Ojamajo Doremi 04: It’s Not Scary If We’re All Witches

By bluemist on February 7th, 1999

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Doremi got found out! She’s scared to be a magic frog, so she drags Hazuki and Aiko to Majo Rika’s shop. Eventually Hazuki and Aiko learn about the witch Majo Rika, fairy Lala, and how Doremi is actually a witch apprentice! Doremi also discovers that she’s not gonna be a magic frog because she’s not a witch yet, but just to make sure, Majo Rika wants the two to be witch apprentices too!

And so she gave Magical Taps to Hazuki and Aiko, and Doremi taught some magic basics. She apparently likes the ‘senpai’ notion, although she’s still the worst when it comes to magic. She tries to move something, which turns out to be a knight statue! After the chaos, Majo Rika and Lala talk about the limitations of magic. First, reviving magic is prohibited, so you can’t bring a dead person to life, or you will die yourself. The same way with healing magic, because bad things may happen to you.

Majo Rika wants them to take the Level 9 exam already, but they lack Magic Beads. Lala’s supply is already empty, so Majo Rika goes to the magic world to buy some. Majo Rika also told them that they should work at the magic shop to earn money for some Magic Beads. Regular money won’t do, because they should sell magic goods.

While Majo Rika is away, Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko thought of redesigning the dark, gloomy magic shop to be bright and hip! They got Lala’s permission and proceeded. Coming back, Majo Rika was surprised, and was quite angry with the makeover, but she conceded anyway. And so Makihatayama Rika Maho-dou became Maho-dou!

– Introductory episode for the two new witch apprentices. So let’s recap.
– Doremi has the magical affinity of the piano.
– Hazuki has the magical affinity of the violin.
– Aiko has the magical affinity of the harmonica.
– Doremi’s chant: Pirika Pirilala Popolina Peperuto!
– Hazuki’s chant: Paipai Ponpoi Puwapuwa Puu!
– Aiko’s chant: Pameruku Raruku Laliloli Poppun!
– Doremi’s motivation for magic is because she wants the courage to confess to a boy she likes.
– Hazuki’s motivation for magic is because she wants something for herself without being told by others.
– Aiko’s motivation for magic is because she wants to help her father out in daily chores. They are only two in their family.
– Any kind of healing magic is prohibited, as is raising someone from the dead. The repercussions are equally deadly.
– Witch apprentices need to take 9 levels of exams before they become full-fledged witches.
– When they pass Level 9, it seems that they will each have a fairy of their own!
– Magic Beads are not free, they can be bought in the magic world. Unfortunately human currency isn’t actually the same as theirs, but it can be used as long as the thing they (the apprentice witches) sell are magical goods.