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By bluemist on August 2nd, 2008

RenAi Blogger

I’m not usually into doujin visual novel games but this one’s different. I mean, female anibloggers as bishoujo game charas? Where do I sign up?

And apparently I really got ‘signed up’ to beta-test the game, as per request by Hinano. I hoped the script suggestions I made were good enough. In any case the final package was a LOL-fest! It’s rather short, but definitely sweet.

I don’t need to give some kind of summary, just go play it now! I’m sure the anibloggers involved are having an odd time looking through their game personas, or at least I’m sure one of them does. Leads me to imagine what kind of game chara ‘bluemist’ might be…

What I can say is that Hinano gave a lot of bad ends for our lucky imaginary character Chase. One wrong choice and you may find yourself yaoi paddled, be labeled a pedo, turn NEET or some other weird stuff. Pretty easy way through the good endings, but why just that? Just go through all choices and see all the LOL stuff. Also, Calawain is there as secondary male chara who warns you of the evil (?) that lurks next door…

I wouldn’t know if these girls are representative of their (real-life) blogger counterparts. So Jen’s the quite normal working girl, CJ’s the yaoi specialist, Natsuko’s the jailbait, and Hinano is the raging fangirl. Impz… what else? There definitely is charm in each of their scenarios. Jen picking yukata was nice. CJ’s was overall comedy, from the volleyball to the yaoi antics. Pedobear definitely approves for Natsuko. And Hinano’s raaaaaage WTF is fun fun fun. Impz… what else?

All this in 4 months. Congratulations to Hinano and all people represented in the game! I now feel quite inspired to do my own actually, if only I had time. Anyway go check out the game now, it’s FREE and available for Mac, PC, and Linux. No excuses now right? Enjoy.


Posted By: Ex-fansubber ひとり言 » RenAi Blogger Released! On: August 02, 2008 At: 11:22 pm

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Posted By: blissmo On: August 03, 2008 At: 9:13 am

It all sounds so much fun lols

Posted By: Christina On: August 04, 2008 At: 9:06 pm

it sounds great! Going to download it right now

Posted By: Christina On: August 12, 2008 At: 6:14 pm

tried to find your contact info to suggest blogroll link swap but couldn’t find it.
If you’ll contact me it would be great

Posted By: Forsaken Anime On: November 14, 2008 At: 3:24 pm

lol! it was really fun watching it