Final Approach

By bluemist on March 30th, 2005

Final Approach

Welcome to Rizelmine ren’ai style.

Final Approach starts with sudden infiltration of Ryo and Akane’s house by this… person in a jump suit. The person undresses and… a girl with a kimono? Then this girl named Shizuka started talking the classic cliche` of: “I’ll be your fiance`”! Chaos ensues.

Well, unlike Rizelmine which basically is just a secret government project of a robot wife for no apparent purpose, Final Approach made up a ‘purpose’ for the sudden forced marriage thing. The population seems to be dropping (in real life, it will NEVER happen in Japan), and so they need to enforce arranged marriages to ensure the longetivity of human civilization.


What matters in Final Approach? Yes, the bishoujos of course. Based on a Princess Soft bishoujo game, and part of the Princess Hour anime showing (W ~Wish~ is the other one) (oh, the two shows aren’t worth one hour BTW), Final Approach is a 15-min 13-episode format which basically tells the perils of suddenly having an annoying fiance`. So no mind-boggling plot for at least most of the episode run.

The thing that had me locked into this is the drawing. Possibly my favorite kind of bishoujo drawing has been featured in Final Approach. All of them are so darn cute they’d kill me of heart attack (just joking). And the chibi-style moments add a plus factor. Of course, the male lead look just like any other male lead of this genre, and moreover, acts just like any other male lead of this genre, so who cares about him. I get 5 cute girls anyway, so…

But the cutest? Ojo! (Emiho Mutsu)

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature


Posted By: Sukver On: August 05, 2005 At: 8:17 pm

Yeah! At least you dont hate Final Approach! To me, Final Approach is one of my top 5 favorites for short anime. Anyway you are right, Ojo is very cute but personally, everyone is very cute in this anime. However I just hate Ryo (Mainly how he treats Shizuka).

Posted By: Firekun On: July 23, 2006 At: 1:13 pm

I Just started watching the series, and I seem to be hooked :/,
I like every now and then to fall back on something lighthearted.
I’m a guy so most of the anime i watch is action based, or sci-fi.
but I can’t resist a good love story now and then.
I think for the Genre, this anime does exactly what its set out to do.
I think Ryo is justified for all his cruel behaviour, Allthough I know i would have gave up the fight a long time ago lol, Shizuka is just so damned cute

Posted By: Claude On: August 18, 2007 At: 2:42 pm

Actually, Rizelmine is a secret government project of no discernable purpose at all. The forced engagement is to keep her from crying. They don’t like it when she cries.
Once again, the book was better.

Posted By: >_> On: October 18, 2007 At: 11:17 pm

“The population seems to be dropping (in real life, it will NEVER happen in Japan)”