Friday the 13th

By bluemist on May 13th, 2005

Welcome to my (late) Friday the 13th post, where… can you believe it? Almost all the anime I’ve watched this week has some kind of crypt/angst/loneliness/unluckiness tied down to it! Well… don’t believe it, because I just made it up, hehe. Many anime gets kinda down sometimes. But anyway I just wanted to tell some ‘down’ moments for this special week:

(of course… SPOILER ALERT!)

Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ 19

Sayoko… lost! Plus it’s raining! With luck, Shiratori was there, and they went home safely. Unlucky mother, just when she wanted to pick her child up from school amongst the rain, she herself got lost!

Futakoi Alternative 6

This one’s full of angst! It initally looked like the Shirogane twins were just jealous of the Ichijou twins, but I guess their problems are deeper than that. They have not much time, because they said that by their 16th birthday they can’t be with Rentarou anymore… why? Anyway, out of confusion, they hurt Rentarou in the face and went back to Tokyo. Rentarou went back to Tokyo too and gave them a hug, saying “I don’t understand”.

Comic Party Revolution 6

Chisa’s father just collapsed! Now Chisa’s so sad, and so Kazuki and Subaru went to Tsukamoto Printing. Chisa now has to run the family shop alone because of this. Later on, they find out her father’s condition wasn’t as serious as it seems. He’s quite sick because of… playing video games!!!

Naruto 134

Obviously this will be a dark episode for our favorite shounen ninja, because for the first time ever, he has lost a major fight! And with his best friend no less. Sasuke and Naruto face off with their final blows, and Sasuke is left standing. Kakashi finally reached them, but he only saw an almost-dead Naruto. Sasuke, failing to kill Naruto, is now determined not to follow his evil brother’s footsteps, and he will try to obtain power in his own way.

Gokujou Seitokai 6

Rino’s is being pressured by the student council members about her puppet Pu-chan. Is the puppet just her act? Is Rino making fools out of them all? Just when the student council realized that Pu-chan is the real thing, the puppet gets struck by lightning. Rino now realizes that her beloved Pu-chan is dying, and cries, saying that she still needs Pu-chan. Well guess what… Pu-chan is just playing dead!

Mahou Sensei Negima 19

Imagine the loneliness of a 60-year ghost. Sayo Aizaka has been a ghost in Mahora Gakuen for that long time acting as a student. She sees many classmates she wants to be friends with, but she can’t because they can neither see her or touch her… until now. Kazumi, the scoop girl reporter, researched about Sayo’s past life, in effect making Sayo remember her long-lost memories, and she cries. Now Kazumi, the only one who sees Sayo so far, is determined to let her join in the class trip, but she’s apprehensive because the others can’t see her. With help by Evangeline, everybody sees Sayo afterwards, and she’s now part of the group! This is one of the best Negima episodes so far, and it’s an absolute rare gem in that I actually watched the episode twice in a row!


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