Drawing a New Circle: Beginnings of my shoujo collective

By bluemist on April 24th, 2009


See, I have this little collective in this blog called the Summer of Bishoujo project, a series of posts about the eroge/bishoujo genre. Lately though, my interest in this side of fandom is in a bit of a decline, and so I may have to focus on a different thing this time.

Over the years I have really written a sizable amount of content for that genre. In this blog, readers have always known me as one of the guys who like bishoujo games. But there is an entirely other side of me that I want to express, and that is… the shoujo genre.

Surprised? I have written enough of categorized, stereotyped, and multiple hair-colored girls. It may be high time for me to write about more real, sweet, cute, cool, spicy, and romantic sides of femininity. I’m not a girl though (but when did it matter anyway?) Shoujo is IMO the best. Ever. Nothing can match its power in expressing the female spirit. So many characters, unique, lovable, and strong. So many stories, magical, romantic, and endearing. I have been entertained by shoujo anime and manga time and time again, and this may be one genre that I can never get tired of.

Problem is… how do I start? In the bishoujo side I really built up a foundation over the years, posting, cross-posting, and referencing even my older posts. With shoujo I really have to start from scratch. I think I have written only a few anime reviews. Also, my memory’s getting old, and with it the knowledge of all those shoujo manga and anime I have followed over the years are just fading away. I really hope that this is not the case, because I really have LOTS to talk about in this genre.

Those were really the days. I was a shoujo fan before I was a bishoujo fan, this was and is essentially my beloved genre. From IRC downloading of fan scans to buying Fruits Basket manga. Watching Karekano in VHS. Shamefully discovering Cardcaptor Sakura because of Cardcaptors (that horrible US adaptation). Crying over Full Moon wo Sagashite. Kodomo no Omocha, nuff said. Everything Hana Yori Dango from manga to jdorama (even taiwanese [not korean yet]). Reading all things Yoshizumi Wataru from Marmalade Boy to Ultra Maniac. All those mahou shoujo anime from Ojamajo Doremi to Pretty Cure. Enjoying the symphony of Nodame Cantabile. Zipping through Skip Beat in just 2 days. Wondering what Honey and Clover is all about (haven’t watched it). Eagerly awaiting the next fated NANA chapter. AND MORE CARDCAPTOR SAKURA! I want to express, write about, and enjoy these with you.

And so, as I attempt to draw a new circle, a new collective of content related to the shoujo genre, I hope you guys and gals can stick around as usual. I’ll be the same lazy old blogger (almost 4 years now), but yet exposing another one of my high interests. This is not to say that I’ve abandoned the bishoujo circle. I just want to include this new one. This should be a spot-on way to drive me to WRITE MOAR PLZ.

As a final note, this blog’s hidden tagline in WordPress had always been:

“where shoujo and bishoujo meet”

I think I displayed the tagline in a couple of early blog layouts. I had never lived up to that vision. I hope it will finally all come together starting from here.

Megurine Luka – Double Lariat
This song kinda inspired me to write this, as it kinda signifies moving on to a different or bigger direction in life.


Posted By: ghostlightning On: April 24, 2009 At: 12:36 pm

As I am quite unfamiliar with this genre, I look forward to more posts. Write moar.

Posted By: bluemist On: April 24, 2009 At: 12:54 pm

I can’t say I’m any more knowledgeable with this too, but I’ll do my best. Write moar indeed.

Posted By: Counter Arts On: April 24, 2009 At: 3:24 pm

Haha! Totally not surprised. I enjoy shoujo manga as well. I wonder how many guys enjoy shoujo manga and bishoujo games?

Posted By: ETERNAL On: April 26, 2009 At: 5:28 am

Heh, shoujo and bishoujo have always been my two biggest interests in anime as well. I look forward to hearing more about this, and hopefully you’ll be able to indirectly convince me to read more shoujo manga 😛

Posted By: Nopy On: April 26, 2009 At: 9:43 am

When I started watching anime, it was almost all shoujo (Kodocha, Ultra Maniac, Fruits Basket). It really is a good genre ^.^

Posted By: bluemist On: April 26, 2009 At: 10:16 am

Thanks for the replies. Lots of stuff to do in the following weeks.

Posted By: Wavehawk On: May 07, 2009 At: 12:01 am

(Chuckles) I actually started in the opposite direction. Big Shounen Manga fan (can’t stand it now I’m older), was introduced to Shoujo by -female- friends (male classmates wouldn’t touch it with a full NBC suit and remote robot arms). My first manga was (prophetically, since I now live in Australia) Lady Georgie, by the same artist that did the Candy Candy series, if I remember.

It went from there, obviously–CLAMP’s work (Tokyo Babylon, X) were the ones I focused on the most. Somewhere along the line while looking up Shoujo stuff I stumbled on Tokimeki Memorial (the first one)…and that’s the way it’s been since.

Shoujo has always had better writing than Shounen manga (90% of Shounen is about beating random people up), so it’s not surprising to see guys leaning toward it (guys older than 18, that is).

Heck, I think the whole Bishoujo concept and game genre was itself heavily inspired by shoujo manga. The focus on characters and story, coupled with the fact that most attractive manga/anime females came from shoujo manga definitely are a nod to that, I would think…