Densha Otoko: Bishoujo Tracker

By bluemist on July 17th, 2005

Watching new jdorama series Densha Otoko, I got to see a little glimpse at the sometimes heavenly, sometimes horrific world of the real otakus in Japan. Akihabara streets, doujinshi shops, maid cafes, and bedrooms full of bishoujo posters and mecha figures. Otakus taking pictures of cosplaying girls, performances, and seiyuu interviews.

For this jdorama, I think GONZO lent a hand at the CG and animation production. I don’t know if this is an actual anime series, but here is an anime within the jdorama with a character called Mina:

On the backdrop of this jdorama you will see a LOT of posters, figurines and stuff based on numerous otaku-related stuff, but one thing I noticed… there’s a lot of Memories Off paraphernalia seen throughout the first episode! So I was thinking that maybe bishoujo game companies like KID (company which releases Memories Off games) have some sort of agreement with the production of this series. And indeed, game soft companies like Princess Soft, Riddle Soft, Studio e-go, and other companies written in Japanese are shown in the credits, along with some anime companies like Sunrise and Gainax. Maybe just a “Thanks To” credit, but in any case, the number of times Memories Off was seen in the jdorama is staggering, as if it’s really a marketing ploy.

As the episodes go by, I noticed that more and more Shuffle stuff is seen instead. Also, Sgt. Keroro is also referenced predominantly as one of Yamada’s (the Densha Otoko) favorite anime series.

This post is an attempt to show various random sightings referencing bishoujo and related stuff located within the Densha Otoko jdorama series. Please click on each link to see some shots.

For more information on Densha Otoko, see Random Curiosity.

Episode 1
Posters of what’s probably Aoi Nishimoto’s bishoujo designs (of Shuffle fame)
So familiar…
Shuffle and Memories Off
A Mina PS2 game, and a REAL Memories Off PS2 game!
Close-up of Memories Off PS2 game
Otaku room
Izumo 2 poster
Same otaku room with different angle
Memories Off pillow

Episode 2
Evangelion and Shuffle figurines
Another Memories Off pillow, this time…

Episode 3
More unknown stuff in one otaku room.
Flight attendant figurines

Episode 4
Probably another game featuring Aoi Nishimata art
New forumer here, seems to be bishoujo game otaku.

Episode 5
A Nerine (Shuffle) pillow!

Episode 6
A Nerine paper bag
Izumo 2 game box
Clearer view of one poster which I thought was from a game I know, apparently not.
Isn’t she just so out of place there?
More Shuffle.
Maid-san doujinshi?
Another Shuffle pillow!

Episode 7
On a gamesoft shop
The Memories Off game
Yet another view of the otaku room, new Shuffle poster sighted

Episode 8
At last, I found out what game this is
A Memories Off figurine
Asuka, swimsuit edition
Rei figure and Mina game

Episode 9
More Shuffle
Even more Shuffle
Completely unrelated, but I just had to smile seeing this…

Episode 10
This one’s the EVA fan

Episode 11
Nothing in particular

Special (Guitar Otoko)
Megumi Soma (Memories Off) among others
One of Densha’s otaku friends’ otaku room… which is Shuffled…
… and Shuffled even more
Still can’t get enough Shuffle? Densha Otoko is over, watch Shuffle instead.

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature


Posted By: Vox Iuvenium » Densha Otoko On: October 16, 2005 At: 9:54 pm

[…] Densha Otoko is foremost a celebration (?!) of otaku/geek culture in all its forms, and geek culture is primarily consumerist. As such, every otaku scene in the show became a huge opportunity to place products. Notably, Gainax gets the most airtime with Evangelion-related material popping up everywhere. The OP animation (itself a paean to otaku culture, based on the Daicon IV opening) for the series was done by Gonzo, some of whose founders were from Gainax. I didn’t notice any Gonzo works featured, though. Bluemist has compiled a list of anime products identified in each episode. […]

Posted By: rainking187 On: December 23, 2005 At: 6:39 pm

This becomes the second TV series I’d kill to own a prop from. I want that Mina PS2 game! I know it’s not a real game, but still…

Posted By: LUCKY On: January 14, 2006 At: 10:06 pm

man densha otoko reli rox.hopefully it gets a 2nd series or maybe another series with anime/manga in it


Posted By: lanie-emon On: January 18, 2006 At: 11:57 pm

i watch in awe…what would i give to have the stuff from densha otoko

Posted By: Denshaonnano On: March 23, 2006 At: 12:24 am

hi everyone,

i’m an anime novice… could someone please enlighten me if the mina figurine (the bunny girl with 2 carrots at the back) is available for sale online/in japan/etc.

thank you very much!

Posted By: Kousaka On: April 17, 2007 At: 2:47 am

Denshaonnano: no, it was released at Tokyo’s Bigsight during the Comiket 70

Posted By: qui tacet consentire videtur - love, liberty, and economics » Densha Otoko On: March 11, 2008 At: 2:20 pm

[…] some of whose founders were from Gainax. I didn’t notice any Gonzo works featured, though. Bluemist has compiled a list of anime products identified in each […]