By bluemist on March 30th, 2005


From Dengeki G’s, which gave us the Sister Princess and Happy Lesson franchises, comes Futakoi. So, from sisters… to teachers… and now TWINS? With no less than 6 twins as characters, they will be built up much like virtual idols, having features at G’s Magazine, releasing multiple albums, merchandise, games, anime series, and maybe much more that I don’t know about (or wouldn’t want to).

The anime series focuses on introducing all of them, along with our usual dorky male lead always seen in similar harem anime series (they’re like a plague, really). The background story is about a town where mysteriously or coincidentally, many twins reside. There’s also a legend in the city involving twins, and a certain monument to remember that legend. We see the male lead returning to this homeland of his after some years, and meeting his childhood friends Kaoruko and Sumireko, who happens to be twins. Umm… promise twins, anime cliche just doubled. Of course there will be the cliched rivals as well, also twins. Add a handful more twins with levels of friendship and love towards our dorky male lead, and we get our typical harem anime, isn’t it?

Well, not exactly. While this really sounds typical, it’s fun. This anime is surprisingly well-paced. If you stuck with it beyond episode 4 you’ll be in for a treat. Character involvement, development, and actual plot moves up a notch with every episode that passes by. The main highlight is episode 12, with angst reaching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien levels, and maybe beyond (well not too tragic). Of course, with a lot of twins vying for the love of a single person, it’s multiple times the expected angst. I didn’t see too much catfights within the twins themselves though, which was quite bummer, and thus made it lack realism a bit.

The animation is as bishoujo as it gets, although just a faint interpretation of the uber-amazing character illustrations and CGs that I have seen in scans of G’s Magazine. Like Sister Princess, animations are fine, but illustrations… superb. You’ll have to find them yourself because I won’t give any links, but I tell you it’s a worthy find. The OP seemingly doesn’t fit the series at first listen, one might even think it’s similar to RahXephon’s OP (well that’s my impression of it), but generally ok. The ED is fine too, and the rest of the BGM is quite forgettable but complements nonetheless.

The end is, as expected, not complete. Remember that this is a Dengeki G’s series, so they must milk the cash cow further otherwise Futakoi wouldn’t be called a franchise. The next Futakoi anime series, Futakoi Alternative, focuses on Souju and Sara. Nice… anyway I hope that there would be a continuation of this first Futakoi anime.

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature