By bluemist on August 7th, 2009

Our endless summer.

(but who knows, they can be more vicious trolls if ever next week’s episode would be an earlier instance than the loop-breaking 15532.)

eight (1)
eight (2)
eight (3)

Cirno is just happy it didn't go to 9

Cirno is just happy it didn’t go to 9


Posted By: moritheil On: August 07, 2009 At: 12:00 pm

Indeed. I still can’t get my head around how they intend to manage DVD sales of this arc.

Posted By: verilix On: August 07, 2009 At: 1:05 pm

I can’t wait for Haruhi Suzumiya 2 English Dubbed comes out! Season 1 was awesome, along with the voice actors.

Posted By: Fat Nakago On: August 10, 2009 At: 12:46 am

I wish they had shown the 11,054th reset when they didn’t go the Bon Festival.

I WONDER what they did??!! WHY didn’t they go!!??

Hopefully they will bring this out as an OVA series or something. =P

Posted By: Alto50 On: August 12, 2009 At: 2:25 am

Man, watching the episodes from this new arc of Haruhi is like watching episode 2 over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Wait – I probably didn’t include enough “and over”.