Download Backlog

By bluemist on August 29th, 2005

Oh, this is horrible.

For three days now, my internet has slowed down to a literal crawl. I can’t download through Bittorrent, and browsing was similar to my dial-up days. Technically, I’m screwed now. Well that’s just sarcastically perfect timing isn’t it? I was supposed to have a gig worth of downloads!

Ooh, not only did I have an anime backlog, but even a downloading backlog?!?

I just hope that the BT seeds are still intact when I get my speed back, or else this will be radical scampering through all file networks. I seem to be okay with the fansubs, but the raws always disappear after a mere week, and that’s the bigger problem.

In any case, I’m complaining right now to my ISP about this matter. Considering though the multiple quirks I have with the ISP, I don’t think they can solve this one quickly. Our entire neighborhood is affected by the way, which leads me to think that there’s something wrong with our central office. Plus the fact that this is the ‘only’ predominant DSL service available, I guess I’m stuck with it through thick and thin.

Well that’s about it for my random rant.