Ojamajo Doremi 02: I’m Gonna be Hazuki-chan!

By bluemist on February 7th, 1999


Doremi is enjoying herself. She has just become a witch apprentice! Majo Rika and Lala however tells her that the magical life isn’t too free. Magic Beads come at a price, so Doremi should work for the Maho-dou from now on. Doremi shrugged that for a while though and went straight to school.

Hazuki Fujiwara has a bit of a problem with her family, she can’t say what she wants. She always obeys her mother when picking the clothes she wears, for example, and she thinks that her family is not that great. She’s also quite envious at Doremi’s seemingly free lifestyle. Doremi also was envious of Hazuki because she’s rich and is able to eat steak everyday! When the two talked about it, it caused a bit of a fight amongst them. Yuki-sensei told Doremi that it will be fine, because Hazuki may just have some problems on her mind.

So Doremi went to Hazuki and they both apologized, friends again! Doremi asked if there was one wish she could grant, and Hazuki said that she would have liked to be like Doremi for a while, but it’s impossible without magic isn’t it? Well Doremi ran off and wore her magical costume! She appeared to Hazuki, saying that she’s “Doremi’s friend witch” (lol plothole). So she ‘transformed’ Hazuki into herself! And vice versa!

Hazuki (as Doremi) spent her day in the Harukaze residence, while Doremi (as Hazuki) spent her day in the Fujiwara residence. Chaos ensues. Doremi became too kind and formal in one family, and Hazuki became too rowdy in the other! Doremi/Hazuki must be sick! Their parents rushed each of them to the bed! Hazuki’s family even called an ambulance! Doremi and Hazuki realize that their families are quite worried. So after that stint, Doremi and Hazuki changed back to themselves. Hazuki, seeing that Doremi’s family was happy despite all the rowdyness and fighting, was now quite happy with her own family, which is equally kind.

– Hazuki kawaii!
– Majorika and Lala also tells Doremi that she should take about nine “Level Exams” before she could be a full-fledged witch.
– Hazuki is good at violin.
– Doremi LOVES steak.
– Hazuki’s problem is that she can’t go against anything that her mother wants, because her mother is quite sensitive, and gets teary-eyed easily.
– Hazuki’s father is a drama director, and her mother is a interior designer. The Fujiwara family is of the high class, they’re quite rich.
– Doremi’s mother and father have frequent fights about the father’s fishing obsession, but it isn’t serious… I think.
– The Harukaze family is of the middle class, and thus Doremi’s mother may have issues on the father’s overspending in his fishing hobby, maybe that’s it.
– This anime is a very family-oriented show. It deals with various issues of ‘family’ of all kinds.
– IMO the best stories of family here are of the “disfunctional”, the case of Aiko Senoo. You’ll see her next episode.

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Posted By: Bobby On: June 26, 2006 At: 3:57 am

This was such a cute episode, funny, but with a good moral, too. ^_^