BREAKING: Philippine Television copies anime, sailor fuku, and video games!

By bluemist on March 11th, 2007

Lupin live action (yes you’re hearing that right), A Super Twins live action (with Sailormoon-like costumes), and Asian Treasures (homage to adventure series)… JUST WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE PHILIPPINES WHILE I WASN’T AROUND!?!?!

Super Twins
Asian Treasures

How low can it get? I really love Philippine… piracy. They copy all great ideas from all around the world and turn it either into a load of junk… or a freaking huge load of junk.

Now we start with the official and longest bastardization of the Lupin (not just an anime, it’s a French novel serial) character ever made to live action. You know it’s gonna suck, but I also know people are gonna dig it like wildfire. Lupin III as an anime is pretty popular over there, and that actor is a a sure box-office hit even if he really doesn’t know how to act.

And then we go to the Sailormoon piracy, where we see two little lolis transform into magical girls in sailor suits. I wouldn’t want to guess the great impact this show will have to our fashion industry… will it FINALLY succumb to the Japanese fetish? Will I finally see meido cafes in the Philippines? (Apparently there is one already) Will sailor fuku be the new fashion? I don’t wanna look. I really don’t.

And the least interesting to me is the National Treasure spoof with Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. It’s really that obvious.

See folks, this is the “best” our local television can do… copy stuff. The next time maybe little Harry Potter won’t be safe any longer… or maybe we would start acquiring manga/anime licenses from Japan and make them into live action (like Chinese and Taiwanese do). I personally want to dare them try Cardcaptor Sakura. I dare them. A new costume every episode please. Or maybe Naruto, after all we are a country of Narutards, us. We are Taekwondo experts, maybe we can delve on ninja too right?

Ahh, I want to let off steam with all the crazy television, please let me just stay here in Japan for some more years.

I’m so ashamed of our entertainment industry.


Posted By: wateba!! a.k.a. #36 On: June 14, 2007 At: 1:31 pm

offtopic but just want to share these information:

GMA Network is also remaking two other foreign material. The first one is the Mexican tv series Marimar, title role originally played by Mexican suppersttar Thalia. According to reports Angel Locsin is eyed to play the title role.

The other one is the super sentai show Shaider and Marky Cielo is going to play the title role.

So guys whatcha think?

Posted By: Florian On: July 15, 2007 At: 4:08 pm

I said “Not all Filipinos are dumb enough to get fooled by the entertanment there” Meaning, Filipinos CAN do Better, IF “they” TRY and Most Filipinos are NOT Stupid enough to fall for shows that are nothing more than copies from foreign countries. Sadly, the shows you recomened me, Lupin: Sucks, Richard doesn’t play a good Role. Asian Treasures: Rip-off of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.

Once again, NOT ORIGINAL.

Sad, another thing is: WELCOME TO REALITY. NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME OPINIONS, ITS JUST LIKE HOW SOMEONE IS DISSING ME, INSTEAD OF IGNORING MY OPINION. Oh please, don’t even relate to other nations `cause at least they can still be better off than “shows” there. I’ve yet to see and hear more better things coming from them. Especially the need to see something original. And so what if this certain someone I claimed to suck at English? Just look at what that tart said about racist, and relating it to those who are giving bad criticisms. Don’t tell me it’s because “Pilipino siya” since *ahem* I’m one too – same for you, and because you point out my “attitude” (when it’s actually just a response, fart face) just goes to show who has a suckier “attitude”. Attitude. On computer. LMAO. No matter the response on computers, everyone just communicates by words typed down. Hmm, somebody’s taking it seriously to the point that the words can be “felt” through their emotional state.

[quote] If ever the Filipino version is patterned after the French novel then why would it reek stupidity and suckiness? [end quote]

Duh! Lacking O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L-I-T-Y. I don’t care if other countries do that; I’m just saying the twerps responsible for making shows there should use their brain more to make up something that is uniquely derived from there, like how anime is uniquely from Japan, which made them world-renown along with their technologies. I’m not concerned about other nations; anyone bring that up again is going off topic just to defend their views. I have my own, you all have yours as well. And I posted here just for that (with of course the inclusion that “someone” who claimed some here are “racist” when it’s only about “things to be/being aired for the masses”).

What is so hard about creating good story plots, improving acting skills and choosing better potential artists (or picking which person suits the role of a character better)? What these shows have are no good improvements. IF you can call it “improvements”. If they can’t do better, then they shouldn’t even be in showbiz. What they’re doing is not even baby steps. It’s more like when babies eat food then poo them out in all it’s glory of bright rainbow colors.

Posted By: Jax On: July 16, 2007 At: 4:59 am

I totally Agree with Florian. There is a difference between Racist and Opinions. Seriously, She pointed out everything and I bet those guys didn’t even read the other half of her first comment here. Besides, Florian isn’t even forcing anyone to watch these shows. To her, she doesn’t like it, and it is a fact that us Filipinos can do better then what we are doing now.

Posted By: Sweet Candy On: July 16, 2007 At: 8:55 am

To me, I agree also with Florian. She isn’t a racist, think of it this way, she thinks Filipinos can make better movies, music, and shows then what they are doing now. Sounds more like an encouragement to me.

Posted By: Florian On: August 14, 2007 At: 10:20 pm

English is a very difficult language for the likes of them. Heheheh. Lol, like this:

[quote]The LupinIII there doesn’t even need to follow the anime version and do the French novel type and it would still reek of stupidity and suckiness.[end quote] (I did not say anything about them directly copying out of the novel, I said they don’t have to since they’ll still look stupid due to GMA’s current state. But what did Butthurt say? Assuming I said they’re 100% copying the Novel ahahaha! I answered anyway though.)

[quote]But the problem is people tend to support more of foreign material than ours and that’s exactly why these shows appears to be low profile tv series for them. [end quote]
Yeah, because they suck. Didn’t I just say that some can’t help it that they’ve seen better?

[quote]My point is, if you can’t give praise to the show then a sympathy will be fine enough just to show that you support them and not neglect them so as yourselves being a filipino. [end quote]
Pfft. Just do that if one is Filipino? What about receiving messages from non-Filipinos? Sympathy them yourself. If they keep it up the way they get duller and duller, they will get what they don’t want (neglect).

[quote]That’s what they need, praises, critisms, or just sympathy, anything to show them that people support them and not neglecting, banning, or vindicating them. [end quote]
Sympathy again? Sounds like that’s what you really want than the other choices given. (For proof and analysis, see #33 & #36) Posters already knew that, why say it? I too, was giving my part, but what did YOU do? You and that other tart try to diss me, assuming you know what I’m like when you don’t (not that you have any sort of Fantaserye powers anyway). I was merely pointing out Vailbutt’s opinion flawed. And since he is prejudging the owner of this page, I did the same as a backfire (didn’t respond back either; sounds like this person got butthurt). And if I have a so-called disease, all three of you have Race Pride Complexity, low-English Comprehension Syndrome, FFSTA (Foolishness For Supporting Talentless Actors) and FFLTHS (Foolishness For Liking These Horrid Shows – can also apply to movies). Loldongs.

Posted By: anonymous On: September 02, 2007 At: 6:22 am

o para walang mapuna.. bakit hindi na lang itagalog kasi.
una, huwag ng idaan sa parang nagaaway na. hindi to labanan nang kung sino ang makapilino at sino ung wala namn dito kung ano2 pa ang lalaitin. para wala kang malait ipagpatuloy mo ung hindi pagnuod,
kahit anung gawing away dito hindi nman ml2man ng mga taga GMA na ayaw niyo dun. unless kayo mismo ang lumapit s knla pra iexplain or mgbigay ng suhuwestyon at kumento sa programa nla.
hanggat my telebisyon andyan pa rin ang kung ano2ng programang ka2gatin ng tao.
ayaw ko din ng kung anong adoptation pero ayaw ko ng ginaganyan mo ung dapat e kakampi mo. obvious ..kung ayaw mo sbhin m n lang pag ntwagan mo na sila. siguradong maki2paglkuhan sila un,

my email add b ang gma? my ngsabi kasi live action daw ang death note dito.. my nakarinig n b nun? … gusto ko sana makabuo ng ng sarili kong konkluson.

Posted By: anonymous On: September 02, 2007 At: 6:42 am

–>medyo inantok ako sa tinype ko.


hanggat my telebisyon andyan pa rin ang kung ano2ng programang ka2gatin ng tao. eh magkakaiba ng hilig eh.

ayaw ko din ng kung anong adoptation pero ayaw ko ng ginaganyan mo ung dapat e kakampi mo(pilipino din yan,huwag na kayo maglaitan).
kung may mali n dapat itama sa kanila ka dumulog. magbigay ka ng komento hindi sa tao kung hindi dun sa istasyon.

my email add b ang gma or kahit sinong my kinatwan dun or comment section ung site nila? my ngsabi kasi live action daw ang death note dito.. my nakarinig n b nun? … gusto ko sana huwag na lang.gusto ko kasi ung original. o atleast hindi ko sinabi na **ito** ang entertainment naun.hehe’

hindi pa huli ang lahat //_^ … toink!

Posted By: sharivan abs cbn On: October 25, 2007 At: 11:04 am

tama ka .kaso problem lang sa pilpino ay always copy favorite.punta kayu sa para youtube mas nauna pa sa youtube hehehe nagsasabi ako ng true iam not lying.lahat na bansa gayaya tama si killer brain lahat na bansa gayagaya katulad nito .power ranger. galing amirica ginaya ng hapon gumawa sa sarili tawag ay .deka ranger. pati america ginaya ang shaider ginawa ay . vr troopers.sus wala katuturun ganyan ang buhay gayagaya.

Posted By: toothpick_tp On: October 30, 2007 At: 7:33 pm

We can’t deny the fact that cartoons of this type are very popular with children. As for me, all the characters of such animations are alike… I can’t differentiate between them.

Posted By: Fashion and Clothing Tips On: November 13, 2007 At: 4:30 pm

Fashion and Clothing Tips…

I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting…

Posted By: amy On: November 27, 2007 At: 10:58 pm

the standard of filipino tv im sorry
its extremely bad.

don’t get me wrong, filipinos are very talented
but most of them have been snapped up by other countries and there are more chances of being paid more overseas (abroad for you american term using people)

Posted By: Jenna On: December 26, 2007 At: 8:18 pm

Here and there there are so many TV shows that are similar to each other. They are copied if they are popular among TV viewer. It is the main thing in this business.

Posted By: Sexy :3 On: June 10, 2008 At: 7:54 am

I hate filipino entertainment. Its a good thing there is cable.

Posted By: Difopovioib On: April 04, 2009 At: 2:40 pm

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Posted By: nilo On: April 13, 2009 At: 1:36 am


Posted By: Xenophius Striker On: May 22, 2009 At: 5:22 pm

And now for the latest in the long line of “let’s copy a show and throw away unnecessary things such as a believable storyline, good script writing, originality and in-depth research”! From the makers of such epically bad classics as Lupin the 3rd Pinoy version, Super Twins and Zaito! HERE COMES ZORRO!!!