Ojamajo Doremi 01: I’m Doremi! I’m gonna be an Apprentice Witch!

By bluemist on February 7th, 1999


The beginning of a long, long journey!!

Doremi Harukaze is the world’s most unlucky bishoujo… or so she says. She has crushes on many boys, including this one Igarashi-sempai, a soccer player. Meanwhile, another girl, Maki, bought a supposedly wish-granting ornament from a certain weird magic shop. She likes Igarashi-sempai too.

Unfortunately for Doremi, she can’t approach and confess to him. So she had this passing interest of magic and witches. So Doremi stumbles on this weird magic shop, inside is some creepy old lady. Since she read some witch book, Doremi immediately accused the lady… of being a “majo!” (witch). The old lady instantly turned into a frog! It’s a curse whenever humans discover that they are witches. The only way to turn her (Majo Rika) back is to make Doremi an apprentice witch! Doremi apparently likes the idea!

So armed with all she needs, she tries on her magic and flies to the soccer match Igarashi-sempai was playing in. She uses all sorts of magic to disrupt the game all for the love of Igarashi-sempai. But then the boy got injured in the leg! Lala (Majo Rika’s fairy) warns that healing someone’s wound will transfer the wound back to her. Maki wishes for it to heal, the ornament she bought reacted to her ‘wish’… and Igarashi’s wound got healed. In exchange, Maki was the one injured.

At the clinic, Igarashi and Maki confessed to each other, much to the surprise and disappointment of Doremi. Hazuki (Doremi’s best friend) reacted that she seems to be giving up. Oh well, she’s the world’s most unlucky bishoujo after all.

– I’m introducing IMO the best anime series ever made. Pay attention.
– Take note of ALL the characters, they are NOT one-shot characters, they will appear again, trust me.
– Doremi’s chant is “Pirika Pirilala Popolina Peperuto”.
– Doremi has the magical affinity of the piano.
– Doremi is very energetic. If ever she grows up, she can be like Yankumi (Gokusen)… weird comparison? See why, soon.
– Humans don’t know witches exist. When a witch gets discovered by a human, they turn into Majo-gaeru (witch frogs), and they can never turn back unless the human culprit becomes a witch themselves and use some magic on them.
– Doremi becomes a Witch Apprentice. Apprentices must pass some tests before being a full-fledged witch.
– Magic limitation, you must NEVER use healing magic. Using it can have catastrophic effects, like transferring the wound to the magic caster… or even… death.
– The Porons have limited MP (as in RPG MPs), they need Magic Beads.


Posted By: Ojamajo LimePie On: May 15, 2006 At: 4:04 am

Wai! Somebody’s blogging Doremi! I totally agree that it’s the best anime ever (like you couldn’t tell from my screenname. ^^; )

Posted By: Maceart On: May 28, 2006 At: 7:01 am

Yes, Ojamajo Doremi is the Best. Anime. Ever.

Posted By: Sailor moon On: June 21, 2006 At: 2:49 am

I love you

Posted By: Pirate_Pop_Doremi On: July 17, 2006 At: 2:53 am

Yes Ojamajo doremi best anime ever+Poppu best charector=BEST THING EVER

Posted By: rockstarz94 On: December 30, 2006 At: 3:35 am

if u know where i can download the first season of ojamajo doremi with english subs plz email me at lil.baby.bear@gmail.com thx!!!

Posted By: estee On: February 25, 2007 At: 7:08 am

thanks~ i love that anime. Please email me if you know where i can download the 4 seasons and the naisho of ojamajo doremi

Posted By: ahmad On: July 08, 2007 At: 5:43 pm


Posted By: Claude On: August 18, 2007 At: 2:15 pm

Doremi is great. I would rate it one of the top 3 I’ve seen (#1 is Fruits Basket. Sorry)along with CC Sakura. Maki showed right from the first episode that there would be a lot of depth to the series.

Posted By: Barbara On: January 16, 2008 At: 6:25 am

I love this anime and I’m just glad that I found episodes at Veoh that come with subtitles. I have a website so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it. It’s interesting to see the differnces between the English and Japanese versions.

Posted By: engelita On: November 01, 2008 At: 2:29 am

ana ohibo magical doremi a love you magical det är bästa fine girl i´m love doremi onpu,hazuki,aiko,momoko the best catroon i hela världen and dective conan and digimon and pokemon and dragonball gt i love you catroon dorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmeiiiiiiii

Posted By: Kaoru Lover On: June 30, 2009 At: 10:50 pm

You don’t have to…

Assuming you mean the Original Powerpuff Girls:

In an all out battle, the Ojamajo don’t stand a chance. Witch Brooms are slow compared to the PPG’s innate flying ability, and one shot of eye laser could put a witch apprentice down for the count before she could even use a spell. Even though it would be 7 against 3, it is a complete mismatch.

Now I think Ojamajo Doremi is many times superior to The Powerpuff Girls’ cartoon. Better story, better characters, better animation, better music, better everything.

Now if you meant Powerpuff Girls Z(Which is at least comparing Mahou Shoujo to Mahou Shoujo):

The PPGZ are no where as powerful as their American counterparts. There flight is on par with a witch’s broom, and while they still have a speed advantage with their attacks, a witch apprentice could probably dodge/endure long enough to cast a spell. A single spell could render the PPGZ’s weapons useless, and they aren’t much with them. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko could probably defeat the PPGZ without the others, and Hana could probably do it single handedly.

While Powerpuff Girls Z is far superior to it’s Cartoon Counterpart, it is still no match for Ojamajo Doremi(Which I believe to be The Greatest Mahou Shoujo Anime EVER).


Posted By: Luis Pirnie On: June 16, 2010 At: 2:16 am

Hi. this is kind of an off-the-wall question , but have other visitors asked you how get the side panel to look like you’ve got it?