Dear Sexhair-chan

By bluemist on February 15th, 2012

If I see you in my dreams, were you really that important?
Or “are” you really important? At least, in another universe.
This was a question that popped in my mind when I started recollecting that dream.
That dream I had of you. You stepped into my conscious and declared your love for me.
With a gift that transcended the history of my past.
You held it in your bosom, and shoved it into me as if it came from your heart.
I met you after college, but this gift was a memory from my high school.
That is the mystery I started to explore.

What if the reality I experience now can transcend to another reality?
And that dream represents that other reality
The other reality that I may have met you in high school
And you confessed to me after college.

As I wake up from that dream, I instantly felt happy.
Though sad as it was only a dream.
The reality is much much different.
This reality we’re in, where you friendzoned me 4 years ago.

I have not seen you since. I only see you in social media.
But you were as wonderful as before.
And you were as wonderful as in my dream.
Therefore you are as wonderful in that parallel world.

I wish we could transcend time and space.
So that I can travel to that alternate universe.
Or even if it’s impossible, let me live through this life with proof… that alternate universes do exist.
With all the possibilities of experience, consciousness and existence.
That an alternate “me” can exist, with an alternate “you”.
So that at the very least, even with this miniscule and weak existence of mine in this world.
I can take pride in saying that I had you in a dream.
I had you in that universe.
And we were there.


Posted By: Shin On: February 15, 2012 At: 9:27 pm

>dream of sexhair
>post fatty

Posted By: bluemist On: February 16, 2012 At: 12:08 am

The RL girl is in fact a bit chubby and she dons a sexhair.

Posted By: Mushyrulez On: February 17, 2012 At: 9:56 am



p.s. happy valentine’s day. go get a sexhair irl. it will sex your hair

Posted By: Ronin AnimeLover On: February 18, 2012 At: 9:16 pm

…and I thought I was seeing the wrong girl, LOL.