Da Capo II: Yume Asakura

By bluemist on April 28th, 2008


Disclaimer: Lacking Japanese will mean lack of story details. I expect that there will be a LOT of errors in the way I understood some events, because I rely only on the spoken dialogue. To the Japanese-literate game players who may have found this page, please do help me in case I have mistaken in understanding some parts of the story. Please do post a comment or contact me.

Da Capo II
Merry Christmas (December 16 – December 24) – events at the Christmas Party
The Winter Holidays (December 29 – January 2) – events during the New Year
Powdery Snow and Cherry Petal Fall (January 11 – onwards) – events during a new school term

Relevant Characters:
Yoshiyuki – Main guy.
Yume – Younger sister. Seems to harbor both Dark Nemu and Junichi’s boredom.
Otome – Elder sister. Seems to harbor Nemu’s responsible side. She’s part of the student council.
Sakura – School principal. Lives with Yoshiyuki.
Minatsu – The robot student. Quite close to Yume.
Mayuki – Part of the student council. Otome and Mayuki work together.
Koko – Yoshiyuki’s childhood friend.
Akane – Koko’s friend. Has a very mild voice, and a big… heart.
Anzu – Koko’s friend. Loli know-it-all type. Koko, Akane and Anzu form a trio.
Suginami – Is he the same guy? Also part of the student council.
Wataru – Yoshiyuki’s friend. Yoshiyuki, Suginami and Wataru form an infamous weird trio at school.


Yume must have earned the worse of her grandparents’ genes. She seems to have inherited her grandfather’s lazy side, while she also has some sarcastic “Dark Yume” mood from her grandmother. At school though, she is supposedly a reliable student volunteer. Her actions and words are very polite, and she is popular with the boys of course. You may think she is a very sophisticated girl, but at home she wears her glasses and trademark jersey and acts like a lazy bum.

Yume sometimes waits for Yoshiyuki so that they can go home together, masking it often as just coincidence. Most of the time, she complains that she is hungry, and expects him to buy her some food, which Yoshiyuki despises. But he has no choice, her “kawaii-imouto” (as Yume always describes herself) convinces him to think of it as an honor to accompany her lonely nii-san. So outside he always buys some food for this always-hungry sister of his. During these times though, Yoshiyuki always runs into some kind of trouble, like bumping into something. Yume always seems to scream out “Watch out!” before it happens though… a girl’s premonition?

Anyway, while at home, Yoshiyuki can’t rest either. Yume would ask him to cook either breakfast or night snacks. At one particular night though, Yume asked for dinner, and Yoshiyuki proceeds to cook. Surprisingly, Yume is looking rather attentively, and asks some questions about how to cook. Yoshiyuki asked her if she wanted to be taught how to cook, in which Yume denies in a tsundere kind of way. But the truth is, Yume is some sort of a bad cook.

One day at school, Yume asked Yoshiyuki to join him at lunch… but they are going to the clinic. Why the clinic? Apparently Yume doesn’t want anyone to see… that she cooked obentou for him! She showed her food, and, well it’s quite burnt. Yume goes sarcastic again, telling Yoshiyuki that he doesn’t have to eat it if he doesn’t want to. Realizing the hard effort though, Yoshiyuki eats the bento anyway, although we don’t know how it tasted.

Christmas Party
The school is actually having a Christmas Party that is set up similar to a school festival. Yoshiyuki’s class will host a Haunted House. This seems to be the time when students make some plans on how to go by the party… like “who should I be together with during the Christmas Party?” Apparently, Yume wants to be with Yoshiyuki, but she can’t directly ask him because she’s embarrassed. So she tries to beat around the bush and asking him many times what his plans are during the party, but then he can’t seem to get the hint. Yume is starting to get frustrated.

One night, Yume went to Yoshiyuki’s house to talk about that ‘serious matter’. Inside though, Yoshiyuki was quite busy, and it seems like everything is happening all at once. Yume keeps asking Yoshiyuki to listen to her, but he is preoccupied with stuff like cooking, answering the phone, etc. Finally, Yume starts tipping over to her “dark side”, and angrily went away.

The next morning, first day of the Christmas Party, Otome said that Yume went ahead early to school, avoiding Yoshiyuki. Otome asked if he did something wrong, and that he should apologize to Yume. Yoshiyuki found Yume at the canteen, and she wanted to get away from him, but then Koko appeared and sat with them at the table. Koko went straight into asking him what Yume wasn’t able to say clearly, whether he has plans for the Christmas Party, and offered to go together (with Anzu, Akane and maybe Nanaka) during the party. Yume thinks that she is losing her chance to be with Yoshiyuki, so she continues her Dark Yume stint and leaves. Koko wonders if she had said something bad.

Later on, Yoshiyuki sees Yume quite busy as a student volunteer. A group of troublemakers though tried to fake an injury, so they keep pestering Yume. Yoshiyuki comes in to protect Yume. This is starting to turn into a ruckus, but Suginami appears out of nowhere as a diversion. Mayuki starts to run to them though, so Suginami escapes while Yoshiyuki and Yume run to the rooftop. Yume warmed up to Yoshiyuki, and was a bit thankful for the kind gesture of him trying to protect her, but later said that she still hasn’t forgiven him.

“It’s not a date”
The next morning, Yoshiyuki sees Yume apparently waiting impatiently outside. She clearly wants to walk to school with him, although she again denies it in a tsuntsun way. She was nervous walking until they arrive at school, where Yoshiyuki himself pops the magic question: asking her if she has plans for the Christmas Party! Yume smells “chance!” and agrees on being together with him, again pretending to not be as happy as she really is. Later Minatsu even points out that they get along well, while Yume insists that this is definitely NOT a date.

So during the day, they enjoy themselves eating food and checking out the various activities, although Yume says no to many of the stuff Yoshiyuki wants to check out. Yoshiyuki was kinda forced to watch a cute animal movie. After the movie, they run into Anzu, Akane and Koko. Anzu and Akane start to tease him about the movie, voicing out nya~ nya~ cat sounds. Koko said that they get along well, like siblings. The ‘siblings’ part sadly stuck to Yume. The trio asked the two to join them, and Yoshiyuki was about to agree, but then Yume backed out, apparently quite jealous. Yoshiyuki declined to join too and went home with Yume instead.

White Christmas
That night, which is Christmas Eve, Yume went to Yoshiyuki asking him to go over to their house for dinner as continuation of their Christmas Party. So they went there, ate dinner and watched some TV. Yume sarcastically comments that her poor nii-san has no girlfriend, so “kawaii-imouto” has no choice but to cheer up her lonely brother.

It was starting to snow though, so Yume offered to go outside. Yume wished for Yoshiyuki to have a nice girlfriend next year. Yoshiyuki wanted to wish likewise for Yume, but then she doesn’t need it, and she even bragged that she can get a boyfriend anytime. They talked earlier about being a bit apart when they start to have separate romantic relationships, but then Yume doesn’t want to worry about that at the moment, because they have no one yet. “Nothing good comes out on worrying about the future”, she exclaimed.


For a few days, Otome and Yume’s grandfather is actually going out on a trip, leaving the two alone. So they decided to sleep over together with Yoshiyuki and Sakura at their home. Later that night, Sakura talked to Yoshiyuki about what he feels about his two sisters? “Who is your favorite?” Of course Yoshiyuki denies any romantic involvement with his non-blood related sisters, but then Sakura told that his foster grandparents Junichi and Nemu were like siblings too. This kind of affection is not weird, despite all the trouble, they still fell in love and were happy. Yoshiyuki tried to ask about how Sakura feels about Junichi then, but she avoided the question too.

The next day, Yume asked Yoshiyuki for help in bringing some of her stuff to the house for the sleepovers. Then Otome and Yume proceeded to cook lunch. Yume, not a good cook, made some mess with the pot over-boiling, and was even injured! The food wasn’t that bad, and Yoshiyuki was praising Yume a bit, leaving her embarrassed and tsun-tsun about it.

Jerseys and Pajamas
Later, Minatsu appeared and asked Yume for a favor… in buying a pajama for her ski trip with Anzu and company. Yoshiyuki comments that Yume wouldn’t be good for that, because she herself has no style (wearing jerseys all the time). Yume shows her dark side and forces him to join them in shopping. During that time, they run into Anzu and Akane, also shopping for the ski trip. At some point, Yoshiyuki sees Yume looking closely at some pajama. He asked her if she would like it, but she tsun-denies.

After the shopping, Yoshiyuki got a surprise for Yume… he actually bought a pajama for her! Later that night, Yoshiyuki even saw Yume happily admiring the gift in secret, but when Yume saw him she would deny being ‘that happy’ about it. But she was, and the next day she didn’t even want a change of clothes, wearing the pajama throughout the day. Only when Yoshiyuki said he’s shopping alone did Yume smell “chance!” again and offered to go with him, changing clothes of course.

Yoshiyuki was actually having some dreams during this time. One dream was about a girl talking about an important promise. She said that she was a magician. Another dream was about Junichi, talking to Yoshiyuki. “For a person to be happy, you should be happy, for a person to smile, you should smile.” Junichi then proceeds to teach Yoshiyuki how to make people happy by his magic… the power to make cake out of his hand. Yet another dream was about Yoshiyuki’s foster mother, Otome and Yume’s mother, lying in a hospital bed. She asked Yoshiyuki to protect both of them, because even if they look strong on the outside, they are actually weak. She thanks him for loving her as if she were his real mother.

Winter Cleaning
It was almost New Year, and Otome orders Yume and Yoshiyuki to do thorough cleaning on the Asakura and Yoshino residences! Of course they don’t like it being the lazy ones, but they would do it anyway. And here we go on the classic cliche of Otome finding some rather ‘enticing’ magazines under Yoshiyuki’s bed. Otome, the “ecchi is a no-no” onee-chan, orders Yume to burn the magazines! Another embarrassing moment for Yume came when she finds some pudding at the fridge. Yoshiyuki insisted that it is his, so after some convincing she gave some. Yoshiyuki said that this is like an “indirect kiss”, and Yume is going all-shy again.

Yoshiyuki and Otome went to the Asakura residence to clean up. After the tiring work, Otome offered some drinks while they look at some old photo album. They reminisce some fond memories, and then they saw a picture of their mother. Otome asked if he remembers the “promise”. Yoshiyuki doesn’t… and surprisingly, Otome doesn’t either. She wonders what was that about, and why did she forget the promise as well.

After that, they saw some news on TV about some accidents rampant all over town. I didn’t get much but I think it’s related to some random fire incidents all around. They didn’t catch the suspect yet, if there are any. This sent Otome uncharacteristically worried. Yoshiyuki asked what is wrong, but she insists that nothing is wrong. That night, Sakura said that she will be away for a while to do some school admin work, somewhat related to those crimes around town. Before leaving though, Sakura asked Yoshiyuki again about which sister he prefers. Yoshiyuki shrugged it off again, but Sakura said that she wasn’t trying to make Yoshiyuki pick one of them. All she wants is for everyone to be happy.

Later that night, Yoshiyuki sees Yume dozing off at the table. He just can’t wake her up, so he decides to carry her to bed instead. During that time, Yume starts to mumble “Nii-san… suki” (I love you) but it actually turned out to be just “suki-yaki ga tabetai naa” (I want to eat sukiyaki). The next morning, Yume was surprised to see herself with Yoshiyuki at bed, and started shouting and screaming!

New Year
It’s New Year, and Yume told Yoshiyuki about something she set up for tomorrow, that they should meet at the house at 6PM the next day. She never told what it is about, but she insists Yoshiyuki should do it. That day, Yume and Yoshiyuki went to the local temple festival, where Otome was actually doing part-time job as a miko! She likes the outfit and apparently Yoshiyuki likes it. With Otome busy, Yume and Yoshiyuki proceeded to wander around the festival as if on a date, but Yume goes tsun again. They bought some cotton candy, and like spoiled kids fought over it. The result was quite surprising… accidental kiss! This sent Yume even more embarrassed than before. Otome appeared, clueless about what happened, but Yume excused herself and walked away. Yoshiyuki followed her to apologize a bit, but then she said she wasn’t angry anyway. Yume would go shop alone, so she told him to go home.

As Yoshiyuki was walking home, there was trouble with some persons ganging up on someone. Yoshiyuki proceeded to help the lone person, and saw something weird… was that Sakura she saw? Later that night, Otome watched TV attentively about news about the various accidents, and started worrying again. Something fishy going on here. Anyway weirdly enough, the drinks they drank during that night were quite alcoholic.

Yume and Otome started to become drunk! Saying really weird funny stuff around here. Otome was completely out of it, even saying once that Yoshiyuki is the TV! Yume was a different kind of drunk, complaining about Yoshiyuki and her own feelings for him. Of course Yoshiyuki is oblivious being drunk as well. While Otome went home, Yume was left dozing at the table again. Yoshiyuki moved Yume to the bed, but then Yume mumbled saying she wants to take a bath. She even offered to bathe together with Yoshiyuki! She was left to bathe alone anyway. Yoshiyuki knocked to check up on her, but then there was no reply. She actually passed out, so Yoshiyuki “carefully” covered her up with a towel and moved her outside.

He tried to leave and call Otome, but Yume said not to call her, and asked him to help her ‘change clothes’! Yume, still drunk, insists that it’s okay, since they are “just siblings” anyway. So Yoshiyuki “carefully” dressed her up. Finally, Yume came to her senses, and realizing what just happened… quickly became embarrassed about it! Yume asked Yoshiyuki to forget everything that happened that night.

The next day, Yume reiterated to forget what happened and reminded him again about the 6PM meeting later this day. Yoshiyuki was still wondering what it’s all about, until Otome told him. It was actually Yume’s birthday today! Otome said that they should go shopping in secret for a gift to give Yume, so they made an excuse to go out leaving her behind. They searched exhaustively for hours on many shops but they never seem to decide on what to give her. After buying the gift, Otome suddenly fainted! So Yoshiyuki assisted her home and to bed. It’s already 6:30PM, so Otome said that she should go since Yume is waiting for him at his house. But Yoshiyuki said he wouldn’t go until he’s sure that Otome is fine.

“It’s always been Onee-chan.”
He quickly went back home to see Yume. She was there, with lights all off, waiting with a dinner that she herself cooked. Yoshiyuki tried to apologize, but Yume accused him of forgetting the promise… and even saying that to him, the promise was not that important. Yoshiyuki explained that he didn’t forget, and it was important, but then Otome fainted so he has to take care of her…

“…Onee-chan again…” Yume exclaimed. Yoshiyuki tried to reason with her, saying that they went all the way just to give her a present, but Yume was already devastated, thinking that her sister is more important to Yoshiyuki than her. Yoshiyuki denied any favoritism, and explained again that he wasn’t wrong. Yume, crying, agreed that she knows it. Yoshiyuki didn’t do anything wrong. Yume insisted that she was the one who made a mistake. Cooking food and preparing the best she can, hoping for a happy birthday, but then she already “knew” (that it wasn’t going to happen?) She repeatedly says that she knows, and despite knowing, she kept lying to herself, wondering why she keeps expecting it. She left him, saying a solemn goodbye. “Sayonara, Nii-san”.


More than a week had passed, but Yume is still avoiding Yoshiyuki. Otome says that she doesn’t talk with her often as well. At school, Anzu and company reminisce memories during their own ski trip. As expected, Koko and Wataru are the slow-learners, I think Koko even counted how many times she fell! Anyway, they planned to go karaoke after class, so they invited Yoshiyuki. As they were about to leave school, they see Yume. He was about to talk and invite her, but she quickly left. The friends wonder what’s wrong, so Yoshiyuki told them what happened over the New Year. Upon hearing the situation, they suggested that Yume must have been very lonely, so they recommend that he apologize.

So Yoshiyuki went to the Asakura residence and “tried” to apologize to Yume that night, but was at a loss for words. Nevertheless, he saw that Yume had a short smile on her face before she went all Dark again. Back at home, Sakura and Yoshiyuki talked for a while. Upon hearing that the situation is dragging on for too long, Sakura tries to explain to Yoshiyuki by saying that “You don’t know the reason why she’s upset, and that’s why she is upset.” Sounds kinda cryptic eh?

On One Roof
The next day, Otome told Yoshiyuki that she will be away for a while. She, Junichi and Sakura would be out on a trip for maybe a week, but she didn’t clearly say any details. In any case, it may be bad timing for Yoshiyuki, since Yume is still kinda angry, but it can’t be helped. Of course Yoshiyuki would stay and live together with Yume while they’re away. Anzu and company heard about the news, so they started teasing and joking around. But anyway this would be a perfect opportunity to make amends with Yume.

Not quite yet though. Yume was almost about to be won over, but when she asked more questions, she discovered that it was Otome who told him to be with her out of worry. Yume turned dark again, ignoring Yoshiyuki. She didn’t eat dinner either. Late at night though, Yoshiyuki discovers her sneaking to the fridge for some food. He offered to heat up the food anyway.

Anzu and friends continue to grill Yoshiyuki for the latest updates in his relationship with Yume. This time, they came up with some conclusion without telling Yoshiyuki too much. Yup, I think it’s “that” too. A girl wouldn’t be flustered for this long just because he came late at her birthday, so it must be “that”. They ain’t telling Yoshiyuki about “that” of course, but he is still clueless on what to do.

During these times though, he was experiencing some rather odd dreams. He had a dream about when they were kids. Yume was crying to Yoshiyuki that she had a bad dream, and she can’t sleep. She wants to sleep next to him so that she won’t be scared. Yume was a bit relieved, but shortly after she asked Yoshiyuki a question: “If we were to be far away from each other, what should we do?” Another dream is of the present day. Yume and Yoshiyuki bought and ate crepes together at the park, as if on a date. Weird thing is, while all this time Yoshiyuki has dreams about the past, this may be the first time he dreamed about something that didn’t happen at all.

One morning, Yoshiyuki sees Yume seemingly tired or sick. Yoshiyuki is worried, but Yume says she is definitely fine, as she walks ahead. Later after class, he overhears Yume and Minatsu talking to each other. Minatsu is worried too, so she suggested to call Yoshiyuki to assist her, but Yume declines. She explains why she’s avoiding him lately. Basically, Yume doesn’t want to bother Yoshiyuki anymore. It’s not all the time that they can be together, and someday, they may be far apart… Anyway, Minatsu would walked her home.

Yoshiyuki went his way home afterwards, and he found Yume fainted on the floor. He scrambles to help her, despite her continually saying that she is fine. She’s definitlely not fine though, so he laid her down to bed. Yoshiyuki sees this as an opportunity to properly apologize for the failed birthday party. Yume says that she wasn’t really angry, and keeps insisting that she herself was at fault. “That’s because I’m weak,” she said.

The next morning, Yoshiyuki went to check up on Yume. Rather surprisingly though, he checked her temperature the way Junichi used to check up on Nemu… the foreheads-together thing! This sent Yume totally embarrassed and freaking out, and told him to get out! “Nii-san no baka!” Presumably, this is the start of Yoshiyuki reconciling with Yume. So throughout the day, Yoshiyuki took care of Yume, bringing food and even feeding her. Later on though, he enters the room without knocking. Well, typical ecchi scene for you. Dark Yume returns… but I guess she is a bit more forgiving now.

Sick Too
The next day, Anzu and friends ask Yoshiyuki about Yume. Yoshiyuki thinks that their relationship is getting better now. Later on, Anzu talks to Yoshiyuki in private, explaining what she concluded about Yume. It’s about time he realize it too, or stop pretending he doesn’t know. It’s “feelings”. While Anzu doesn’t know why Yume suddenly avoided him like that, but that “feeling” that caused her to do it is only one. Afterwards, he pondered upon Anzu’s words, walking around town. Suddenly he’s getting too tired… Yoshiyuki himself is getting sick! He went home rather tired and aching. Yume appeared and tried to help him, until he fainted… into a dream! This was another dream that never happened. He sees Yume on a rooftop, talking to him.

“I gave up on it long ago. Because my dream won’t come true. I already realized that, so I had to give up. It is your fault, nii-san. Just when I have tried to endure, even lie about it. That if I become happy, I would regret it. It is so painful. So, this is goodbye, Nii-san.”

After the dream, Yoshiyuki wakes up, and with Anzu’s words and the dream he just saw, he finally realized his own “feelings”. He sees Yume giving him some food. She told him to stay put, and that she won’t be attending school to take care of him. It’s the exact role reversal of when Yume was sick, and this is her thanking Yoshiyuki because he took care of her before. Her cooked food is getting better too.

Later, he checks up on Yume and thanked her for taking care of him. Yume tells him it’s fine, being siblings and all, so it’s normal. Beyond that though, Yoshiyuki wants to say something else. He struggles to put words into it, but Yume is starting to get it. She tries to stop him, saying whatever he would say is a mistake. He’s just imagining things. In a sudden outburst though, he said “You think I’m imagining things? I love you, idiot!” Yume got a bit angry, because it was a confession, yet… “idiot?” She fired those words back at him, but this time Yoshiyuki tried to do it properly… and Yume accepted it. They kiss…

… then the doorbell rang! Anzu, Koko and Akane check up on Yoshiyuki since he’s sick and absent lately. Akane jokes that Yoshiyuki must have gotten the cold from Yume back when she was sick, and that they shouldn’t kiss each other when they are sick. This sent Yume flustered over it, since it just happened a while ago. The friends finally get it, so they are starting to leave, saying they shouldn’t bother the two lovers. Akane reminds them again not to kiss when they are sick.

As days pass, they’re getting closer than ever. Yume randomly goes to sleep over with him at night (no not that), they walk together at school, eat lunch together, and go on dates after class. Whenever she cooks bento for Yoshiyuki though, they are still at the clinic. Her cooking has been improving a lot.

Lately, news about the various incidents around town are surfacing again, and they’re already talking about it too at school. Besides that though, Anzu and Akane says it’s much more fun to grill Yoshiyuki, and now that he and Yume are a couple, they have more things to tease him with. As usual, Akane is the sleazy girl and tries to ‘tease’ Yoshiyuki. Koko says that this is a bad idea, and she should stop. Suddenly, Yume appeared! Yume, in Dark-but-still-courteous mode, insists that ‘she saw nothing’, yup nothing at all. Koko and Akane was a bit embarrassed though. Away from the friends, Yoshiyuki apologized, but Yume says there’s really nothing to apologize about.

One morning, Yoshiyuki wakes up and sees that Otome is back! Otome asked if he and Yume had made amends already. Suddenly, Yume went downstairs as well! Otome realized that they are sleeping together (no not that), and I guess she also connected the dots on their relationship. Yume escapes, and Yoshiyuki was about to see the fatal blow of Dark Otome being angry… Surprisingly though, she wasn’t angry, and says that everyone is getting along well now, so all’s fine.

One day after school, Otome called up Yoshiyuki to talk with him alone. They went to the sakura tree, so Yoshiyuki thinks that this is serious. Otome asked Yoshiyuki if he really loves Yume as a girl, and not as a sibling. Yoshiyuki says yes, and apologizes for not having said it clearly. Otome has a request though… he should stop it. Yoshiyuki must forget that he loves Yume, and go back to being siblings instead. Yoshiyuki was surprised that Otome said that, and she isn’t saying the reasons either.

That night, Otome went to Yoshiyuki’s room to reiterate her request, but he insisted that he loves Yume and it will never change. Otome starts to ‘seduce’ Yoshiyuki, saying that she’ll make him forget about Yume, and that she’ll give ‘anything’ he desires. Just when she was embracing him, Yume opened the door, saw what’s happening, and quickly ran off. Otome tried to stop Yoshiyuki from following Yume. Yoshiyuki told her though that he knows it’s for their sake, and that her intentions are surely for the better, but he will follow his heart on this one. He apologized to Otome, and walked away to find Yume.

“I can see the future.”
Outside, Yoshiyuki saw Yume waiting for him. Yume said that she already knew that this was just an event forced by Otome to try to make them separate. Yume also knows that Yoshiyuki has a magical power, and asked for some sweets using his magic. Yume has some magic too, as reveals that she doesn’t see dreams at night… she sees the future. Every morning, she tries to note the future visions she sees, and she tries to change it, just like she tried to warn Yoshiyuki about some kind of trouble before. But she realizes that she can’t change it even if she knows about what’s going to happen, otherwise it wouldn’t be the ‘future’. Yume knows that what Otome did was for the best. Otome warned her that she would regret being with Yoshiyuki, so now she’s worrying about the future.

Yoshiyuki realizes that he was actually seeing Yume’s visions of the future, but it doesn’t matter to him. Yoshiyuki only wants to be together with Yume. He may not know the future, but there is no reason to throw away their love. Likewise, Yume wants to be with Yoshiyuki too, and they agree to continue their relationship no matter what happens. For the next few days, the couple would only find themselves even more closer. Yume would frequently sleep with him at night (as I said… not that!), she cooks even better food, and they even kiss each other every now and then.

Otome apologized the next day about what happened, and told Yoshiyuki to forget about it. She then asked him, if he and Yume were to separate, or to be forced to separate because there is no other choice, what would he do. Yoshiyuki told her that he really doesn’t know, but he would not worry about it because it hasn’t happened yet. He would try every way to prevent it though. Since then, Otome is acting rather weird again. She seems lifeless, and Yoshiyuki, Yume, even Mayuki asked her repeatedly on what’s wrong, and if they can do anything to help her, but she doesn’t give straight answers.

One night, Yoshiyuki and Yume opened the TV to some startling news… the sakura just withered all over town! Suddenly, Yoshiyuki felt weakened, and Yume tries to assist him. The next day, they went to school seeing that every single tree lost its blossoms, and it’s kinda sad. And some weirder things are happening too. When Yoshiyuki and Yume talked to Mayuki, it is as if Yoshiyuki isn’t being noticed. That night, Yoshiyuki sees Otome going to the big sakura tree, so he followed her. Otome sees him, and goes on to tell the story of the unwithering sakura.

The Unwithering Sakura
Otome asked Yoshiyuki why the town’s sakura trees never withered. The reason is simple, this particular sakura tree has some magic in it. It has the power to grant people’s wishes. Gathering people’s pure feelings and emotions, and making a miracle happen, it is how the system works. If someone with pure hearts needed a miracle, it will be granted, and it is a good thing. But in reality, the system is flawed. The tree is not only able to grant the wishes of pure hearts, but also of any other, and it may lead to disaster. Someone might wish for selfish and bad things, just like now with the minor accidents happening. It may not be a big problem right now, but as time passes, it may worsen.

That is why Otome made it wither with her power. It is her role, her responsibility to protect the town of Hatsunejima. But there is another problem… Yoshiyuki is a product of a miracle from this same sakura tree. As the tree’s power dies off, so does his existence will start to fade away. People will start to forget about him, and he will start to disappear. That is why she told him to forget about loving Yume, because he will regret it. Otome starts to cry, apologizing that she wasn’t able to protect him. But Yoshiyuki told her that he doesn’t regret it, and apologizes for making her do something that he knows is painful for everyone.

“I don’t want to be alone…”
Yoshiyuki sees another one of Yume’s visions. It is of Yume waiting outside the school grounds, apparently waiting for Yoshiyuki. Yume starts to ask herself what she’s doing. She is waiting there for nothing. No matter how long she waits, Yoshiyuki will never appear. She cries out that she doesn’t want to be alone. Upon waking up, Yoshiyuki realizes that what he may indeed be the future, where he doesn’t exist anymore, and Yume is all alone.

That night, Yoshiyuki apologizes to Yume, revealing that he won’t be by her side soon. Yume cheers him up, because as long as they are together, they will be happy. She tells him to smile and be happy for every day that comes ahead. The next day, they were going to school as normal. They saw Koko and Nanaka, and again Yoshiyuki was being forgotten. Also, he tried to talk to Anzu and Akane, but he was being ignored. They decide to skip school and have a date.

The Future
After going to a shrine, they went to the park and bought some crepes. Yoshiyuki realized that this is it, the future that he saw in Yume’s visions was being realized. They enjoyed their time together all day, until Yume asked for one final place to go to. They went to the school rooftop. Yume said that being in love with Yoshiyuki has been her dream since they were young… but she realizes that it was just a dream and…

“I gave up on it long ago. Because my dream won’t come true. Nii-san will soon leave my side. I already realized that, so there is no other way but to give up. I always loved you, but I had to give up.”

“It is your fault, nii-san. Hiding it, telling myself that I’m just your sister, not being true to myself. Just when I have tried to endure, even lie about it. That if I become happy, I would regret it. Spending the only happy times available, and being sad when separated. It is so painful. It is too painful. That is why I tried to endure. But, it was impossible. I can’t endure it. I loved Nii-san so much after all.”

“I had fun, even if it was so short. My dreams coming true, being so happy about it, I just found moments I can treasure forever. But, it is over now, waking up from the dream. So, this is goodbye, Nii-san.”

Yoshiyuki tries to declare his love for the last time, but he starts to fade away forever. Crying, Yume shouts out to him not to disappear.


At the school gate, Yume was waiting for Yoshiyuki, and he actually arrived. It was a scene just like always, but then Yume woke up in the class room. She realized that it was all just a dream. It’s been two months since Yoshiyuki disappeared. She starts to cry again, saying she is a fool to think that it is real… wait a minute. Dream? Yume doesn’t “dream”, right? Realizing that what she saw was the “future”, she runs off outside…

Yoshiyuki has returned.


Yes! Yes! Yes! I never thought that she could pull it off. From the start, I hated Yume. She was as tsundere as it gets, and I can’t stand her, to the point that she was getting to be more of a bi*ch. But as the scenario goes on, she continues to just redeem, and redeem, and redeem herself. It’s awesome how much character development she gained since she started to become true to herself and accept her own feelings for Yoshiyuki. And what’s more, she believed and trusted him and his love.

Despite Otome forcing them to separate, and despite the almost certain future where there will be no Yoshiyuki, she didn’t break down in denial. She stayed with him, loved him, even asked him to be happy against all odds. She opted to spend the remaining time she had with him. And to think that she always has a burden of seeing the future, this tells me that she is a very strong person. Stronger, in fact, than Otome. Even in this scenario, Otome was so distant and also in denial. What a role reversal. Otome was the ever-reliable onee-chan right? And Yume being the lazy-girl?

While this scenario is a bit short on details about the Da Capo mysteries, it was filled with love. Thank you very much for reading and making it this far, and pat yourself in the back for surviving my wall-of-text! Yume deserves this, and she deserves every single minute of her happiness. This is the best scenario of Da Capo II for me, and Yume is definitely my favorite Da Capo character of all time.

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Posted By: Adun On: April 29, 2008 At: 6:26 pm

Thanks for the write up. I had some idea of what was happening in Yume’s route but I missed out on some parts of the story. When I first played the game, I never liked Yume all that much since most of the time she was in Dark-Nemu mode. But she definitely redeems herself by being the stronger of the two sisters. Though I never actually got to play through Yume’s route, I knew her story would be the better of the two.

I look forward to other Da Capo II summaries.

Posted By: Kurogane’s Anime Blog » Da Capo II S.S. 05 On: May 04, 2008 At: 7:57 pm

[…] any case, I guess I’m starting to get used to tsun-tsun Yume, with thanks to bluemist’s nice long summary of Yume’s route in the original game, which I just read recently. Too bad all the focus on […]

Posted By: Syaoran Li On: May 05, 2008 At: 12:03 am

So, we’ll have yume’s path on the anime; since eevrything is pointing out to that. I guess I’ll have to watch out this series from now on.

Posted By: World of Anime » Blog Archive » Da Capo II S.S. 05 On: May 05, 2008 At: 1:58 am

[…] any case, I guess I’m starting to get used to tsun-tsun Yume, with thanks to bluemist’s nice long summary of Yume’s route in the original game, which I just read recently. Too bad all the focus on […]

Posted By: Hinano On: June 11, 2008 At: 1:51 am

LOL this reminds me of Nemu’s ending ;P Otome’s sucha wh0re!

Posted By: Scalindor On: December 12, 2008 At: 4:23 am

Awesome!!!!, at last, yume will become yoshiyuki’s wife, because she is the tsundere girl, such as nemu in da capo I, very very good story of love and mistery, thx alot for the pictures, the anime da capo ii ss , is similar, but the “end” a bit similar,

Posted By: David On: March 31, 2009 At: 11:05 am

Thanks for the summary. I liked Yume from the start of the 2nd season. Good to hear that she’s such a great character in the game. Man I wish I could play it.

Posted By: boogs On: July 10, 2009 At: 4:03 pm

I like Yume’s story…She’s like her grandma Nemu but she’s cuter and much nicer at least!

Posted By: Ryuushima On: February 25, 2012 At: 7:34 am

Hey man , these blogs about da capo II visual novel were really nice.
I LOVED YUME ROUTE ! I’m so happy I saw your positive opinion about this route. All I did was read the last part of this page so it wouldn’t spoil the story and I’m glad I saved Yume for the last route because it was simply the best thing ever.
Cheers mate~!