept it. She can’t live with robots who broke down her family. She leaves, thinking that Yoshiyuki still doesn’t understand her side. Minatsu returned from hiding, asking Yoshiyuki what can she do. For now, he said to leave it up to him. Yoshiyuki went to Maya’s home again, but she refuses to talk with him. Instead, he talked with Yuuto. Yuuto thinks that robots are cool. He knows that his late father was one of the inventors, but he doesn’t know much about anything else because he was just a baby at the time.

Minatsu’s Decision
The next day, Maika called Yoshiyuki, asking him to go to a certain robot research lab. There, she asks what happened about Maya, because she was surprised about what Minatsu said. Minatsu decided that she will hibernate again. Minatsu’s hibernation was actually halted by Yoshiyuki when he woke her up, and so it was not really the time for her to wake up. Hibernation can take anywhere from 50 to 100 years, to a time when hopefully robots can live in peace together with humans. Minatsu was actually the first advanced humanoid robot, and the myu series are like her younger sisters. I would assume that she has some abilities that myu robots don’t have, like humanlike emotions. That is why the robot projects are being opposed by many people. While myu is based on a (weaker) later version (Mifuyu), there was also another prototype humanoid robot (Miaki). That robot was destroyed, rather, it was “killed” by an extremist opposing the robot research. To robot researchers, this was equivalent to a human killing, but apparently the suspect got away with just a few years in prison and a cheap fine. Shortly after, Maya’s father committed suicide. Maya’s mother did not use any “blood money” related to the project. By this time you can see the relation between a certain Miaki robot and Maya. Yup, it is implied that Miaki is the helper that Maya loved as a sister.

Maika also talked about how in reverse Minatsu was well loved and taken care of, and that is why Professor Amakase hid her in hibernation, hoping that a time would come when she will wake up to a world where robots are already accepted in society. After their talk, Yoshiyuki found Minatsu at the park. Minatsu said that she has thought about it, about what would be the happiest for Maya, and what happiness is to herself. She completely understands Maya, and concludes that the time that Professor Amakase promised to her was still far ahead into the future. While she decided to hibernate, she also understands the value of her experiences during the present. Having met Yoshiyuki and many other friends, and having lived together, is enough. She will never forget all of them. She heads off.

That night, Yoshiyuki went back to Maya’s home. She seems to be away at Mayuki’s place. Instead, he had the guts to talk to her mother. Ayako opens up to Yoshiyuki, saying that it may be their fault that Maya is like that. She confirms that Maya’s father was so obsessed about robots ever since. They got married, Maya was born, and Miaki was adopted into the family. The parents were so busy with their work, that Maya was usually left alone with Miaki, and so Maya naturally loved her so much. But then one day… Miaki broke (killed by the extremist). Maya, probably realizing that the person she loved was actually just a robot, started to hate them to the core. Again, her mother blames herself and her father about it.

The next day, Yoshiyuki went to the robot labs, and has confirmed that Minatsu is indeed in hibernation. Maika says that her feelings will keep her from waking up, that’s why Yoshiyuki can’t flip her “switch” like before. But there is still time because she is not completely asleep yet. Yoshiyuki decides that he will take Maya with him, that Minatsu may awaken if it’s Maya. So he explained to Maya everything about Minatsu. Maya still refuses to open up, saying that Minatsu is not a friend. To her Minatsu is just a robot, a mere “thing”.

Yoshiyuki still can’t accept this answer, because he knows she’s hiding the truth that once she indeed loved a robot with all her heart. It was Miaki, the adopted sister. In essence, she was a person raised by a robot, because Miaki is the one who is always with her since her parents are always busy. She believed that Miaki was her real sister, until it happened. When Maya went home from school, she saw Miaki lying on the floor, dying, broken, her mechanical parts clearly showing. As her final words to Maya, Miaki apologized because she can’t be by her side forever. Both shock and sadness bewildered her. She believed that the world does not understand her loneliness. To others the broken Miaki was “a waste”, as she was just a robot. To Maya, her precious, irreplaceable sister died. And so she hid her feelings, trying her best to think about robots as mere things. Moreover, Minatsu resembles Miaki so much, it brings back those painful memories even more. Now she is at a loss on what to do.

The Magic Miracle
The next day, Yoshiyuki still convinces Maya to go to the robot lab, because she may be the only person that can wake Minatsu up. Maya says that she will think about it. Yoshiyuki went ahead to the lab. Maika said that even with Maya it won’t be assured that they can wake Minatsu up before she falls into complete hibernation. At the nick of time, Maya arrived, but she is still hesitant. She thinks that Minatsu won’t wake up even with her, saying that Minatsu may hate and have a grudge towards her. With tears in her eyes, and confused, she cried out for help, she cried out for… “oneechan”.

Suddenly sakura petals are falling from nowhere, and with a blinding light… something appeared! It was Miaki! Whoa, the magic of the sakura tree intervened! Miaki’s “spirit” started to call out to Maya. While Miaki can’t explain what is happening, she still acts like a sister trying to sort out Maya’s problems. Maya asked for help about Minatsu, a person who may be going far away because of her fault. She said horrible things, even though she knows Minatsu has done nothing wrong. Maya thinks that Minatsu hates her. Miaki believes that it’s not true. Surely that person wants to see her again. Miaki asks Maya… what is Minatsu to her?

“Amakase-san is a friend.”

Miaki assures Maya that everything will be alright. Miaki now turns to Yoshiyuki. Miaki seems to realize the miracle that is happening is about to “wither away”, but Yoshiyuki will be alright. Miaki asks him to take care of Maya now that she’s going away. She finally bids farewell to Maya. Maya thanks her for everything. Miaki’s spirit vanishes. Finally, Maya flips the switch… and…

“Ohayou, Amakase-san”

Maya decides to follow her father’s footsteps in the robot research field, hoping that she can attain the promise that someday robots and humans can live together in harmony. She suggests Yoshiyuki to follow the same path as her. There may be hard times ahead, but surely, everything will be alright.


I was very satisfied with the scenario. Not only does it have enough Maya goodness to savor, it even complements Minatsu’s own scenario, explaining more about the robot research, although admittedly I’m getting lost on all the complex Japanese. Maya’s story is more heartfelt in this scenario because from this viewpoint, I can clearly see the hardships Maya is continually facing everyday. Whenever her mother is sick and can’t do the chores, it’s all up to Maya, and aside from that, taking care of her brother, and also school work as a class representative. I can also understand how she can love Yoshiyuki, because they are essentially the same. Without much parenting to rely on, they try their best to be strong and responsible individuals. Yoshiyuki’s positive traits are very prevalent here, and I like it. I hate wussy male leads in harem or bishoujo games after all. Hmm, maybe this is his best scenario yet, he’s got it going here.

I was quite surprised about the sakura tree magic intervention though, never expected that to happen. It took me away from the down-to-earth reality of the story, but then again robots that act human are not grounded in reality either. Well at least someday when (not if) robots actually become this sophisticated, I for one will welcome them with open arms. All-in-all, this was a wonderful playthough, and I hope you liked it too.

Whew, it’s been a long time coming, but finally I am gathering my free time and interest to be able to finish more bishoujo game scenarios again. I really hope I can keep the ball rolling. There are five more girls in Da Capo II: Plus Communication. Go me! Thank you for reading.


Posted By: Taiyaki On: December 29, 2008 At: 5:52 am

Nice summary! I really liked your posts about the different routes in the original DCII game, so I’m looking forward to reading about these new ones. Keep the good work.

Posted By: Sailor Enlil On: December 29, 2008 At: 2:19 pm

Good job! About time the “Plus” characters were touched upon. Can’t wait for the others. I’ve played Plus Communication already with the help of AGTH and I already have some idea about the Plus characters (Akane is a really big surprise, though I’m looking forward more to Erika and Mayuki).

Posted By: Choux On: December 31, 2008 At: 4:59 am

Ack, I forgot about the ps2 version.I’m hoping that somebody’ll translate D.C. II P.C. but even if a translation starts it won’t be finished for years (the Chinese people who worked on D.C.II mostly switched over to D.C.II S.V.). I want to play Maya’s path! TT When I went through Minatsu I thought that her seiyuu’s performance outshone that of Minatsu’s by a long shot.
Her role feels a bit nostalgic though, back when I was in elementary school in China, I was one of those representative people.^^

Posted By: bluemist On: December 31, 2008 At: 7:37 am

Hmm… I wonder if I’ll use AGTH the next time I’ll play. I mean, it would really be a tremendous help, but it may open up more complications, like trying to be even more accurate than before.

It also would lengthen the time it takes for me to play each scenario. Maya’s was already a pain, it took me two whole days! Of course I had breaks, but sometimes I pause playing and wonder when it will be over. The scenario never really got interesting until Maya confessed.

Posted By: Choux On: January 01, 2009 At: 4:21 am

2 days? That’s really long. When I was going through D.C. II each path only took a few hours. I WISH that I could use agth, but for some reason it refuses to work on my computer.

Posted By: mochi On: January 02, 2009 At: 7:36 am

Do you have the serial number for this game, I’ve got this game myself but I don’t have the serial number. If you do, is it okay if you e-mail it to me?

Posted By: suguru On: January 02, 2009 At: 8:36 am

Great post, I love your summaries–I don’t think I’ll ever play the game, but I’m glad I can experience the story thanks to what you wrote. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Posted By: Wavehawk On: May 06, 2009 At: 11:34 pm

I know you’re slowing down on the Bishoujo Game interests, but I really hope you can finish off the rest of DCIIPC characters in subsequent reviews. I’m actually surprised; having only seen Maya in the anime, I didn’t really see her as a relatable, much less likable character, until you posted the above.

Here’s to seeing the rest!

Posted By: san On: May 24, 2010 At: 10:10 am

great post,great summary great job

Posted By: LIGHTDX On: February 03, 2011 At: 1:49 pm

Thank you very much.^^ Soon i’ll buy Da capo 2 and koihime (when it get relases) so i was looking for information abouth the games and characters and i found this. Unfortunaly i fount that Maya isn’t in the normal Da capo 2 game for Pc but the plus and i don’t know if someone is going to relase it, but thanks to you i could see Maya-route and i loved it. Thanks really, her route seems great.^^

Posted By: Horseband On: March 07, 2012 At: 10:39 am

I know it’s probably an impossibility but I wish you’d do the other 5 girls in DCII PC :(. Or maybe DC III when it comes out in april