Futago Hime dances

By bluemist on May 14th, 2005

Sorry I’m not too good at making animated gifs. These images are quite big…

Anyway, Fain and Rein… dance! They dance a lot, but actually they’re not good at it. They even trip and fall in dance parties! Well, at least they have these. Weird, but still cute, dances that they know best. Now, start the dancing revolution!

More dances at Futago Hime dances 2

The iya-iya dance!!! (Episode 1, 2, 3, 8, 11, 13, 15)
iyaiyaiyaaaaan~~, iyaiyaaaan~~

The pun-pun dance!!! (Episode 4)
pu-pu-pun~ pu-pu-pu~ pun-pu-pu!

The bikkuri dance!!! (Episode 5)
bikkuri bikkuri shimashita! bikkuri bikkuri shimashita!

The komatta dance!!! (Episode 6)
komatta komatta komatta!

The arigatou dance!!! (Episode 7, 15)
ariarigatou arigatou~

The heto-heto dance!!! (Episode 9)
hetohetohetoheto hetto hetoto!

The yari-yari dance!!! (Episode 10)
ya ya yariyari! yaririyariri!

I took reference to Matthew’s anime blog in looking for the dances, please visit him because he has much more interesting stuff on Futago Hime. He even did some fansubs all by himself, that’s cool isn’t it?


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Posted By: EvilSloth6616 On: December 06, 2007 At: 2:57 am

i love these i could find gifs of them anywere els xD