Ojamajo Doremi 05: Grand Opening! Maho-dou

By bluemist on February 7th, 1999


It’s Maho-dou’s grand opening, and Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko are all up and ready! Majo Rika doesn’t seem too happy though with the image change of her shop. She still prefers the dark gloomy witch style as opposed to the cuteness of the decors and magic goods of the apprentices. So they wait and wait, but no customers seem to arrive despite them sticking out flyers all over. Suddenly a new guest ‘pops up’ in their closet… it’s Deradera! Deradera is a witch who specializes in trading goods. She offered the apprentices a nice cute magic cashier, for a price of course. Let’s just say that Majo Rika was forced to buy it. After that, they decided to go outside and attract some customers, in which they succeeded. Their first day of selling magic goods was quite fruitful, except for Doremi, she never sold a single item she made!

Meanwhile, Kotake, a friend/enemy of Doremi, is worried about something. Thinking about it, she stumbled on the Maho-dou, and was surprised to see Doremi and friends there. Kids aren’t allowed to do part-time jobs, so the apprentices were quick in denying that this was one. In any case, Kotake and Doremi are in quite a (love)hate-hate relationship, shouting at each other like crazy. Despite that though, Kotake actually bought one of her magic goods! Kotake leaves, and Majo Rika reappears from hiding and says that the boy is troubled by something. Usually the magic goods witches sell have some sort of lucky-charm effect on humans, not so sure about Doremi’s item though. Doremi was quite worried about Kotake, so she decides to follow him.

Kotake and Doremi continue to argue at the street though. They never seem to get along, and so Kotake ran away. Doremi is still worried though, and so she used her magic and followed him in secret. Kotake went to an abandoned warehouse, where a puppy appeared. Actually, Kotake is taking care of this puppy in secret. His main worry was that he could not tell his parents about it, that they may think that he is not responsible enough to raise a pet. Suddenly, a fat cat arrives and steals the food Kotake was giving. The puppy chased it inside the warehouse, but then the puppy fell in a hole. Kotake also fell trying to reach the puppy. They are in trouble now, with wet cement falling down the hole. Doremi tries to act fast, using her magic to save Kotake, but the the cement turned to ice! Magic fail… so then she tries again. She tried to cast a spell on a rope, but it entangled her instead! She’s getting desperate, but somehow her final spell tumbled down some drums, and Kotake climbed those to safety.

Kotake decided to talk to his parents about the puppy, because he can’t leave it in such a dangerous place like that. The next day, Doremi and friends saw that Kotake had been keeping the pet in the house already. Guess that Doremi’s magic item has some kind of effect after all.

This episode focuses on Kotake. Doremi and Kotake have a very cute love-hate relationship with each other, and the theme carries on ALL throughout the entire series. Deradera was introduced as an always-singing witch. She pops up every now and then to sell items which Doremi and friends like, much to the dismay of greedy Majo Rika. The Maho-dou and the magical goods they sell play a very central theme . Sometimes the magic goods serve as symbolisms to the stories and character issues the series will raise.