Horie Yui

By bluemist on May 11th, 2005

Well, she’s just one of the few seiyuu I find beautiful, on certain angles and levels of make-up though. It’s undeniable that she is one of the cutest and most popular faces in the industry, and she has that extremely distinct voice that is instantly recognizable. I have already seen a LOT of anime with her voice on it. I like her songs too.

These are some shots from a certain School Rumble Live Concert. She sang Scramble and Feel My Feeling in these two shots, along with other songs. Well, she’s cute here with the gothloli outfits and all, but she didn’t sing well in Scramble. Having her jump around and dancing made her voice a bit skippy at times, but I enjoyed the live rendition of Scramble. In Feel My Feeling, I feel like her voice is a bit off at some notes.

This is from the same School Rumble live, singing School Rumble 4Ever, along with 3 other female seiyuu. I enjoyed this performance! She has a nice outfit here too. The musical notes in her dress… liked it.

Apparently some groups are kind enough to share many anime/jpop promotion video goodies to the public, I’m thankful to them. Please support them as much as you can.

More PVs meant more Yui Horie for me, so here’s some more!

This is a music video called Sakura. Apparently it’s from her first solo album, which is virtually unknown to me surprisingly. Seeing that in that album there is another version of Yakusoku (my all-time favorite Love Hina song), I feel deprived of information. Sakura as a music video… isn’t too good by jpop standards, but oh well, it isn’t aimed at mainstream anyway.

Okiniiri no Jitensha looks like a very refined PV. On the flip side though, dunno why, but I didn’t like her in this one.

All My Life, the OP for Mao-chan, is a simple PV. If you ask me it’s trying to be jpop mainstream but as always anime-related stuff rarely succeed when they do that.

Do I have weird taste? Just tell me. This is Kirari Takaramono, the Love Hina Again OP. And… I liked it. I just like those scenes where she sings in an 80’s microphone and dances around (it’s much like the School Rumble PV). This kind of fun, hectic, and wicked energy is just what anime PVs should be.

Here’s a promotion video for Sister Princess, she sings Love Destiny here. Not bad a music video, not too good either.

She’s in a live concert here, singing again Love Destiny… wearing some sort of school uniform. Kinda in-fashion for that otaku crowd, they like her a lot apparently.

In the Fruits Basket DVDs, she has some sort of omake interview show, where she’s the host and she interviews the three main male seiyuu of Fruits Basket. These are kinda interesting segments.

This is an Ultra Maniac making-of interview. On the left is Kanda Akemi, a bit of a newcomer seiyuu back then.

Another PV, this time from the anime Da Capo. In the anime she plays Shirakawa Kotori, one of my favorite bishoujo game characters. It would have been interesting if she had a PV for Soyokaze no Harmony (a very beautiful song), but this (Pureness) is kinda a consolation.

And another PV, this time from School Rumble. The song is Scramble, a joint with a certain ska group named Unbalance. I have to admit that this is one of the best anime PVs I’ve seen so far because of its style, plus the catchiness of the song itself.


Posted By: moyism On: May 11, 2005 At: 10:39 am

I like her voice and a few songs she does, plus she’s a great seiyuu.

… looks wise, just ain’t doing it for me =/

Posted By: bluemist On: May 11, 2005 At: 11:02 am

Well I guess it still depends eh?

Posted By: Steph On: September 06, 2005 At: 6:42 am

Horie Yui is my all time favorite seiyuu, and her voice is just so cute XD Since I can never find any of her PVs, those screencaps did a lot for me xD

Posted By: Pslash On: November 10, 2005 At: 2:22 pm

Ah! Love her so much

Posted By: andiyar On: November 25, 2005 At: 7:33 pm

Her first album is Mizutamari ni utsuru sekai, you can find it online, for instance, at cdjapan – http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=KICS-834

The version of Yakusoku on it is probably my favourite of that particular song. Has some choral elements, and slightly different pacing.


Posted By: Setthakit Srisuwannasorn On: December 09, 2005 At: 2:27 pm

I feel so good , marvelous and cute idol more than I’ll be found ….
Now I fall in love her,very very much than I expected.
For 3 yrs.
I love her.

Posted By: ZmmCool On: June 15, 2006 At: 10:58 pm

You didn’t mention the PV Love Destiny (Sister Princess OP) which, I think, is one of her greatest PV and song. (In any case, I love this song :p )
PV :
Anime OP :

Posted By: Alexa On: July 22, 2006 At: 12:05 am

Yui Horie isn’t my favorite seiyuu, but I like her a lot. She has a great range– while she played super-beotch Michelle Kei in Infinite Ryvius, she also played Tohru, who’s an absolute sweetie.

Posted By: Shira On: September 17, 2006 At: 10:05 am

There’s another Horie Yui PV that you haven’t put up, Kono Yubi Tomare..

Posted By: carolina xavier fonseca On: April 01, 2007 At: 5:54 am

sou do brasil,e adorei__^^very good

Posted By: mimi05 On: September 08, 2007 At: 8:50 pm

You’r the BEEEEST!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: otaku4ever-_- On: November 13, 2007 At: 3:03 am

yui horie is the besttttttttttttttttttttt seiyuu

Posted By: otaku4ever-_- On: November 13, 2007 At: 3:05 am

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Posted By: frey On: January 04, 2008 At: 9:45 pm

i love her voice..she voiced sawachika eri in school rumble…kawaii

Posted By: Bévue On: April 23, 2010 At: 12:11 pm

Hocchan is, for me, the best seiyuu/singer ever.