Introducing: Animeme Originals

By bluemist on April 27th, 2012

I used to have something called the Animeme project, which didn’t actually take off because of my lack of time. The point of it was to highlight the memes that I ran into and liked, but because it was manual labor and hard to maintain, I stopped updating those post series after a while. Meanwhile, I kinda like doing picture memes of my own, and I have shared some of those on my aniblog social networks.

So I’m introducing the Animeme Originals page here, which contains a picture gallery of all the meme pics I had done on my own. Some of it might be familiar to you (the Windows 8 Kyubey BSOD was I think the most popular… and funny), others just went past your speedy timelines, and so I had collected a few of them for your viewing pleasure. It’s not that many, and some maybe not that amusing, but hopefully it would tickle your fancy for a bit. Whenever I do those meme stuff again, I’ll post them on the social networks first then upload it here.

So without further introduction, here is my Animeme Originals page. Enjoy your stay.


Posted By: wantei On: April 28, 2012 At: 1:15 pm

Animeme huh…? nice idea i like it!

Posted By: Valence On: April 29, 2012 At: 9:55 pm

…interesting idea!

Posted By: Mushyrulez On: May 01, 2012 At: 10:31 am

Fuck memes. A meme gave me a full 93.274% of all of O-New’s site views, for the past FOREVER. In fact, 97.910% of Google searches that lead to O-New are for ‘pedo bear’, and 99.106% of all Google Image searches that lead to O-New are also for ‘pedo bear’.

The offending image in question was directly copied and pasted, without permission, from another website that copied and pasted it without permission from some 12-year-old’s DeviantArt page, and was embedded in an O-New post that wasn’t even posted by me; in fact, it actually was posted by a 12-year-old.

…Yes. That bad.

Posted By: Jay On: May 04, 2012 At: 1:30 pm

Hey Jude was the funniest IMHO