Da Capo II: Otome Asakura

By bluemist on April 14th, 2008


Disclaimer: Lacking Japanese will mean lack of story details. I expect that there will be a LOT of errors in the way I understood some events, because I rely only on the spoken dialogue. To the Japanese-literate game players who may have found this page, please do help me in case I have mistaken in understanding some parts of the story. Please do post a comment or contact me.

Da Capo II
Merry Christmas (December 16 – December 24) – events at the Christmas Party
The Winter Holidays (December 29 – January 2) – events during the New Year
Powdery Snow and Cherry Petal Fall (January 11 – onwards) – events during a new school term

Relevant Characters:
Yoshiyuki – Main guy.
Otome – Elder sister. Seems to harbor Nemu’s responsible side. She’s part of the student council.
Sakura – School principal. Lives with Yoshiyuki.
Yume – Younger sister. Seems to harbor both Dark Nemu and Junichi’s boredom.
Mayuki – Part of the student council. Otome and Mayuki work together.
Koko – Yoshiyuki’s childhood friend.
Nanaka – Koko’s best friend.
Akane – Koko’s friend. Has a very mild voice, and a big… heart.
Anzu – Koko’s friend. Loli know-it-all type. Koko, Akane and Anzu form a trio.
Suginami – Is he the same guy? Also part of the student council.
Wataru – Yoshiyuki’s friend. Yoshiyuki, Suginami and Wataru form an infamous weird trio at school.


As student council president, Otome Asakura is seen with high regard. At school, she is a very responsible person, capable of handling any kind of school issue at hand. She has one little quirk though… Yoshiyuki! Everytime she sees her beloved Otouto-kun, she goes onee-chan mode and even skimps on her student council work! Mayuki is there though to snap her out of that kind of phase to make her go back to regular duties.

Mayuki teases Otome and Yoshiyuki a lot, saying that their relationship are too close to be just brother-sister, even if they’re not related. One day, Yoshiyuki got dragged by these two student council officers to post ads all over town for the upcoming school festival. Eventually, Mayuki bid goodbye, and now they are alone together, Otome said that this was like a date. Yoshiyuki got stunned at first, but then Otome laughed and said that this date will be practice in case Yoshiyuki gets a real girlfriend someday. An onee-chan thing to do?

Puppet Show
The school is actually having a Christmas Party that is set up similar to a school festival. Yoshiyuki’s class will hold a puppet show, where the main characters will be Yoshiyuki and Koko. The actual story and script will be made by Anzu, but since it’s continually in progress the class will practice based on Anzu’s latest updates. Coming to know about Yoshiyuki’s play, Otome and Yume seem quite interested in it. They requested to read the script updates, and they, especially Otome, were quite engaged! Otome was so engrossed in Yoshiyuki’s puppet play that she even offered to practice with him! She would then utter lines based on Koko’s character, while Yoshiyuki does his character. They do this almost every night, as Anzu’s script gets close to completion.

Cooking Challenge
Yoshiyuki eats lunch with Otome and Mayuki almost everyday. One day though, with Otome telling her that Yoshiyuki is actually a good cook (specialty is curry), Mayuki wants to play a cooking challenge game! Basically, each one of them will cook some bento, and they’ll invite some people to try out their food. Best cook wins! The people they invited were Yume and Nanaka. Actually Yoshiyuki’s food wasn’t that bad at all, but Otome and Mayuki’s were more delicious, so he loses. A punishment game is in order then?

It’s getting cold since it’s winter, and Otome starts to cuddle Yoshiyuki close. Yume gets quite embarassed, but Otome forces her close to Yoshiyuki too. One day, it was almost snowing, and surprisingly… Mayuki is absent due to a cold! Weirdly though, Otome was needing help, saying that it is sooooooo hard without Mayuki. Of course, Yoshiyuki to the rescue, and although he didn’t contribute much to that day’s student council work, Otome thanked him just for being there. Koko was a victim of cold too, which is quite bad because she is one of the main characters of the play.

Christmas Party
It was the first day of the festival, and as usual, Otome was super-busy. Yet she still found time to “sneak away” from work and enjoy having lunch on the roof with Yoshiyuki. Again, Otome provided skinship by sitting close to him, saying that it’s quite cold over there at the roof. At another time, Yoshiyuki was being teased by Wataru to go to one class where they put up a, gasp… meido cafe! Otome, the promoter of “ecchi is a no-no” for Yoshiyuki, gets quite angry… but then Mayuki steps in again and takes Otome away! After school, Yoshiyuki actually waited for Otome and gave her something to eat. Otome was quite surprised that Yoshiyuki had been waiting for her.

There was big trouble in the second day of the festival. Koko is absent due to her cold! All hope is lost, but then Yoshiyuki got an idea… why not ask Otome as a substitute? She was practicing the same role that Koko has after all. Initially, Otome was rejecting the offer because she’s not confident (huh? student council pres… not confident?), but more begging by Yoshiyuki’s classmates, and eventually she agreed. Her turn was about to start, and she’s shaking in nervousness (huh? SC pres… nervous?). The play turned out well in the end though. Yoshiyuki and Otome enjoyed their time in the falling snow after that.


For a few days, Otome and Yume’s grandfather is actually going out on a trip, leaving the two alone. So they decided to sleep over together with Yoshiyuki and Sakura at their home. Later that night, Sakura talked to Yoshiyuki about what he feels about his two sisters? “Who is your favorite?” Of course Yoshiyuki denies any romantic involvement with his non-blood related sisters, but then Sakura told that his foster grandparents Junichi and Nemu were like siblings too. This kind of affection is not weird, despite all the trouble, they still fell in love and were happy. Yoshiyuki tried to ask about how Sakura feels about Junichi then, but she avoided the question too.

The next day, Yume asked Yoshiyuki for help in bringing some of her stuff to the house for the sleepovers. Then Otome and Yume proceeded to cook lunch. Yume wasn’t actually a good cook, and she even made some mess with the pot over-boiling! The food wasn’t that bad, and Yoshiyuki was praising Yume a bit, leaving her embarrassed and tsun-tsun about it.

One night, Otome wanted to sleep with Yoshiyuki, saying that it’s still okay since they’ve been doing that when they were kids. Some talk later, Otome tries to tell a fairy tale story to him, but she herself fell asleep.

Yoshiyuki was actually having some dreams, which he probably sees from Otome. One dream was about a girl talking about an important promise. She said that she was a magician. Another dream was about Junichi, talking to Yoshiyuki. “For a person to be happy, you should be happy, for a person to smile, you should smile.” Junichi then proceeds to teach Yoshiyuki his magic… the power to make cake out of his hand. Yet another dream was about Yoshiyuki’s foster mother, Otome and Yume’s mother, lying in a hospital bed. She asked Yoshiyuki to protect both of them, because even if they look strong on the outside, they are actually weak. She thanks him for loving her as if she were his real mother.

Winter Cleaning
It was almost New Year, and Otome orders Yume and Yoshiyuki to do thorough cleaning on the Asakura and Yoshino residences! Of course they don’t like it being the lazy ones, but they would do it anyway. And here we go on the classic cliche of Otome finding some rather ‘enticing’ magazines under Yoshiyuki’s bed. Otome, the “ecchi is a no-no” onee-chan, orders Yume to burn the magazines! Another embarrassing moment for Yume came when she finds some pudding at the fridge. Yoshiyuki insisted that it is his, so after some convincing she gave some. Yoshiyuki said that this is like an “indirect kiss”, and Yume is going all-shy again.

Yoshiyuki and Otome went to the Asakura residence to clean up. After the tiring work, Otome offered some drinks while they look at some old photo album. They reminisce some fond memories, and then they saw a picture of their mother. Otome asked if he remembers the “promise”. Yoshiyuki doesn’t… and surprisingly, Otome doesn’t either. She wonders what was that about, and why did she forget the promise as well.

After that, they saw some news on TV about some accidents rampant all over town. I didn’t get much but I think it’s related to some random fire incidents all around. They didn’t catch the suspect yet, if there are any. This sent Otome uncharacteristically worried. Yoshiyuki asked what is wrong, but she insists that nothing is wrong. That night, Sakura said that she will be away for a while to do some school admin work, somewhat related to those crimes around town. Before leaving though, Sakura asked Yoshiyuki again about which sister he prefers. Yoshiyuki shrugged it off again, but Sakura said that she wasn’t trying to make Yoshiyuki pick one of them. All she wants is for everyone to be happy.

Later on, Yoshiyuki was taking a bath, but Otome went in the tub with him! Fanservice galore, and yet Otome still tries to impose her anti-ecchiness. Yoshiyuki asks again if there’s something wrong. But then Otome embraced her in the back, apologizing for what’s happening, and thanks Yoshiyuki for giving in to her selfish act. Otome reassures that everything is all right.

New Year
It’s New Year, and Yume told Yoshiyuki about something she set up for tomorrow, that they should meet at the house at 6PM the next day. She never told what it is about, but she insists Yoshiyuki should do it. That day, Yume and Yoshiyuki went to the local temple festival, where Otome was actually doing part-time job as a miko! She likes the outfit and apparently Yoshiyuki likes it. With Otome busy, Yume and Yoshiyuki proceeded to wander around the festival as if on a date, but Yume goes tsun again. They bought some cotton candy, and like spoiled kids fought over it. The result was quite surprising… accidental kiss! This sent Yume even more embarrassed than before, and ran away.

With Yume away, Yoshiyuki and Otome proceeded to wander around. They even shared food doing the “say aaaa” thing. Until something happened, and they look at some smoke from a distance. It was a fire again. Yoshiyuki actually went to the scene, and there was trouble with some persons ganging up on someone. Yoshiyuki proceeded to help the lone person, and saw something weird… was that Sakura she saw? Later that night, Otome asked about the fires, and started worrying again. Something fishy going on here. Anyway weirdly enough, the drinks they drank during that night were quite alcoholic.

“Thank you Otouto-kun, I like you”
Yume and Otome started to become drunk! Saying really weird funny stuff around here. Otome was completely out of it, even saying once that Yoshiyuki is the TV! Yume was a different kind of drunk, complaining about Yoshiyuki and her own feelings for him. Of course Yoshiyuki is oblivious being drunk as well. Otome asked Yoshiyuki outside to wear it off. They talked about how cold it is and Otome started holding Yoshiyuki close again. Otome asked a hypothetical question, that if she were assigned to clean the sakura leaves ALL OVER TOWN (this is the town of unwithering sakura), would Yoshiyuki help out. Yoshiyuki said that even if that’s so time-wasting, he would do it for Otome. Otome thanks Yoshiyuki for his kindness and carelessly says that she likes him, she’s kinda drunk after all.

Yume’s Birthday
Yoshiyuki got reminded again about the 6PM meeting later this day. Yoshiyuki was still wondering what it’s all about, until Otome told him. It was actually Yume’s birthday today! Otome said that they should go shopping in secret for a gift to give Yume, so they made an excuse to go out leaving her behind. They searched for hours on many shops but they never seem to decide on what to give her. Otome was exhausted, she even asked for a quick break. Finally, they found and bought the gift. Back at home, Yume was surprised to see Otome quite sick and tired, being assisted by Yoshiyuki. Despite that, she still bid Yume a happy birthday, and gave her the gift. Otome apologized that this happened to her on Yume’s birthday, but Yume told her she shouldn’t worry about that right now.

Yoshiyuki laid Otome on her bed. Otome thanked Yoshiyuki for everything he had done, and she has one request. A very important request… but it was actually Otome’s confession! Otome confessed her feelings to Yoshiyuki, saying that this love goes beyond them being just siblings. Yoshiyuki accepted her feelings. Otome was happy.


More or less everybody already knows Otome and Yoshiyuki are lovers now. Yume and even Sakura is teasing them around almost every night, while Mayuki exclaims good riddance because it was dead obvious ever since. As usual, Wataru goes overactingly envious about Yoshiyuki getting a girl. Otome calls out to Yoshiyuki every lunch break to eat together alone.

Magic User of Justice
Both Sakura and Otome are acting weird lately. Whenever TV news about various accidents (like fire and vehicle crashes) occur, they listen attentively. Yoshiyuki and Yume would sometimes ask what’s wrong, but they say it’s nothing. One night though, Yoshiyuki had a dream of the past. It was of a young Otome, probably after the death of her and Yume’s mother. She refuses to eat, she wants to get sick so she’ll be able to go where her mother is. Trying to cheer her up, Yoshiyuki revealed his magic, making sweets. Otome ate it and it was delicious. She exclaimed that she can also use magic, and also made sweets for Yoshiyuki. She called herself a magic user of justice. Although she still doesn’t know much as well, she would save people from trouble. Yoshiyuki remembers the mother saying to him that he should protect the two because they are weaker than they look. Otome asked Yoshiyuki to keep their magic as their own secret.

One day, Otome revealed to Yoshiyuki why she’s being concerned about the news lately. Actually, while there are many accidents like fires and car crashed, there are also news about people suddenly fainting for no reason. Moreover, despite all these accidents happening, no one dies or is severly injured in any of this. She thinks this that “magic” has something to do with it. And as a magic user, she has to do something about it.

“If I start to lose on this responsibility I should face, can you push me back?”
Actually she kinda forgot her role in all this, as she was appointed by her mother. She wished for some bad memories to go away, that’s why her memory is a bit hazy. Thankfully Yoshiyuki is there and she slowly remembers some things. Otome told him that magic is a scary thing to possess, because it can also be used as a weapon to hurt people. While she is still not sure what to do, she feels like she has to do it, or something terrible may happen. Otome asked Yoshiyuki for some guidance, that if she starts to lose herself on this role, he has to push her back.

Yoshiyuki starts to help Otome by joining her around town asking around about the incidents. He also asked Suginami for help, keeping the magic thing secret of course, so Suginami thinks Yoshiyuki wants to be some sort of detective or something. Otome and Yoshiyuki also go to the library to read and research about it.

Sakura’s Dreams
There are some nights when Yoshiyuki sees dreams about Sakura, presumably the time when she was in America. She’s in some sort of lab researching something, with a random DJ playing on the radio. Most of the time, she was getting e-mail from, presumably, Junichi and Nemu Asakura from Japan. These were typical greeting updates until…

Time is passing by. Junichi and Nemu got married, and raises a baby. Sakura got a picture of the baby. While Sakura is genuinely happy about them, she seems to feel like she can’t congratulate them sincerely. She shrugged off those thoughts and started replying back.

Research and Dates
Otome and Yoshiyuki went to another library to research. Otome noted about this town’s unwithering sakura. Actually, 50 years ago it faded, but for some reason, it went back again. After researching though, they went to the cafe for some kind of date. Otome told Yoshiyuki that she had come to like sweets because Yoshiyuki made them through magic.

One day, Yume asked Yoshiyuki to join him in shopping. Yume was a bit hesitant because she was being careful during this transitional period, after all Otome and Yoshiyuki are a couple and Yume has slight feelings for him too. She has to get used to it, she thought to herself. After that shopping though, they parted ways, but Yoshiyuki met Koko and Nanaka and chatted a bit. By chance he saw Anzu and Minatsu too, but they sensed that something amiss, so they went away quickly. Actually Otome was there. She got a little jealous actually, seeing all those girls. Yoshiyuki apologized by cooking some delicious food afterwards, so everything’s fine.

Sakura’s Sadness
Sakura was a bit sick one day, so Yoshiyuki was there to take care of her a bit and cheer her up. When Yoshiyuki said that he should be worried because he considers Sakura as “family”, she smiled and was so happy. She doesn’t want to be alone after all. She even asked to be called “mother”, but Yoshiyuki declined, saying that Sakura is more of an onee-chan. The next day, everyone was surprised when the fire alarm went off the Yoshino residence! It was actually Sakura, trying to cook something to thank Yoshiyuki for taking care of her, but I guess it got kinda smokey.

Incidentally, some nabe pot exploded at school too! Otome was a bit sad that she can’t have lunch together with Yoshiyuki because she has to do her work on the accident. After class, she was going to some road accident to check up on things. Apparently, the driver said that the handle got out of control, so Otome thinks this is about magic. Otome told Yoshiyuki not to wait up on her for dinner, so he joined Sakura instead.

That night, Sakura asked whether he really loves Otome. Obviously he said yes, and with that Sakura remembered something, and became a bit sad. Yoshiyuki asked if there’s someone special in her life, in which she said “all people in Kazami Gakuen are my cute kids!”. She loves them all, that’s why she has to protect everyone. Yoshiyuki ponders on what she means.

The next day, Sakura left a letter, saying she has to be away from home for a while. Also, Otome is getting busy lately as well. Actually, too busy. Otome is not joining Yoshiyuki during lunch break, so Akane and company were wondering if Yoshiyuki had done something to make Otome hate him. Yoshiyuki can’t recall anything he had done wrong though. Otome also asks Yoshiyuki to go on ahead home. This goes on for a few days. Mayuki was getting worried too. One day after class, Yoshiyuki caught up to Otome. He was surprised when Otome started to shout at him. Another day, he asked again what’s the problem, but Otome said that she was tired today, and apologized. Otome is starting to ignore Yoshiyuki for a few days. She wakes up early and comes home late. Yoshiyuki was asking Yume to tell Otome to go see him but she doesn’t go.

One morning, Yoshiyuki was surprised to see Otome and Grandfather Junichi talking! Otome was sad, almost at the verge of tears, while Junichi was trying to calm her down, saying that everything is still alright. Junichi asked Yoshiyuki what she thinks of Otome. Yoshiyuki said the she is a strong and capable person. Junichi agrees, but also said that Otome is weak in terms of seeking help from other people. She wants to do it all her own, trying to carry all the burden. Otome apologized again, and left.

Meanwhile, Yoshiyuki has more dreams of Sakura. She’s still doing some research, until she decided on something, maybe haphazardly. She believes that she will be able to control it. What is this thing she’s doing anyway?

“Leave me alone!”
One day at school, Mayuki rushed to tell Yoshiyuki that Otome fainted! Yoshiyuki went to the clinic. Otome told him that she is fine, so he can leave. This sent Yoshiyuki a bit agitated, asking why she wouldn’t tell what her problem is. Otome, avoiding the question again, angrily told him to leave her alone. Clearly she was trembling, because she also wants to be with Yoshiyuki, but she can’t right now. She asked repeatedly to leave her alone.

Yoshiyuki was problematic about this as well, and his friends are noticing it, so that night Wataru and company planned a little nabe dinner over at the Yoshino residence to somehow cheer him up.

Truth in Dreams
Now, Yoshiyuki sees a dream of Otome talking to Junichi. She was apologizing for a favor she asked of her grandfather, and was still hesitant to solve the problem she is facing. Because of this probably Junichi might die, but he reassures a parent dies before the children, and that he had lived enough, so this solution must not fail no matter at what cost.

For a couple of days, Otome was not coming home, and Yoshiyuki was trying to find her. Yume offered him to go inside the house and rest for a bit. There, she asked how much he loves Otome, presumably very much so. Yume says that Yoshiyuki didn’t change at all growing up. He was all about Otome. How he always wants to cheer her up, how he always wants to make her happy. Despite having unrequited feelings all her own, Yume cheers them on. She is optimistic that Otome and Yoshiyuki will definitely be happy. That night though, he sees yet another dream from Sakura… this time… she is talking to Yoshiyuki inside the dream!

The New Unwithering Sakura
She has a lot of things to tell about so she asked Yoshiyuki to listen. Sakura apologizes for some trouble she has done, presumably talking about her intervention in various incidents around town. She tells about that unwithering sakura tree, in which any wish may come true for someone with a pure heart. This was the original magic of the sakura tree, but that tree withered, actually, someone withered it. Sakura thought it was good that it withered, because it has some sort of “bug” when realizing people’s wishes (see original Da Capo game). But the tree’s intentions were pure, and that there are many people wanting their wishes to be granted, and so she went back to America… to research on the magic of the sakura tree.

But while researching, time passed by too quickly. She sees Junichi and Nemu getting married, and having a baby, being a complete family. She was getting filled with loneliness, asking herself up to when would she be alone. She decided, despite the research still incomplete, to bring a sample of her prototype sakura tree to the town of Hatsunejima. She unwillingly wished upon the the new sakura tree… for “family”. The thing that came out of that wish was… Yoshiyuki. Yup, Sakurai Yoshiyuki (similarity to her name Yoshino Sakura) was a miracle that shouldn’t have existed. He wasn’t real.

But this new sakura tree is not the same as the original, it has bugs of its own. Sakura notices that it is not only able to grant the wishes of pure hearts, but also of any other, and it may lead to disaster. Someone might wish for selfish and bad things, just like now with the minor accidents happening. While she is trying to control it, someday she will have to face the truth… this tree must wither. Yoshiyuki now realizes everything, and what he has to do for Otome. Sakura apologizes, saying that it’s all her fault. But Yoshiyuki thanks Sakura, because by wishing he was able to live in this world. He finally called Sakura his true “mother”… and Sakura teared up in happiness.

Yoshiyuki finds Otome beside the sakura tree. The solution is clear, the sakura tree must wither so that the magic will fade away… but because Yoshiyuki was a person born with this magic, he must disappear too. Otome was very devastated when she realized what she’s supposed to do, that’s why she was ignoring Yoshiyuki. It’s Yoshiyuki or Hatsunejima… and she can’t decide. Yoshiyuki is her beloved one, and doing this will make everyone forget about Yoshiyuki, including her. Yoshiyuki starts to convince Otome to make the sakura wither, probably because she has no other choice. Yoshiyuki thanked her for her love, and for the chance to exist in this world. This is her starting to lose, and he is trying to push her back. Still with regret, Otome withered the sakura tree. She says it may be just a matter of days before everyone will start to forget about Yoshiyuki. She bid him goodbye.

“I don’t want to forget”
All over town, the sakura has withered. Yoshiyuki’s friends are still concerned about him, but only for a few days. Later on, they were starting to forget about him, one by one, not knowing who he was. Otome was the last person to recall who Yoshiyuki was, as she glanced upon him as she goes to school. After a few days, when everyone has definitely forgotten of Yoshiyuki’s existence, he went to the withered sakura tree. He found Otome there.

She starts off pretending that she doesn’t know about Yoshiyuki. She tells her story, that she was a magic user of justice. She was supposed to save this town, and that ‘special someone’ in her life. Because of her role, she researched everyday, trying to find out what she was supposed to do, until at some point, she came at the obvious solution. She has to choose between Hatsunejima and Yoshiyuki. And yet she thrived on doing the best she can to find another solution. But no matter how many books she reads, or how much her head aches trying to think through it, the choice remains. Otome asks in despair, why can’t she save both. She cries out to bring Yoshiyuki back to her. At this point, Yoshiyuki starts to disappear forever.


It’s been two months, and yet Otome still remembers everything. I guess you can never erase a memory of a loved one that easily. On the sakura tree which has since blossomed again, Otome wonders if this is still a magical tree. Whether everything is a dream, that Yoshiyuki was just a normal guy, and she wasn’t a magic user, just a normal girl who merely wishes to always be with the one she love. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure…

Yoshiyuki has returned.

She starts to cry out how lonely she was these past couple of months.
“Don’t leave me alone anymore… ever!”
“You don’t know how it feels to lose someone important to you.”
“Idiot! Baka baka baka! Otouto-kun no baka! I was so lonely, you leaving me alone!”
“You made me cry so much!”
“All this time, I was so sad and lonely…”
“I love you, I love you so much! More than anyone, more than anything, I love you very much, Otouto-kun!”

The next day, Otome tries to wake him up. It is a new school term, and she prepared a nice welcoming speech for Yoshiyuki. She wants to eat lunch together, let him help in school council stuff, date after school, and also some things they have not done before. Otome wants him to not leave her side, because with him she is able to smile so much. He promises not to leave her again.


This is a very good scenario, actually one of the best I have seen so far in any Da Capo game. As one of the main female leads, Otome’s story has all the drama, romance, and very important revelations in the various Da Capo mysteries. I think Otome as a character is a bit weak, in the sense that she was really dependent on Yoshiyuki to be there for her in times of need, more than any other character I played so far. Also, she was kinda running away from Yoshiyuki, in denial of the truth that she can’t save both her one love and her beloved town. At least she thrived on searching for a solution. As an onee-chan character archetype though, it is fitting enough that she delivered a weakness beyond being a reliable onee-chan, a responsible student council president, and a magic user for justice. Don’t judge a book by its cover, I guess.

In any case, if I didn’t catch it during this run, I still have many questions yet to be answered. This scenario can even be seen as a precursor to Sakura’s true story, yep she gets loads of screentime here. Actually, she gets too much credit in this one, and I feel like towards the end, it was getting to be less and less of an Otome scenario. I have one girl left, Yume, and one more scenario to watch, the Da Capo story. Hang on tight, the magic is nearing its conclusion.


Posted By: suguru On: April 15, 2008 At: 1:40 am

Thanks for the great summary as usual…what I’d heard about Otome’s story is why I was really looking forward to the DC II anime, here’s hoping DC II SS does it justice…

Posted By: Hypertoast On: April 15, 2008 At: 5:37 am

Recently, the chinese patch od DCII came out, and this post just convinced me to go buy the game! Thank you.(you also happened to movitate me to play toheart2, and that was great too, Kotomi and Tamaki’s path wasn’t all that good though, Yuma is pure win!)

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Finally!:-DI have been waiting so long for this. Thank you very much for the summary.

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It was so nice scnenario. But…. i have 1 question.
Is it possible to find Da Capo and Da Capo II game in eng.
release ?? Pls write me. Thanks in advance

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One morning, Yoshiyuki was surprised to see Otome and Grandfather Yuuichi talking!

Did you mean Jyuunichi? Yuuichi is from Kanon =P

Posted By: bluemist On: June 11, 2008 At: 6:33 am

Geh! Didn’t notice that all this time. Edited accordingly, thanks!

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please, tell me, where to get the 25th episode of da capo II. i have just 24 and though i read the ending here, i want to see everything. please help me!