The Hitotsudake Project: Episode 00 – Domain Name Fun

By bluemist on February 26th, 2007

Let’s do “loli”!!
Loli-loli-poponi banana-pana popo-ni fi-fie mo-moni, loli!

I recently decided to buy a web host. Nope, I won’t be migrating this blog, but I would use the site for various purposes. Now I need a good domain name to go with it. It’s gonna be hard to find a good name. Here are some of the more funny ideas I brainstormed when thinking about it. By the way, I prefer .net instead of .com, not sure why. Maybe .net looks
more elegant.,,, – My brainstorming at the IRC chatroom. Oof, I left out the best bit:
loli*******.net – We already have tons of sites with loli and moe on it, but… – It just has to have ‘moe’ on it. – It sounds kinda weird if people don’t know how to pronounce moe. – Nice but I don’t know if ‘sketch’ would still be relevant once Hidamari Sketch is not popular anymore. – Am I banking on something? – Quite nice ring to it, but the .net one leads to some pr0n site… would I take it on? – Cherry Marshmallows… – Oh the dorama! – Man I wanted this but it’s taken. – Quite nice too especially with subdomains, like, get it? – I don’t seem to like inserting the anime word anymore, it’s sounding cliche nowadays. – And no one’s visiting! – Specific anime is good but for a while only.

After tons of other weird ideas, I guess it boiled down to a lucky one… no one ever thought of “hitotsu dake”? Hitotsudake.* is free! Hitotsudake as a Japanese phrase roughly means “only one”, so it has a nice ring as well as a good meaning. And so without further ado, my new website is:

Of course, it has no content yet, much like this blog nowadays since I’m busy. But someday I’ll get the ball rolling, so please do watch out for it. The next step is thinking of what the heck to do with the website. And what the heck is with Hitotsuism? That’s for next episode. Stay tuned.


Posted By: Tallon On: February 26, 2007 At: 4:08 pm

i own and WOOOOOOO.

Posted By: Lobby On: January 22, 2009 At: 11:15 pm

such a nice story..

Posted By: Nathan Lee On: July 19, 2010 At: 11:20 am

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Posted By: Owen Bell On: October 08, 2010 At: 2:36 am

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Posted By: Gerred On: February 20, 2011 At: 1:51 pm

What is the picture from? An anime, manga, or did you draw it?

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