Impulse Buying

By bluemist on October 8th, 2006

As you probably know, I’m in Japan. So when I’m in Japan, I want to buy something… anything. But I’m poor. But still, I just can’t resist. So I save some money by not eating sometimes. I lost a lot of weight actually. Don’t worry, I’m joking on the not eating part… I’m not that hardcore…

I have this rather impossible sickness called “impulse buying”, where I buy something I probably won’t even need or treasure later on, but still buy just for the heck of it. If there were a way to resell these stuff to you, my readers, I would gladly, but shipping charges are not cheap. So basically, I’m stuck with these items myself, and someday, it will be JUNK. Yes, TRASH.

Most impulse buys I have ain’t related to anime at all, so I won’t mention some. And of course, I won’t tend to buy too much anime stuff, because I don’t have a hikkomori or otaku room.

This post is a collective of all the “impulse buys” I made during the entirety of my stay here in Japan. Of course, this will update as time progresses, so check it out sometime.

I hoped to freeze myself but can’t wait anymore, so I bought the next best thing
Nintendo DS Lite (White)
Kaching! – 16800+190 = 16990 yen ~ 145 dollars ~ 7200 philippine pesos
No more Wii budget until next year. I’m now wishing for my foreign relatives to give me a Christmas gift for once, then I’ll scream Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like the Nintendo Sixty-fooooooooooooooooooour kid.

Okay, DS Lite has been in my radar ever since I went to Japan, but then EVERY time I go to Akihabara or electronics shops, it’s always SOLD OUT! Second hand DS Lites were available but at ridiculous marked-up prices (20000+ yen!) because of high demand. I was getting frustrated, but then one day, I spotted a brand new DS Lite in my neighborhood used items shop… of all the places! Indeed it was brand new they said, and the markup was minimal (16800 yen normal price). I don’t care if it is second hand or what, it looks pretty new when I opened it. Granted I didn’t get the chance to pick colors (only the pearly white is there), it should be a nice partner for my future White Wii.

I bought a game using my accumulated Yodobashi points. I’m going mostly homebrew though, because importing games isn’t cheap. Can anyone tell me a fast and secure shopping site where I can buy a SuperCard Lite (microSD) and SuperPass? Please comment or contact me.

There you have it. It may seem sudden but this Impulse Buying section is completely out of commission now. I exceeded my budget, and I really need to save money unless I want to starve.

“I want 1080p version but at least this is the next best thing” Sad Girls Crying in Snow Prelude DVD
Kaching! – 1680 yen ~ 15 dollars ~ 700 philippine pesos
Just because it has the most beautiful opening sequence I have ever seen. It’s like the Toei version of the anime, just smoother, has 3D CG backrounds, and Last Regrets. Kanon Prelude DVD also has some promotional videos of the anime, as well as an interview session. I have the videos on DivX too, so I didn’t really need this.

“But it still didn’t urge me to play DCII again” Bishoujo gaming magazine September issue
Kaching! – 880 yen ~ 8 dollars ~ 370 philippine pesos
Nice magazine with nice bishoujo pics. Despite that, there’s no H in this magazine. Good. Lots of interesting stuff this, despite the fact that I don’t even understand all the text. I just look at bishoujo girls. I don’t even know 90% of those new games. I only care about DCII. And To Heart 2. G’s Magazine is quite nice if you’re keen on bishoujo gaming.

“Still sour grapey about Miyazaki Aoi” 7 DVD
Kaching! 6300 – 2000 = 4300 yen ~ 36 dollars ~ 1800 philippine pesos
I already watched this movie… 3 times. But the extras in this NANA Special Edition DVD are quite worth it. There’s a mini artboook, and there’s an extra DVD featuring making-of omake. Awesome. Plus the luckiness that I found this in a second-hand shop. So big discount. But then again, after I eat this delicious meal, the package will accumulate dust.


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Posted By: Eleutheria On: October 09, 2006 At: 1:57 am

My mother has that sickness as well.

Posted By: Eleutheria On: October 09, 2006 At: 6:28 am

You should probably check out that wordpress plugin that blocks plagiarists from ripping off your blog wholesale.

Posted By: Os On: October 09, 2006 At: 9:09 am

Hmmmm, that NANA dvd looks delicious. I got the vcd way back when, but if I see that, I may just buy it for the book.

Posted By: boogiecat On: October 20, 2006 At: 3:32 pm

Hey looks like you’re now having money problems there(no thanks to Japan’s very expensive commodities).Oh well i hope someone would buy your fantastic goods.If ever i’ll visit in Japan sometime this year…

Posted By: Ryuukikun On: October 24, 2006 At: 12:30 am

Hey, i used to buy G’s magazines too… Well, because of TH2 mainly.. But now, i stopped buying magazines.. because it’s too costly…

g’s is good tho…:D
The magazine’s cover is very tempting…:(

Posted By: Zeroblade On: October 29, 2006 At: 10:18 pm

Hey hey hey, I would’ve gladly paid for the first two.

Even if they’d add several hundred more Pesos.

Posted By: wid On: January 02, 2007 At: 9:22 pm

i really like yr blog..gr8 sense of humor.. i LIKE! 😀

Posted By: sakuraichigo On: January 07, 2007 At: 2:35 am

Believe me when I say that I envy your current plight, surrounded by all that otaku fodder money can buy!!! 😛 I loved the NANA movie 1. Can’t wait for the second one on DVD.

I’m mourning the loss of Matsuda and Miyazaki in NANA 2 though.

Posted By: philnanaday On: June 04, 2007 At: 1:17 am

Wow! Original of NANA!! *drools*

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